9 Games like A Dark Room – The Analysis of 2017

darkroom alternative
By Suman Ghosal Updated

Do you hear the girl`s cry? The weeping comes out from the darkest corner of the house! It feels like a horrible disaster around you. “The room is mild, the wind howls outside, the wood is running out, the fire is dead. the room is cold. awake. head throbbing. vision blurry.” So it`s your turn to “Stock fire”, making your homepage white. So you are the lover of games like A Dark Room. Every night you become quite excited when the spot blue light passing through the mid of your front page of your device and your rooms for a new journey to the Twilight. Your every tries to overcome the extreme darkness creates a history of your open world fantasy.

Now sometimes you astounded about some more interesting, more horrific missions. sometimes you think on your mind, what happens if there exist more games like A Dark Room!  Now, what is your accomplishment if I replied you, Yes!

Obviously, there is a few alternative role playing game exists in open world fantasy gaming platform just like the games like A Dark Room. And  Yea! Today we take a drive through some of best alternatives for A Dark Room likes the game.

Best alternative Games like A Dark Room

Sara is Missing

sara is missing

One of your known person Sara is missing, what would you do?

Sara is missing is one of the best simulation plus horror effective game created by Kaigan games., Sara is disappeared or may be kidnapped by someone. The storyline of this game is based on the female, SARA, and you have to find the girl throughout some various missions. Suddenly you found the phone belonging to Sara, which is your fast clue. With times you have to investigate the personal email, videos, message, photos, notes and other stuff from Sara’s phone to find her activity of her finals days. You have to unlock password protected file, hidden files from her every remaining device.

This is a found footage type mobile game comes with the platform Android, Mac Os Linux, IOS with a storyline authored by Buddy Anwardi, Sagina Latif, Derek Mui. Multiple choices, chat with different peoples, hidden plots, receiving emails, photos and phone calls from other NPCs, and interestingly some calls from mysterious callers make this game extraordinary. If you become quite numb with the game like A Dark Room, and if you have the zeal to solve an unknown mystery, Sara is missing is the right alternative for you.

Night Light

night light

“Are you afraid of the dark? You should be”. The game started with this few of lines appear on your desktop. Then you show a teddy walking in a gloomy room with a fear of his face and the evil silently scrolls behind the shadow of the room. So if you surely search for a pure alternative to games like A Dark Room, it’s really going to surprises you. This is a new game coming just before a few days perfectly developed by NickDew and already it receiving a Horror tagline.

Night Light is based on a back ground horror story which allows you to feel an exact paranormal activity, the dark world of our earth. If you are a real fan of horror games like a dark room, you must have a try.

Osiris: New Dawn

Osiris: New Dawn

“Becoming fearless isn’t the point. That’s impossible. It’s learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it.”  ―   Veronica RothDivergent.

If you put down the name of this game on youtube at the very moment you cross through some video of this game and believe me, you can`t just imagine what is it! yes ! With marvelous graphics,ultra-modern space-ship and the huge scope to trips from one planet to other, future weapon, ultra-tech environment, dynamic combat style, super fluid storyline and the great sci-fi concept of our future earth, and all the feature you need in a sci-fi adventure makes this game really, really remarkable.

On the year of 2078, mankind discovers the fold-engine of nearly light-speed. You are the last annexation team sent by the United Nation of Earth to examine the oblivion. The planet having potential to switch the mankind because of food and irreversible population and to protect the human race. Suddenly, your spacecraft named Proteus 2 finds a signal from technical department and it knocked down your warp-travel and forcing you to an emergency landing on an unknown planet.

Now it`s your turn to survive, to travels around the alien earth and their moons to protect your craft-buddies at any cost. There are a plenty of dangerous aliens, attacking you at any time. Be prepared, you have to finish your mission. On your way, you find some of the alien`s weapons, some space-craft comes from the unknown technical concept. You have to use all of those features they left, and you must rule the Genesis.  If there exists a little bit of alien fantasy, trust me not only it’s a games like A Dark Room, it`s really the alternative of all the open world action, role playing, and adventurous sci-fi game.



When I think about the game Lifeline, I just astonished what a surprising and unique storyline it is! Do you know Dave Grossman (author of The Wolf Among Us) is behind the creativity of the beautiful storyline? The game offers you a set of platforms like Windows, MAC, Android& IOS.It is a quite fresh realize game like a dark room on 2017. The game is started with a crash landing of your character Taylor on an unknown alien planet and with the very moment, he lost his signal. Suddenly he found a reply from some unknown frequency and the game take place in an unknown mystery.

