9 Games Like Adventure Quest explore your mind`s eye

Games Like Adventure Quest
By Suman Ghosal Updated

You remember the Green Big Dragon? The evil wants to explore one of your partners very badly last time?! One of the most popular MMORPG based browser mode games developed by Artix Entertainment is Adventure Quest. During a long time you played some hard-core fighting game and now you want some different test of open world fantasy, some true combat role-playing games where you with your customized protagonist have to fight against the dangerous enemies, the evil soul from the darkest corner of the universe. So you are in games like adventure quest, to explore the entire dark power over your planet, hatch and evolve the incredible dragons.

You know this is the amazing gameplay where you can customize your character, skills and your combat system to terminate the enemies which help you to earn experience points. You may spend your experience points to upgrade your skills, ability and it helps you to overcome the approaching missions. Now you are the mad dragon hunter, and your satisfaction level goes beyond your existing ability, so it`s time to find some more games like Adventure Quest. Let`s start some new adventure with a new mission.

More games like Adventure Quest You must hunt :

Drakensang Online

drakensang online

One of the most amazing roleplaying game from the Diablo Series is Drakensang Online that comes with a strategy based open world combat environment. This game allows you the best experience of monster hunting, the evil comes out from the dark, you have to explore the worlds of enemies with your customized avatar. In this game, you have the chance to capture and train some dangerous dragon and monster you may train them and once they fully trained, you may use them to destroy your next evil.

The unique combat system, the super fluid storyline with a plenty of quests helps you to gather more experience in the virtual fantasy world. There are several sets of weapons that you can use with your own customized character and collect a lot of experience points, Your experience points make the mission over and that comes with a new challenging mode to you. According to the game’s language, it`s  the most adrenaline rush role to train an evil monster against its own dark power. If you really want to play more games like Adventure Quest, You should try this one, And surely it`s never you disappointed.



The best multiplayer online role-playing fantasy based action adventure game like Adventure Quest is Wartune. The game is fully action combat mode RPG application that consists of  PvP, PeP, Solo, and Co-op events in it. There are 6 characters to choose and they are extremely customized in 3 different categories such as Archers, Warrior, and Mages. You can select any of them as your role, customized them to defeat the daring enemies, you can build your house to stay to recover your strength, there is a crafting feature that helps you to carry all of your weapons and resources.

Wartune comes with a very beautiful storyline that allows you to explore the monsters, demons, dragons from the every corner of your land. There are a several mission on this online mode gameplay and you ought to customize your selected character adjustable with the upcoming mission, otherwise, the enemies knocked you out. The delightful environment, a super fluid combat system with a dynamic adventurous storyline the game earns a huge success on open world fantasy. Try Wartune, it never makes you numb.

Crystal Saga

crystal saga

It`s you, the Winged Warrior who fight against the enemies and demons and explore the fantasy world. Crystal Saga is a strategy based online RPG MMO action adventure like Adventure Quest. This saga based gaming application allows you to create and customize your character to get into the battle and you ought to save the ancient race of humanity. There is an opportunity to become a legend with your character to diminish the dark energy over your land. There are five different existing classes of character such as priest, ranger, mage, Rouge, and knight appears along with different type of skills and abilities and each of this character comes with male or in a female version.

At the very beginning, you have to choose your character, after completing some of your first mission levels you use to get some experience points, that’s the wealth to further customization of your role. Now, are you ready to explore many of interesting heroic missions? That offers you the chance to interact with another online player over the earth.  The key-point of Crystal Saga is the AFK battle mode that’s give you the chance to set your own restrictions of grinding such as skills, enemies, fighting mode and loot options. So it’s the best online application for every Anime lover.

Blade Hunter

blade hunter

The airship is attracted by monster protect the oracles everything is shaking and falling apart, There is some mysterious voice tailing you the truth behind the massive red dragon which diminishes your Oracles. Blade Hunter is the biggest successful action and role-playing strategy based action adventure RPG over the entire open fantasy world. This is the one most alternative for them who search for more games like Adventure Quest which allows you to customize your character by earning some experience points from your first few mission level. There are three different type of inbuilt character such as Knight, Valkyrie, rogue.

At first, you have to choose one of them to explore the nemesis, and your character earns more strength, resources for automated customization. This Nintendo game is developed and published by Capcom that is now available only on windows and Nintendo  3DS platform. There are many types of monsters, demons, and horrible gigantic dragons, but you did not need to wary, there is the emergent power of sword to your Knight, the fatal skills of the Rouge and the supernatural power of magic and illusion of your Valkyrie, that surely explores the black end of this evil power. Not only it is the exact alternative of games like Adventure Quest, also this is the brilliant art work by Capcom for every virtual dragon hunter.

Aion Online

Aion Online

Do you remember the blue elf flying with a spiritual green eagle? That always moves towards the hidden mystery! It`s time to the installation of Aion Online on your pc browser and making your direction to the unknown challenges. Similar to Adventure Quest this is also an action adventure based strategy 3D MMORPG developed by Yongchan Jee available on Mac, Windows OS and you can also play this game online. This game also comes with the PvPvE combat system that allows you to submerge yourself in some fun-filling activity, go on various missions, making new friends on your way, chat with them, and to explore the mysterious world of rivals.

