21 Websites to Listen Free Music Online

free music online
By Divya Updated

Listening to Music ignites our mood and pumps in more energy to our life. We listen to it while travelling to office, when working out or jogging, to keep up to the latest trends or just listen to it casually whenever we desire. In recent times, listening to music online has become a growing trend for its convenience and latest albums available online. There is plenty of free music online that one can access and listen to anytime they want. Stay updated with the latest music albums of your favorite singers or stars by listening to free music online.

Below are the listings of the top 20 websites that let you listen to free music online on the move. iOS and Android apps of certain music websites are also included in the listing. There is also an option to avail paid service for premium facility. You can also stay with the free version, but with the exposure to more ads that are necessary to keep up free services.

1. SoundCloud

In this online portal, several users upload their music and you can listen to them for free. You can discover new tracks according to different genres, get direct connects with your favorite artists, bands or podcasts. You can also create your set of tracks and keep a tab on friends or other users with the same preference of music. iOS | Android


2. Spotify

This is one of the prominent platform to listen to free music online. You can access via your desktop with your browser or desktop manager that is available for a quick download and also with your mobile using the app. Register and create your own playlists and share them with friends. iOS |Android


3. Last.fm

It is an online platform that supplies music from other providers like Spotify or YouTube and you can select the provider from where you want to listen to. Based on your usage and listening history, it also recommends artists that you might like. iOS | Android


4. Pandora

It lets you not only to listen to free music online, but also helps you to explore new music according to your preference. When you enter your favorite song or artist, Pandora populates similar music according to it and creates a radio station environment for you. iOS



Going by its name, it categorizes music according to eight different moods or emotions and lets you pick songs fitting to those. Or else you can access individual playlists created by them and explore new songs. iOS | Android


6. DashRadio

It is a radio website that contains loads of stations in different genres according to any preference. You can access from your mobile device and also share specific radio stations with your friends. iOS | Android

dash radio

7. Radiotune

Another radio to listen to free music online according to different genres, artists or You can do a search of the desired station and play them online from your desktop through installed player or access from Android devices with the App.  Android

free music online radio tune

8. Mixcloud

Listen to never ending music in the form of long audio like DJ’s music sets, podcasts or radio shows. It is available in iOS and Android devices. Also create your own custom playlists. iOS | Android

free music online mixcloud

9. TuneIn

Another website that lets you listen to free music online with wide variety of genres. You can tune into local or global radio stations and search for one based on anything you enter. It is also available by means of App in iOS and Android devices. iOS | Android


10. Deezer

Similar to Spotify and Last.fm, you can indulge in millions of songs with short ads in the middle. Listen to playlists created by other users and register yourself to get recommendations according to your taste. iOS | Android



Find music well suited to your present mood by picking out from a mood chart provided to you. Register yourself to shuffle songs.


12. Thesixtyone

New and fresh music gets the highlight in this website by giving prominence to novice artists. Listen to the most happening music in town and find music suited to your present mood.



It has both radio stations and also other playlists that are created by their specialists. Unlike Pandora, it does not restrict it to radio alone. It is available in US and Canada and can be accessed through desktop and iOs or Android mobile devices. iOS | Android


14. MySpace

They have launched themselves again as a music and video portal. It has huge collections of music and can also be accessed through Android App. Android



Great music app with live radio, podcasts or news available in iOS and Android and also available as a website. Contains a sleep timer for people who like lullabies. iOS | Android


16. Incus Tunes

Massive collections of music more than any other online portals. Listen to multiple music online


17. Gaana

Relatively new website has variety of English and Bollywood songs. Can be accessed thru iOS and Android apps. iOS | Android


18. di.fm

Denotes digitally imported and specializes on electronic music with multi-channel radio stations. Available through, website, iOS and Android app. iOS | Android

Digitally Imported

19. Rhapsody

It’s got huge collections of music, but underplayed with low quality of audio with a mere 128kbps. iOS | Android



It advocates novice artists and is a great place to explore fresh songs by letting you listen to a new song every day. New artists can also create a page for themselves to get in touch with audiences. Available thru iOS and Android app. iOS | Android


21. savvn

 iOS | Android | Windows