Best Game Recording Software to Capture Brilliant Gameplay

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This article will provide a brief insight of the best game recording software in the market. Two basic questions emerge from the article. Question number one is what the purpose of a game recording software is. And question number two is why a gamer needs that. Whether we play online multi-player games, First Person Shooter games or Periodically Cube Generated Games like Minecraft, every game has its own tricks and learning scopes.

Every game comes with its own instructions so that gamers can play the game easily. But, sometimes written instructions are not enough to decode a game. And here comes the importance of video tutorials. There are many online communities that provide video tutorials of games. You might have been surprised sometimes that how do they record while playing the games. Do they use any special gaming camera or webcam? Well, there is no rocket science involved here. There are some amazing game recording software in the market, with which anyone can do that. We will discuss only the best here. So, without further ado, let us discuss the best game recording software.

Best Game Recording Software to Capture Gameplay

OBS best game recording software

Undoubtedly this one deserves the first position when talking about the best game recording software. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), this free software is an open source streamer as well as recording program. OBS has a very simple interface, which is definitely a plus point. Gamers do not need to change any settings. They just need to select the source and start recording.

Open Broadcaster Software is capable of doing the following things.

  • High-performance real-time audio or video capture and mixing.
  • It can create scenes made up of multiple sources like window captures, images, browser windows, webcams, capture cards, texts and more.
  • It can also capture an unlimited number of scenes and players can easily shuffle the scenes.
  • The audio mixer has inbuilt filters like noise suppression, noise gate etc.. Players can take advantage of the amazing Virtual Studio Technology (VST).
  • Easy to use configuration options that allow gamers to add new sources. It also lets the users make a duplicate of existing ones and adjust the properties without any hassle.
  • It has a modular or dock user interface that helps users to re-organize the layout. In fact, users can show the docks individually in separate windows.
  • This software has a Studio Mode that allows the users to preview the scenes before making them LIVE.
  • It supports both MP4 and FLV video formats and uses Graphics Processing Unit or GPU to deliver high performance while recording.

Open Broadcaster Software supports major video streaming platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Hitbox. Gamers can save the video on their system also for future purposes.

This game recording software provides customizable water-marks, Push-to-Talk, picture-in-picture modes which are perfect to make video tutorials. Overall, these features portray that why OBS will always remain the first preference to record and broadcast.

NVIDIA shadowplay best game recording software

ShadowPlay by Geforce is one of the best game recording software. Nvidia Shadowplay is one of the easiest ways to record and share high-quality gaming videos, screenshots, and live streaming with the whole world.

This technology uses the latest Geforce GPU instead of gamer’s CPU to improve performance and speed. CPU plays the game, and GPU performs recording, and together they deliver high performance.

To run ShadowPlay, one needs Geforce GTX 650 or higher graphics cards. Any GPU above Geforce GTX 650 can keep drivers up to date, perform automatic gaming optimization and share & SHIELD PC streaming.

This technology comes with two modes namely Shadow Mode and Manual Mode. In Shadow mode, gamers can save last 20 minutes of gameplay. Anything more than that will be automatically deleted. Whereas Manual Mode is set by default. With this mode, unlimited durations of recording can be made.

Videos can be broadcast to Twitch, Facebook Live or YouTube Live and also can be saved in PC storage. ShadowPlay can grab screenshots at up to 4K resolution and can record 4K resolution at 130 Mbps, so obviously the recording quality (as well as the file size) increases to a great extent.

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plays tv best game recording software

Plays is another big name in the arena of best game recording software. It is one of the best ways to record, review and share gameplay.

One of the best parts of Plays is that it is lightweight, and thus does not slow down the system. This software starts recording as soon as the game starts, so no separate set up is required for that.

‘Review’ is an absolutely amazing point about Plays. With the help of this feature, gamers can rectify their mistakes. An Instant Replay button is there so that gamers can rewatch the last 30 seconds of the gameplay. Gamers can bookmark parts of recording for future references. For famous games, kills and deaths are added automatically.

Plays allow the users to share the gameplay with the whole world through different online communities like Discord, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and many more.

Raptr’s Plays Tv has got a big advantage over OBS and ShadowPlay. Both of the software need third-party video editing program to edit the saved videos. Whereas Plays has its own video editing program that allows gamers to perform the basic editing.

Once the clip is uploaded, Plays automatically deletes the parent file from the disc drive to prevent data clogging, although this setting can be changed.

Overall, this software has got some marvelous easy to operate features.

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bandicam best game recording software

Bandicam is a popular screen capture software. This utility can serve different purposes like video capture, gameplay recording, and screen recording.

Bandicam allows gamers to record 4K ultra high definition video. Gamers can capture up to 144 frames per second video. This software can help players to record various 2D or 3D games, flash games and even browser-based online games. The software does not use CPU/GPU/HDD much, thus recording becomes lag free.

The users of this program get the advantage of hardware accelerated H.264 encoder. It can easily optimize the recording performance. Gamers can record non-stop for over 24 hours which is revolutionary. The frame rate per second can be changed by the users.

Bandicam allows users to upload 720p/1080p high-resolution gameplay recording on YouTube, Vimeo without converting the file. This utility uses DirectX or OpenGL or Vulkan capturing technology to record brilliant quality videos and state-of-the-art data compression technology to reduce the file size.