You can experience distinctly the PvP or PvE or the both mode of gaming. In this games like Adventure Quest, you can customize your character with your experience points that help you to defeat more dangerous nemeses, you can use a craft to carry all of your weapons, resources to the new quest. Once you earn the level of experience points by beating the enemies, you can compare your Aion score with your virtual friends, chat with the online player, and those are the best feature given by this application. Aion online is the hardly alternative for all of the open world fantasy RPG.

Nova Genesis

Nova Genesis

The whole fantasy world is worship of will-power, and beyond every victory over evil dark energy there exists a reason, exist a saga that some time remains untold to us. Nova Genesis is the very game where the willpower is the basic concept that you use to destroy the demons. This game is extensively compared with a lot of games of different categories such as Action adventure, Role playing, multiplayer, strategy based fantasy etc. This game is developed by R2 Games available for Mac, Windows, and also for the online game. Nova Genesis comes with a beautiful action environment that also allows you to customize your character, leading them to collect some experience points which converted into your skills and abilities.

There are some inbuilt characters named as Corsair, Wraith, Pyson you have to choose any of them as your role. Each specified character has their own special skill and abilities, and they can earn different XP points for different missions. So you have to make some familiarity with this game. Now after adjusting yourself with this game, you must follow the storyline to find some of your friends seized by the evil power. Similar to some fantasy games like Adventure Quest, this game also has the PvP and PvE mode of combat system that helps you to go on the way you decide, to form your character, get the navigation dashboard to control the mission cycle and to explore the enemies with your finest skills and ability. The auto dynamic ultra-combat system, extraordinary audio-visual graphics, the impressive gaming experience is the key plugs of this game towards the success.

Elsword Online

Elsword Online

The gamer who loves to play light weight flash games based on strategy action-adventure combat system, Elsword Online is one of the greatest application for them. It offers you the 2.5D side scrolling interface developed by KOG Studios and published by Nexon available on Windows platform. The storyline of this game is based on the land named as Elrios and its based on the power of El stone. One day the El Stone is mysteriously stolen or hidden by someone who produces a plenty of adventurous quest for the search of El stone.

The game also comes with the PvP and PvE combat system that allows you to build your own impact on your gameplay, customized your character and you have to explore the evil power. Auto dynamic audio-visual gaming impact, extraordinary action combat system with an excellent storyline and a set of attractive weapons is the vital feature of Elsword. This gaming application is one of the best substitutes for games like Adventure Quest, and you must play this enjoying games.

The game also comes with the PvP and PvE combat system that allows you to build your own impact on your gameplay, customized your character and you have to explore the evil power. Auto dynamic audio-visual gaming impact, extraordinary action combat system with an excellent storyline and a set of attractive weapons is the vital feature of Elsword. This gaming application is one of the best substitutes for games like Adventure Quest, and you must play this enjoying games.

DarkStar Risen

DarkStar Risen

One day you awaken from a cryogenic sleep after a period of 300 years and found that you are beside of a broken space craft consist of three  Cryo-chambers, one is empty, the second is occupied by a lovely woman and the last one is enclosed a dead body of 300 years lies with his left hand missing. Now your space craft is totally out of control and revolves around the gloomy planet Theta Alpha III. You found all of the significant data of your space craft is deleted by some mysterious person, and you are now fully trapped in dangerous orbit of the dark planet. This is the storyline of Darkstar Risen, so you can think what a beautiful saga is hidden behind this roleplaying game. The game-plot is written by J Allen Williams and developed by Parallax Studio available now on Mac OS and Windows.

Games like Adventure Quest it is also a strategy based 3D action-adventure MMORPG in fantasy gaming era where you can customize your character to explore the evil power. There are 5 inbuilt initial characters such as Archer, Knight, Dark Knight, Mage, and Magister, you have to choose any of those to fulfill your initial mission level. Each specific character has their own different skills and ability to defeat the foes, and you can customize your character by earning some experience points from previous quests.

As your XP points increase it also helps you to upgrade your weapons, combat skills and automated abilities to defeat the rivals with its finest way. Accepting every next quest and exploring them, you can buy or unlock some extra options like power-ups, new character class etc. This game consists of all the basic features such as dynamic action mode combat system, amazing fantasy gaming experience, and the mind-blowing graphics that make this game beyond your mind’s eye. Every open world fantasy lover must have a try to Darkstar Risen.

League Angels 2

League Angels 2

Once an evil mass of Demon king has risen over Angel`s land-living, the green magical light of hope is suddenly covered by the cloud of dark power. It’s the angels of the very land create a clutch of the greatest brave man of all time to defeat the foes and they determine not to stop the King monster arise to fight. Like Adventure Quest, it is also a strategy based action adventure MMORPG developed by Youzu Interactive. This game is available now for Windows, MAC and also for online browser game player that offers you to create a customized your character, upgrading your weapons and the gaming experience.

You can unlock a lot of heroes along with an Angel, every character has their own customized skills and abilities to fight against the rivals. Your every victory makes the Angels more powerful who becomes the Pathfinder of the next mission levels. By exploring quest you earned some experience points that also help you to upgrade your heroes, weapons, you can buy or unlock some heroes comes with an extra feature that helps you to destroy the powerful enemies. If you want some more interesting games like Adventure Quest to explore the real open world fantasy in gaming eon, you should try this League.

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