How To Find A lost Android Device with Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager
By Ankur Mishra Updated

Mobile devices provide a high mobility to its owner but this mobility significantly increases the chances of losing these devices. There are many third party apps that will help you to trace your phone if lost or stolen. And there are also more reliable and dedicated tools for Android users.

The Android Device Manager is an app that will help you to accomplish many actions on your Android Phone remotely. This app was published in the Google Play Store since December 2012 and it requires that the user should have at least Android 2.3 to function. I will show you all the features of Android Device Manager that you should know. I will show you how to:

  • Trace your lost or Stolen device with Android Device Manager
  • How to bypass the screen lock with Android Device Manager
  • How to ring your phone remotely with Android Device Manager
  • And how to erase the device data through Android Device Manager

To use Android Device Manager properly you obviously have to install and enable the app. To check if installed, then go to Google Settings on your device and Tap on Security under the Services option. If installed, you will see the Android Device Manager. If you don’t have it installed then you can download and install it

Now we have Android Device Manager installed in your device and remotely locate this device is always enabled by default and Allow Remote Lock Screen is disabled. Let us explore the functions and features of Android Device Manager.

1. How To remotely Trace a lost or stolen Android Device with Android Device Manager:

To track your phone location remotely, simply open this link:

And sign in to the Google account you were using before losing your Android device. If Location is ON, then the location of your device will be displayed on Google Maps accurate to 20-30 meters.

If you don’t have a PC around and need to track the Android device then you can open this link:

On any mobile phone. Just like above, sign in to your Google Account but via Guest Mode. You can now check the location of your device without refreshing the page simply by clicking on the Location button. The location will be displayed at the bottom right of your screen.

2. Bypassing The Android Lock Screen With Android Device Manager:

If you happen to lose your phone and did not set the a lock screen on it, then don’t be scared because if Android Device Manager is install and enabled then you can still catch up. With Android Device Manager, you can bypass the lock screen, change the password and also add a custom message.

You will bypass the lock screen by choosing set up lock & Erase option on Google. These options are divided into a separate Lock option and Erase option in some phones. Now click on the “Lock” button then enter your new password. Enter your password again for confirmation. This procedure will block anyone who tries to access your contact list, emails, photo gallery, messaging app and any important information.

You also have the option to add an optional recovery message which will be directed to anyone who sees your phone and you can add information to direct anyone who wants to help you recover your device.

You can also add an alternative contact number which will make a button appear on the lock screen. If this button is tapped then the phone will automatically call you.

3. How To Ring Your Device Remotely With Android Device Manager:

This is the next step I will recommend you to do after locking your device, set a recovery message and added an alternative number on the lock screen. If your location is still on and your device is online then you can click on the ring button to get your device ringing.

You will be notified if your device rung or not. This can be useful if you are at a location that is near your phone because the phone will ring for 5 minutes.

4. Erasing All Your Phone Data With Android Device Manager:

Your phone may carry sensitive information that shouldn’t fall in another hand. This information could be business sensitive information like bank accounts and passwords. If you have Android Device Manager installed and Location activated then you can use Android Device Manager to easily perform factory reset remotely.

You can do this by choosing the Erase option next to the Lock option. This will wipe up all your data and settings of your device. If the device is not online then the factory reset will be performed as soon as the device is connected. This is a critical Step because after this you will not be able to connect to your device since Android Device Manager was wiped off along with all your data.

You now know all the interesting stuff about Android Device Manager. This tool is very useful and free so you can use it unlimitedly to track any lost android device. This will also help you avoid leakage of your personal.