There is no food, no other survivors found on the field and you have to find out some way to out there through a mysterious alien earth. A supper fluid audio visual gaming style, dynamic combat system, and a supper-natural off-planet environment make this game extraordinary. So if you have some fantasy for alien`s  activity and wants to find a true flavor of games like A Dark Room in sci-fi mode, then the game  LifeLine is the best choice for you.

The Ensign

The Ensign

The Ensign is the exactly similar text based ASCII style, role playing quest to Dark Room. The game is only available for IOS platform. This is the creation of Amirali Rajan where your customized role acts like an alien on a mysterious planet. The planet is full of a new kind of species named Wanderers. Your mission starts with such a storyline, you lay behind a badly wounded admiral of your space ship. You found one of your fallen space-ship repairable and its bring to you an anonymous world of Oblivion. The dynamic flow-chart, fluid and mysterious environment with technological advantage is the best keyword for this game. So, if you are a real Dark Room lover, then The Ensign will make your gameplay experience even better.

The Forest Doom

the forest doom

What happens if you found yourself in a Dark Wood Forest?  What is your choice if there exists a lucky draw to elect your deadly weapons? One of the most adventurous single-player, role playing game-play with the above storyline is The forest Doom. Just games like A Dark Room, It`s a totally text based application, the amazing creation of Tin Man.This game comes with the platform IOS, Linux, Mac OS, PC Windows and also with Android. With the very beginning, your character goes through an excellent life like physics-based dice tossing auto-updated mystery. There is a fluid combat system where you ought to choose your next weapon through a lucky draw.

The new auto-mapping features which can never get you lost in the dark wood forest is the best key-tool. Outstanding artwork, plenty of mission achievements and the super-fluid audio visual environment with a dark wood forest storyline make this game extraordinary. So it`s a must have for all open world dark room lover.

Fallen London

Fallen London

“Thirty years ago, London was stolen by bats. Now, Hell is close and immortality is cheap, but the screaming has largely stopped…”

Are you afraid of the Bat on a dark cold night?  The dark evil flattering out of your city. The whispering of black energy next to your door ?! So it`s time to explore the unspoken truth of your city from the decade. Fallen London is a great creation of Chris Gardiner out now on IOS and Android. If you want to find a Gothic underworld version just like A Dark room, it’s the best browser gameplay. This dark story allows you to choose a pet, to find some mysterious quest, and to explore the beauty behind the gloomy cloud.

Enjoining a relaxing stay at the Royal Bethlehem Hotel, spending an unlimited evening with your boneless beloved pet. You can Marry a squid and race the rooftop of your city to bit the monster. This is one of the best parts of this game play. You can also cultivate your character and embarks your destiny.  It’s time to go beyond the dark soul and protect your beloved city.so what are you waiting for?

Pendragon Rising

Pendragon Rising

The king Arthur is back. It’s an excellent novel of Ian Thomas that makes the game`s storyline incomparable with any of other fantasy game exists in the open world gaming platform. You can play this game by choosing a character like as Arthur, the brave son of Arta, Fearless daughter of Utta. Your choice controls the storyline, the storyline controls the quest of the game. It is totally a text based role playing game as like A Dark Room. You have to command your army of  Britons as like the character you choose. Your rival is just against the darkest evil power and ought to retrieve your privilege.

The game is freely available on Windows(minimum 7), Mac OS X, and Linux, with unbelievable dynamic Sparta +dark evil power environment that surely makes you feel the real experiences of open world fantasy. You must have a look at the developer`s  statement over this game –

“Seize the throne in the age of King Arthur! Lead an army of Britons against the darkest of enemies in this epic interactive medieval fantasy novel.”

The Martian: Bring him home

The Martian : Bring him home

“This is astronaut Mark Watney, crew member of Ares III

NASA, are you receiving me?

are you???…

….. We read you … our Pathfinder working…”

This is the only hope of Mark, the only faith to survive in the dangerous environment of Mars surface. NASA already recognized the man as a dead astronaut. He has badly wounded but survives in the  Mars`s horrible sand tornado. He suffered from the lack of food, died on the water. Every second he was racing with the eternal sleep to protect himself from UV-Ray coming from the entire universe. On the brutal condition of Mars, here you ought to help the communication specialist Mask to survive and bring him back to the home.

The life of legend on your earth, the only existing human on off-planet is in your hand. The game is available for the MAC OS and Android user with a beautiful sci-fi environment. A deep scientific information,auto-dynamic gameplay and the zeal to survive on the planet Mars provide the application an unexpected success in open world gaming fantasy. So, it’s a must alternative for all the sci-fi dreamer.

So, this was our analysis of the best 9 games like A Dark Room. Please put down your suggestions about the same and let us know what you think about some more alternative in the comment box below. We will add them surely in this series.