9 Games Like Advance Wars You Should Try

Games Like Advance Wars
By Suman Ghosal Updated

One of the best war action gameplay for your kid to increase his/her imagination power is Advance Wars. It comes with a simple but talent-hunting gaming concept. With a fluid combat system this game truly suitable for your kid, where you are a soldier of an air-force and you have to explore some mission with your Orange star army against some of the enemies. It`s a totally turn-based strategy Japanese RPG gaming application developed by an intelligent system. Now if you want to play some more games like Advance Wars it`s exactly the right place for you. Today we have some of top 9 selective alternatives for the very game.  So let us start some more attractive advance army war based games just like Advance Wars.

Games Like Advance Wars

Fire Emblem Awaking

Fire Emblem Awaking

The game starts with an eternal blue lighting spirit followed by a blue butterfly that ended up with a terrible fight between two princes. This is a tactical RPG video game comes with a single and multiplayer approach where you are a soldier of Ylisse Kingdom, you have to protect your land from the terrible attack of Risen and the hostile nation of  Plegia.You ought to use all of your brain power, all of your strategic abilities to restructuring the entire Ylissian force under a new command and help the prince to win the heroic war against the enemies.

The game is also for all fairy-tail lovers and there was a beautiful episode where you meet with sad attractive lass crying on the top of the mountain, and it`s your responsibility to protect her. The game is suitable for IOS, Linux, Mac OS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and for Android platform. The amazing storyline, beautiful audio-visual 3D environment, super dynamic combat system and the surprising strategy is the key point of the game. If you are a die heart anime fan then you must have a try, and surely you fall in love with it.



Do you remember the alien face that makes you numb last time? the face full of with skull? Xcom is the topmost alien shooter sci-fi game with a special guerrilla ware-fare combat system as like Advance wars. The game available with IOS, Mac OS, PlayStation, Xbox One, Linux, and Android that is entirely a strategy based real-time action simulation space fight. The lead developer Jake Solomon really made a super hit RPG fci-fi game in open world gaming era. Xcom becomes more attractive with the return of the Snakeman that developed in a new mission called Viper.

This game offers you the ultra-modern tech-based super dynamic off-planet conflict with a set of future weapon composition, amazing road map, combat cars and fighting space craft, space flight suits and a lot of exciting mission to protect the universe from the deadly attack of dangerous oblivious. The developer also makes a new application based on fan`s feedback Xcom 2 in 2013 that earns a huge success in gaming fantasy. Being an oblivion hunter if you search for a pure alternative of Advance Wars, Xcom might be the first choice.

Fallen: A2P Protocol

Fallen: A2P Protocol

It’s the developer Red Katana from Xile entertainment comes with a new strategy based role-playing post-apocalyptic open-world fantasy gaming application. The game is suitable for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, IOS, Linux, Mac OS and for Android platform that offers you to adopt with a plenty of environment in some of the interesting quest that’s followed by a beautiful storyline. Here your journey starts with a caravan that you ought to drive throughout your gameplay and you will gather a lot of experience, multiple deadly weapons will be available there, collect them, destroying your enemies till the map`s end. Like Advance Wars you can customize your character up to 20 different skills which help you to technologically advanced your combat system. This is a very fantastic game for all open world lover and the true alternative for them who wants some more exciting games like Advance Wars.

Champs: Battlegrounds

Champs: Battlegrounds

Just like Advance Wars, it is a strategy based action RPG video game. This game now available on IOS, Linux, Mac OS, Xbox One, Play-station 4  and also for Android developed by Quarks Game. it’s an excellent anime based gaming application that allows you to make your own gang of six mighty powerful champ to explore the dominant rivals. This real-time combat system helps you to level up your gameplay with a successive killing of 8 enemies in a row and that is your great enjoyment.

Your squad has the ability to attack the enemies with 4 unique combat style where your every champ has the ability to rivals with 4 different aids. You have to use your brain power to find how to protect your gang and leads them to the last conquest. Extraordinary customization, full of interesting strategy, challenging mood with the beautiful dynamic combat system bring this game a big success in open world fantasy. If you looking for some amazing strategy games like Advance Wars, this is your gaming application.

Wasteland 2: Director`s Cut

Wasteland 2: Director`s Cut

Now the action gaming zone of modern open world fantasy is bounded up to the Nuclear wars and yet to be beyond. Wasteland 2 is based on such type of  Nuclear war takes place between United State and the Soviet Union. It`s also a post-Apocalyptic role-playing strategy based action game comes with a pure digital sound track in an advanced feature. The game developed by inXile Entertainment runs with IOS, Linux, Mac OS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and also for Android platform.

