How To Find A Song Even If You Don’t Know The Lyrics!!!

how to find a song
By Tapas Pal Updated

Think about this; you are sitting in a pub and the DJ hits a beat which compels you to dance and you are rocking the floor. But after you come back home, the music still hums in your mind, and you are dying to listen to it. Then where’s the problem? Well, you don’t know the lyrics of that particular song, and without some snippets of the lyrics, even Google would not be able to help you with the song.

This happens all the time. You might have the entire tune inscribed on your brain, but due to the lack of the knowledge regarding the lyrics, you are not able to download the song or buy the album from various stores. You keep wondering the entire day thinking what song is this and how to find a song. So, what will you do then?

If you have ever faced such massive crisis and you want to end it for good, well, then you have come to the right place. There are various apps and websites which help you to identify a song or a music album if you do not know the lyrics, but have a slight and minimalistic idea of the tune and music.

In this article, I would be telling you various methods which may help you to find a song in your time of such crisis and let you move to the groove along with the song in your hand.

Find a Song from your Phone


Shazam is a very useful tool when it comes to searching for the songs if you don’t know the lyrics. It is an app which lets you track the song from your mobile or iPod, provided you have an external microphone. Shazam is available on most of the platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows as well as BlackBerry operating systems.

In order to use this application, simply download Shazam on your phone or iPod and hold it near the source of the song, with the microphone facing towards it. As soon as the song reaches an approximate midway to its lyrics, hit the “Tag” button in order to let Shazam identify the song.


However, a simple problem regarding Shazam is that it cannot recognize the songs which played on live performance, it only works with the pre-recorded ones.

Shazam is quite a pocket-friendly app as it provides 5 different song tracking in a month for free. However, if you are a more frequent user, you can get the paid version, Shazam Encore for $4.99 and enjoy an unlimited number of tracking for a month. People residing in the UK can use any mobile in order to use Shazam; just dial 2580 and hold your phone’s microphone towards the song and within no time, you will get the name of your desired song.


Just like Shazam, MusicID is  an application, primarily for the iPhone users to track the name of the songs without knowing the lyrics. It’s a paid app and will cost you $3 for unlimited usage. However, if you are using AT&T, you need not own an iPhone to use the services of MusicIDand can use it on Windows, BlackBerry, Android as well as the Java systems.

The residents of the US can also use it without even having to install it. They have a SMS service in all of the US which lets the users to send a SMS to a code and by holding your phones towards the song, you will get a SMS giving the entire details of the song. Similar to Shazam, MusicID works entire on pre-recorded database and cannot be used on live performances.

Find a Song Using Your Voice


It often happens that a tune gets stuck in your head and you can’t sing and keep on thinking what song is this; only thing you can do is just hum the tune, that’s it. Well, you need not worry; Midomi is there at your disposal. You just need a microphone and the tune; just hum the tune to the microphone and Midomi will find the track you have been looking for. Apart from your own voice, you can also use a pre-recorded snippet of the “unknown” track.

Contrary to Shazam which is mainly a mobile-based application, Midomi here has an internet-based user-interface where you find a song by humming the tune for approximately 10 seconds and it will consequently show you some probable results according to your search. It is advisable to turn down the background noises and adjust the volume bar to green for getting the best results.

Although Midomi is primarily a web-based application, it is now-a-days, also available for various mobile platforms including Android, Windows and iOS.

How to Find a Song by Recording a Short Snippet


Suppose you have a short recording of your song or a clip of ringtone, but you don’t know the name of the song; well, don’t worry, AudioTag will sort it out. You just need to upload the snippet of the song and AudioTag will give you the entire details of the track.

You can either upload a short clipping of the song or you can upload the entire song, and AudioTag will identify it from its vast music directory. AudioTag is very useful in such cases when you can record the song, but you don’t have internet facility with you. In that case, you can easily record the clip and later upload it to AudioTag and get its details.

How to Find a Song with the Help of Humans


Computers often fail to recognize some music, especially if they are vintage and very unheard of; well in that case humans come to rescue. Whenever the computers are unable to find a song, you can take the help of WatZatSong to get your desired answers.

WatZatSong or what’s That Song? is a social site for music. Here, you can upload a snippet of the original song or a clip of yourself singing the tune and let other members of the website help you in finding the exact song.

Although, the pace of the results might vary, yet you may get things easily done by mentioning the era and genre to which the song belonged to. You can likewise link all your social media accounts with WatZatSong and share your post, so that your entire friend community can help you to detect what song is this.

Name My Tune

It works on almost the same technique as WatZatSong. Basically, you just need to upload a clip of the tune which you sang on Name My Tune’s site and give the info regarding the genre and era of the track. Once the site has found the required details of the song, it will send you an email regarding the same.

How to Find a Song with the Help of a Virtual Keyboard


Musipedia uses a very interactive user-interface to identify the unknown tracks you have been searching for. You can either play a melody of the track on a virtual keyboard on the computer or you can use it by whistling the tune to the microphone of the computer.

It basically resembles that of Wikipedia and is the best tool if you are searching for some classical music. One of the most amazing features of Musipedia is that unlike Shazam, which requires a pre-recorded clip, Musipedia, on the other hand, searches all the probable results for the search you made with your melody.

Melody Catcher

MelodyCatcher is a website which has its own virtual keyboard. You just need to entire a few noted of the melody of the song you have been searching for, and within no time, you will have a list of songs which may match your requirements. Another great advantage of the MelodyCatcher is that it has a very simple Java-centric in-built keyboard, which is really easy to use and very interactive.