Find Out How Much Traffic a Website is Driving

website traffic
By Tapas Pal Updated

Website traffic indicates how successful the website is. There are tools and services out there which can give you an estimated stats of how much traffic a website is generating. It’s not exactly very accurate but you can get a good estimation.

There is no way to get an accurate website traffic count unless you own the website. That being said, here’s the list of websites that can help you to get an estimation of website traffic for a site.


Alexa is the most popular website rank provider in the world. Founded in 1996, Alexa is a leading analytical insight provider. Alexa provides a global traffic rank based on relative measurements. The rank measures how well the site is doing when compared to all other sites. The rank is based on an estimated number of unique visitors a site receives and the estimated number of page views for the site in the past months.

Alexa has free and paid plans. Some of the tools it offers include website unique visitor count, traffic source, referring sites, keyword research, ranking based on country, region and so on.

Some webmasters argue that Alexa’s ranking is highly questionable.


Quantcast said to be one of the world’s top five big data processing organizations. Quantcast is cross platform and measures audience, traffic and analytics for your website, mobile app, network or platform. Quantcast is the choice of many leading publishers. In 2014, Quantcast announced that it is measuring the traffic of over 100 million web destinations.

Quantcast provides public access to traffic and demographic data. You can get a measurement of your visitors, sessions, and page views. They can be further broken down by platform, geography and more.


SimilarWeb provides website traffic insights. SimilarWeb is also using big data technologies on its data centers and claims to have the largest panel consisting of more than 200 million monitored devices. It also receives its data from ISP’s in different parts of the world, own dedicated crawlers that scan public websites and other websites and apps that are directly connected  with it.

SimilarWeb insights on traffic include overall visits, time spent on site, bounce rate, referrals, visitors by geographic region and so on. You can also analyze organic, paid and trending keywords, see what’s driving the competitor traffic, what’s buzzing in social network and more.


SEMrush is one of the leading online marketing research services today. Founded in 2008, it has now become one of the most popular online insight providers. SEMrush provides impressive analytics on organic and paid keywords. The SEMrush Keyword Research tool will help you find top keywords used by popular websites, find alternate keywords and get extended data on keywords like CPC.

You can use this service to uncover your competitors ad strategies, find top advertisers, analyze competitor’s display ads, find new competitors in AdWords, perform backlink analysis and many other things.


Compete provides an estimated website traffic from US visitors. Founded in 2002, it has been analyzing the behavior of millions of consumers from the United States for more than 15 years. It provides analysts with data on incoming and outgoing traffic, top keywords, engagement, demographic data and more.

The major problem with Compete is that for any website that has major non-US visitors, data will be understated as Compete only tracks US consumers.