On the historical world of Nuclear war, your final duty is to build your character as your choice and get into the real fighting world to approaches the final victory. There are several deadly weapons(200 approx)  flattering on your road, you ought to find them, take them into your mission and you have to survive for your nation till the very end. Supper fluid storyline with a nuclear radiation zone environment, selection of a set of modern combat system makes this game unpredictable. One can easily compare this gameplay to any other application in the same category and also the exact alternative of Advance Wars.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

xenoblade chronicles x

Today`s open-world fantasy switched to the concept of Humanoid Robot, Xenoblade is one of the best among them. It is the time to suit up, it`s time to survive with the ethnic creation on an alien planet, battle with the nemesis that’s trying to destroy the mankind. The game developed by Monolith Soft only for Nintendo Wii U, where the main protagonists Lin Lee and Elma took the bow to protect the human kind, suit themselves up to a humanoid robot and fight against the alien till the end.

The game allows you to customize your hero and there is a huge choice of ultra-modern weapons, laser guns and sometimes you ought to choose some fighter plane towards your enemies to explore them and it depends on your mission. On the basis of sci-fi environment Chronicles, X is the best off-planet role-playing strategy based combat game with a great graphics, heightened machines, and audio-visual effect. The best key-point of this game is the massive collection of dangerous enemies that quite impossible to explore and that’s your true challenge. Xenoblade Chronicles X is very interesting gameplay like Advance Wars and once you installed it, you never want to skip this application.

Faery: Legends of Avalon

Faery: Legends of Avalon

It’s the world Of Avalon, the world of fairies having their faith on green light of magical power. Now the magical power of hope interrupted by some evil power, the dark magic wants to destroy the fairy civilization slowly. The green power of hope fails to protect the kingdom of Oberon, Now it’s the time to create your character to get on an interesting mystery and you ought to light the green fire of hope. This is actually a role-playing strategy based game developed by Spiders on a fairy story-line comes with a mix of combat and non-combat system available on Xbox 360, PS3 and Windows. Your choice of customized character is figured the game and the game makes the story-line based on your skills and abilities.

The exceptional graphics, battles based on the fairy story, adventurous environment, choice of magical spells, skills, and the supper dynamic combat system makes this game really amazing. So it’s the exact choice for the player who loves to play the fairy based role-playing game, and also for games hunter searching for games like Advance Wars.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Shadow Wars

Ghost Recon, the best action game by Ubisoft in open-world action gaming zone is regarded as the game of the year. This shadow wars version of Ghost Recon is the eventual alternative for Advance Wars which comes with Nintendo 3DS platform and also available for your Android mobile. Ghost Recon is really a story based adventurous strategy combat system that offers you to customize your action style and weapons. Here you have to control your character along with your cover buddy and to explore the mission.

The game storyline takes you to the various atmosphere with your team to destroy a classified Soviet ultranationalist Yuri Treskayev system that fully covered with Drone, you have to survive and finished the mission. From the frozen lands of Siberia to the hot deserts of Kazakhstan, to the towns and villages of Ukraine your mission control system guide you to find the Dead Hade of secret Russian agency, you just have to knock them down. The eye-tracking customization, on place mission control guiding, totally action combat troposphere, auto-dynamic fighting mode, plenty of mission location and solid tactical navigation system are the key-point of this game that makes Ghost Recon far-fetched. This is the finest substitute of games like Advance Wars and Ghost Recon Shadow Wars is must be shortlisted by every Nintendo lover.

Valkyria Chronicles

valkyria chronicles

You are the Xbox buddy, right? And there exist no days you can`t spend an hour to hit the very batten you love?! If your answer is yes! Then it`s your time to search for the gameplay Valkyria Chronicles. Like Advance Wars it is also a unique strategy based role-playing action game amazingly developed by Sega WOW available now on PS3 and windows. The plot of the game is set in a fictional version of Europe called Europa where the civilization of Gallia comes under the attack by the East Europan Imperial Alliance.

You, the character named Welkin have to control your militia squad of Gallia. And it is your duty to find the secret weapon named as Valkyria the ancient race with eternal power that suitable only on legend`s hand. The developer offers you the CANVAS graphics engine system, ultra-dynamic environment, some mission along with beautiful compact storyline across the whole Europa and the enjoyable gaming experience that`s very uncommon in the open fantasy world. The Valkyria Chronicles is really the spot-on alternative of games like Advance Wars and if you are a true strategy game lover this application is just for you.

So, this was our analysis of the best 9 games like A Dark Room. Please put down your suggestions about the same and let us know what you think about some more alternative in the comment box below. We will add them surely in this series.