Turn Your Firefox Full-Screen – Make Your Browser ‘Larger than Life’

Firefox Full-Screen
By Suman Ghosal Updated

‘Firefox Full-Screen’ – this particular term has been one of the most talked about topics during the past few years. The default browser for the majority of the PCs is the Firefox. It comes with a very nice graphical user interface in the very moment of its installation. And that’s why Firefox became the first inbuilt internet browser for most of the net browsing device.

Now, sometimes you think if there exist some more features to make your browsing experience better on Firefox! And in fact, there are a number of issues that may diminish your reading experience on Firefox, make you annoyed while studying over the net. Nevertheless, you still read it, right?  So, why don’t you look for a solution? Yes, there is a way to end your frustration while sticking on Firefox, and that’s ‘Full-Screen.’ One of the vital questions is how to “Firefox Full-Screen”.

Every browsing application has a unique default appearance at the very moment of its installation, but sometimes its few interfacial options create some inconveniences while reading. There are a plenty of tools such as numbers of tabs, new tab options, taskbar, scrolling bar, refresh tab, tool-bar and what not! These vital tools can be really irritating to you while reading, and it diminishes your interest in the topic you read. So, you want to fix it up, meaning that there is no interruption while you are surfing the internet, sounds excellent right? Let’s take a walk through this topic step-by-step with a cup of coffee.

Turn on Firefox Full-Screen: The Trick

Now you really want to know how it’s possible! Fine, there are several ways to make it a reality! Today we’re going to discuss all of it.

How to Full-Screen in Firefox:

1) F11 key:

a) For Windows and Linux =>

  • One of the best ways to make your home-screen in full mode is the F11 key.
  • Open your Firefox internet browser.
  • Press F11 to go full-screen.
  • You can exit full-screen by re-pressing on the F11 key.

b) For Laptop/ windows system where the above trick does not work good=>

You have a laptop, right? And the F11 key isn’t working on your Windows device! Don’t be anxious, you can try another solution to get Firefox Full-Screen –

Press F11 key and you have to push and hold the FN key at the same time.

If you’re willing to know how to exit full-screen, re-clicking the same should do it.

c) For Mac User=>

There is a different way how to full-screen in Firefox for MAC operating system, try it out…


Re-entering this you can fix it up, and exit full-screen.

2) Direct “Full-Screen” option from Firefox settings:

You can make your Firefox full-screen directly from Firefox settings.

  • Open your Firefox application.
How to Full-Screen Firefox
  • Right-click on the Firefox menu located at the top-right corner of Firefox browser represented by 3 horizontal lines.
Firefox Full-Screen
  • Click on the “Full Screen” tab placed at the right of “History” tab on the pop-out menu.
How to Full-Screen Firefox
  • Repeat the same process and click on the Full-Screen tab again if you’re looking for how to exit full-screen mode in Firefox.

How to Full-Screen in Firefox Quantum:

Now we know all about how to full-screen Firefox. But you are the cyber-junkie, right? And you spend a lot of time with your internet browser. So, you may get confused how to full-screen the latest version of your Firefox browser.

To go to full-screen in Firefox Quantum:

  • Open the Firefox browser on your device.
  • Click on the top-right Firefox menu.
  • Click on the stretch sign located on the right side of the Zoom option.
Full-screen on Firefox Quantum - Firefox Full-screen
Click on the stretch option to go full-screen
  • And your Firefox browser will be full-screen!

Moreover, one can also full-screen Firefox Quantum or exit full screen by going with the conventional way by pressing the F11 button.

If you have other tips and tricks to make the internet-surfers’ day interesting and make their same monotonous search a little better, then please comment down below, and we will add it to the list above. And as always, if there is any query or doubt comment them down, and our team will be more than happy to help you out.