Bandicam does not offer any Live streaming feature. But the brilliant recording features undoubtedly make Bandicam one of the best game recording software.

xsplit gamecaster best game recording software

XSplit Gamecaster is probably a milestone setter in the live streaming and gameplay recording arena. It is one of the best game recording software. The program is divided into two parts namely XSplit Broadcaster and XSplit Gamecaster.

XSplit Broadcaster is a very powerful live streaming and recording utility that can perform in numerous live streaming and recording around the world. This program helps gamers to produce high-quality contents. Whereas XSplit Gamecaster helps gamers to record PC or console games.

XSplit can start recording with just a single button press and will configure system settings as per the requirement.

XSplit is capable of doing all the basic things like recording high-quality videos, streaming on popular sites, GPU support etc. It has features like picture-in-picture mode, watermarks, social media integration etc.

This software comes with an inbuilt video editing software to perform basic tailoring. XSplit can perform both recording and streaming. But it is best for streaming gameplay.

The pricing plan of XSplit is not that costly but it is definitely a disadvantage that the free version comes with very limited features.

Overall, XSplit has a variety of explicit features that definitely make this one of the best choices.

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action! best game recording software

Action! is another top-level paid game recorder that allows real-time recording of high-quality game videos.  This software also allows gamers to do free live streaming. The following features make Action! one of the best game recording software.

  • It has a very stylish and user-friendly The built-in screen and gameplay recording manager allows users to select and delete specific items, and also export recordings to popular formats and devices.
  • Action! Screen Recorder has Greenscreen mode, which is a beautiful feature that allows gamers to cut out the background while recording with webcams.
  • This utility can capture or record from any Open Graphics Library and DirectX 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 games. The recordings can be as high as 120fps and up to 4K. This is one of the fastest game recorders.
  • H.264 encoder helps to save the video recordings directly in MP4 format.

Action! can export the videos directly to YouTube and Facebook. This site allows gamers to live stream to, YouTube, Ustream and many more sites. Overall, this power-packed software is one of the best game recording software in the market.

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d3dgear best game recording software

This is one of the fastest and best game recording software. D3Dgear is very light-weight and records the gameplay without any system lag. This game recording software supports a wide range of video resolutions from 640×360 to 1920×1080.

D3Dgear supports 15 to 80 frame per second. So, players can easily customize the settings. This software supports a number of movie formats namely AV1, AV2 (Open Data Manipulation Language), WMV, and MP4.

This utility like H.264 Encoder of Intel and AMD is supported by a number of compression encoder codec. It also supports Fast MPEG-4 Version-2 Codec, Fast Motion JPEG Codec etc. Gamers can also customize the quality of encoder and processor or CPU threads used during encoding.

Another brilliant feature of D3Dgear is that gamers can not only record the gameplay, but they can also use microphone voice commentary. So, gamers can save the audio recordings separately.

D3Dgear also uses GPU instead of CPU for better performance and minimized system lag. Gamers can stream their video to YouTube, Twitch, Hitbox and other popular sites.

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dxtory best game recording software

Dxtory has such a simple user interface that it becomes incredible to count it as one of the best game recording software. This movie capture tool supports Microsoft DirectX and Open Graphics Library (OpenGL). Dxtory captures data from surface memory buffer so that the performance improves. As soon as the game starts, recording starts too. Users can do this setting themselves. They can also customize whether they want to utilize GPU or CPU.

This gameplay recording software captures high-quality video and does not compress the pixel data. So, video looks as original as possible.

The audio setting is very sound, it can record game sound and mike input simultaneously. Gamers can edit that separately.

It supports a number of video codecs like Cinepak Codec, Microsoft Lagarith Lossless Codec, Dxtory video codec, Packbit Codec and many more. Frame per second or FPS setting is customizable too. It ranges between 10 and 120. Another important point about this utility software is that it allows players to use the captured data as the video source of DirectShow interface.

Dxtory allows the gamers to take screenshots in all standard formats. The free version of this software comes with every feature, but there will be a watermark on the recorded videos.

Overall, this simple game recording software is undoubtedly one of the best.

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fraps best game recording software

Fraps is a very light-weight benchmark screen recording utility. It has some limited features, but it delivers the best performance.

This benchmarking software can capture audio and video up to 7680×4800 resolutions, with customizable fps rates ranges between 1 and 120. The recorded movies have an outstanding quality.

Fraps can also display the frames per second information in the corner of the screen. It can measure the frame rate between two points. Gamers can save the statistics to their system for future reviews and applications.

This utility was developed for Windows. It can support all modern CPUs (Pentium 4 and above Streaming SIMD Extensions 2). If gamers can use NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon Graphics card, the performance would become sky-high.

Gamers can take screenshots by pressing a single key. So, they do not need to open ‘Paint’ each time to take a new shot. All the screenshots are automatically named and time-printed. Alike Dxtory, the free version comes with watermarks in the movies. To avoid that, gamers can buy the full version of Fraps.

One disadvantage of this utility is that it does not offer any data compression, so the saved file can be huge in size. Overall, this benchmarking utility is quite a great choice in the list of best game recording software.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, the above list features top-notch game recording software. Some of them are absolutely brilliant, some lack a few things. But all perform amazingly as gameplay recorders.