Top 8 Free Beat Making Software Services for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, and Linux

Best Beat Making Software for Free
By Hrishi Updated

All the individuals are equipped with a hidden talent or passion that they want to pursue in life. But they take a step back due to lack of sufficient funds to get the necessary equipment and gear, be it music, photography, painting, composing tunes, DJ, etc. But not anymore for the music lovers! In this article, we have listed the top free beat making software services to help out all the people who are passionate about music; more precisely, creating their own music.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s begin.

Best Free Beat Making Software Services to Create Your Own Beats

1. LMMS (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

LMMS - Free beat making software for Windows, Mac and Linux

Formerly known as Linux MultiMedia Studio, this software is one of the best beat making software services for free to begin your musical journey. Users get to choose from a ton of options known as pre-sets which comprises of various instrumental music that can be incorporated into the music if they like.

The best part is that the users can save their music in MMP and MMPZ format and export it in OGG and WAV format. Further, the software provides a number of sample music and is compatible with three popular operating systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Download Here

2. DrumFlow (Windows and Mac)

Best free beat maker for Windows and Mac - DrumFlow

As the name suggests, Drum Flow is a music producing software that enables the user to create or modify the pre-existing drum beats to create their own music. You can adjust the tone and pitch according to your will and have full control over the functions of the software.

Roland GS, General MIDI, SW1000XG, Level 1 XG are some examples of the drum kits that are supported by this application. So, if you are an aspiring drummer, Drum Flow can be the top free beat making software to start with. DrumFlow is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Download Here

3. Mixxx (Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, and Linux)

Mixxx is a free beat making software for Windows, Ubuntu, Mac and Linux

Specially designed for DJ’s, Mixxx lets you mix your song collection for parties, clubs or just for yourself. After installation, you just need to open your song library from the software to import all the songs. Now, unleash your creative side to mix them up and create an amazing mixxx.

You can control the application with the help of simple mouse keys, plus the software helps the beginners to sync their music with BPM. Doesn’t seem to be a bad option as the beat making software that comes at no cost! Furthermore, the latest stable version of Mixxx is compatible with Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, and Linux.

Download Here

4. OrDrumbox (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

Best free beat making software for Windows, mac and Linux - OrDrumbox

OrDrumbox has become very famous in the past one year due to its advanced functionality and super simple user interaction. Compatible with the latest versions of Windows and Mac, OrDrumbox offers a ton of options for the users to alter the inbuilt settings in order to create the music in line with their will.

You can use this software free of cost by simply downloading it from the official website of OrDrumbox and explore the endless possibilities that it has to offer. With these awesome offerings, OrDrumbox can effortlessly become the best free beat making software for you. It does not matter which OS you use, OrDrumbox is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Download Here

5. Musink Lite (Windows)

Dedicated Windows beat making software - Musink Lite

Musink Lite is one of the best software services for beginners to compose music as the software hosts a help menu to properly guide the newcomers. The users can create or edit music beats with a few simple mouse clicks which feels like even easier than editing a text document!

The best feature of Musink Lite is that the users can zoom in every aspect of the software to have full control over their music. You can export or download your music to the MIDI format once you are done creating your masterpiece. If you’re in search of a dedicated beat making software for Windows, Musink Lite can meet your expectation.

Download Here

6. FL Studio (Windows and Mac)

Free beat maker for Windows and Mac users - FL Studio

Contradictory to the name and the image, FL studio is a fairly simple music production software compatible with both Windows as well as Mac that can be used by anyone who wishes to create really awesome and amazing beats and tracks. The users can manipulate the tunes and beats already present in the software and make their own beat out of it with the help of a little alteration or addition.

Furthermore, to give a push to the beginners, the software hosts a simple feature of copy-paste where the newcomers can easily produce their own music with the help of the provided beats. So, start making the beats you own by FL Studio on Windows and Mac.

Download Here

7. Hydrogen (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

Best free beat making software for Windows, Mac and Linux - Hydrogen

If you’re suffering from the concern that how you would manage the beat making software especially when you are not a technical person, Hydrogen can put an end to your concerns. Hydrogen comes with an easy-to-use intuitive user interface which never demands a boatload of technical know-how.

Hydrogen allows you to create, edit or mix your own music and record it when needed. This music making tool is considered to be one of the top free beat making software services for Windows, Mac, and Linux because of the awesome music composition tools and complication-free export into various file formats like WMV, MP3 and much more.

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8. MuLab (Windows and Mac)

Free music composing software for Windows and mac - MuLab

MuLab can prove to be a good tutor to the newcomers in this industry who do not have any knowledge about music production. With no complex features, MuLab is quite famous for its simplicity yet usefulness. Both the Windows and Mac users can avail its awesome features and create their own beats.

The users can easily edit, alter or create their own music with the help of the application’s user-friendliness and store. Then the users can export their created music in tons of formats that it has to offer. This application has the potential to convert your computer system into a full-fledged music production studio where things happen at a mouse click.

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With this new revolution in technology, following one’s passion has become really easy as most of the tools do not require you to purchase expensive equipment and gear anymore. While the expense usually restricts the entries of newcomers, the above-described software services can let you get rid of the burden.

So, this was our list of the top 8 best beat making software for free, If you think we missed any software do let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section below.