5 Games like Adventure Capitalist-Virtual Business Fantasy

Games like Adventure Capitalist
By Suman Ghosal Updated

Hey! You are a die heart Capitalist, right? And you might want a sudden fame of your business in the world! The greatest capitalism simulator game in the gaming world is Adventure Capitalist. Now you can boost your business, climb up to the top of the leading business, explore the whole world by the savings you have earned in a way which others could not even imagine. The games like Adventure Capitalist allows you to find the investors who are actually liberal to their words and you have to win their trust. You can interact with the whole world, earn incomes, and then you can reinvest your earning.

Now you are the real business-man. You stay tuned to your current project but your mind always searches for some new experiment in the world of capitalism. Being a capitalist you are never satisfied and always energetic to start a new venture. So you might want to find some more games like Adventure Capitalist. We are here with you along with 8 best business idea based games.

Try 5 Similar Games Like Adventure Capitalist

Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Billionaire

One of the best and casual single player capitalistic game like Adventure Capitalist is Bitcoin Billionaire. The game published by Noodlecake Studios Inc. is available now for IOS and Android versions. You can choose your avatar who can collect the coins which helps you to be rich in a very short time. One of the best features of this game is you can invest all of your savings to climb up to the top of the virtual business world just like an Adventure Capitalist. You can customize this game by renting a room for your office purpose. You can buy some office furniture like computer table for your existing employees, a usable device like computers, printers etc.

The interesting fact about the game is you can hire some stuff in order to make your business more interesting. You can customize your business policy, join with some leading capitalist industries as a partner. First of all, you have to upturn your wealth to make all of your dream true. So if you are more enthusiastic about your future dream and want to try some new games like Adventure Capitalist, then this game is just for you.

Make It Rain: Love Of Money

Make It Rain: Love Of Money

What happens if you experience a rain of money?? If you become the richest person in the world with your earning! So, Let`s make it rain. This is a pure capitalism simulation game similar to Adventure Capitalist, which comes with a very easy and casual single-player mode that allows you to generate a lot of virtual money from zero investment. You can compare your earning with your Facebook friends to make sure it`s really rained on them.

This brilliant game is developed by Space Inch. LLC that is suitable for Windows, IOS, Android platforms. You can increase the rate of money you earn per swipe and set up some passive investments to increase your savings when the application is closed. You can invest your money into some political approaches and avoid the FBI investigation to keep your earning safe, this is one of the best features of this game. The game comes with a pure concept of capitalism and the exact alternative to the games like Adventure Capitalist.

Idle Town

idle town

Now if you are the capitalist and have a plan to build up an ultra-infrastructural city on your free land and the passive income that’s increasing your earning. So it’s Idle Town that provides you the scope to bear out your dream. This is a casual mode capitalism simulation game developed by WIP Games. It is available for IOS and Android platform. This is simple tapping game where you have to tap on the board and every tap increases your savings by 1 dollar which helps you to upgrade the infrastructure of the city.

At the very beginning, you start with your small savings by building your coffee shop, ice cream van, and that helps you to increase your wealth with lots of achievements and one day you become the biggest capitalist by struggling. You must gather all the Idle coin and you can use them for your new investments that make more cash when you are in off mode. You can boost your virtual money by gambling it at your own risk. There are several constructions that you can`t control but you have the right to upgrade those by investing the money you earn. Idle Town is considered as the best alternative to games like Adventure Capitalist. it’s a must try for all capitalists.



Are you ready to be the next Billionaire?? But you have very little savings with you! Let`s start a game to develop your own virtual business. It’s the Billionaire, free to play, casual and tapping mode role-playing single player flash game for all capitalists who have the dream to explore the world of capitalism. This game is published and developed by Alegrium, is smoothly running on Windows, IOS and Android platforms.

This is the true business simulation games like Adventure Capitalist that allows you to build your own business, expand it by investing everything you have earned, make more partners, hire new dedicated stuff and use your will-power to become the ideal capitalist. It`s totally about your determination to climb up the top of the virtual business world. But from the very beginning, you have to stay focused on your dreams till it happens. The billionaire is based on the depth of business that is really an amazing gameplay over the open world simulation game. If you search for more games like Adventure Capitalist, you must try this one. Surely it would be enjoyable to you.

Pocket Mine

Pocket Mine

Now it`s time to dig, dig deep to find some treasure. Pocket Mine is an amazing single player casual plus adventure gameplay which comes with an excellent digging experience simply available on IOS and Android platform. The developer Roofdog allows you to find plenty of treasure by digging deep and deep over the entire gaming world. You can control and customize your character suitable for the environment. Even you can compare your deeper digging involvement with your Facebook friends and get some beautiful awards. You can also upgrade your tools, dynamite bombs that would help you to dig deeper. While digging, if you find the secret treasures full of diamonds, emeralds etc. then that is your victory.

This application allows you to market your wealth and savings by which you earn more money and become rich in the capitalist virtual world. The game has its several levels which you have to explore with your efforts. Pocket Mine is the interesting alternative to games like Adventure Capitalist along with an adventurous digging experience. Every capitalism simulator surely has this application. It would become enjoyable to you within a fraction of the seconds. The auto dynamic ultra-combat system, extraordinary audio-visual graphics, the impressive gaming experience are the key plugs of this game towards the success.

This was the list of top games like Adventure Capitalist. If you have any suggestions to add to the list. Please let us know in the comment section below and we will definitely take a look at them. We will be more than happy to solve your doubts and queries.