7 Games Like Agir.io Online Beyond Your Imagination

Games Like Agir.io Online
By Suman Ghosal Updated

The best time killer game developed by a Brazilian code runner Matheus Valadares is Agir.io and it’s earned its huge hit to the very beginning of its debuted date, April 2015. This is a very simple multiplayer browser game that starts with a tiny 2D cell that is growing in its size by eating the smaller bubbles controlled by the real life online players. You have to avoid the bigger cells that can wallow t your small one as their dinner. Games like Agir.io Online also allows you to split your cell into two or more tactically control them to resume nearby small cells, you have to survive and swallowing long enough to become the largest cell in the gameplay. You can eject mass for your team buddy to protect them from their nearest big one.

Developer Matheus offers you four main game modes free for all. If once you get some mass you become slower but your bonus increases. This fun making gaming application collect a huge success in a very short time and thus the developer has to publish Agir.io for Android and MAC platform. Now you play this game for a long time and sometimes you think if there were some more games like Agir.io online more games like this interesting concept. So let`s make a plan to enjoy some more with a cup of coffee.

More Similar games like Agir.io Online



“Probably the most chilled –out game

You will play this year…utterly engrossing _______Jim Rossignol, Eurogamer

One of the best puzzle arcade game similar as Agir.io based on the true concept of physics is Osmos. This is also a simple “eat and be eaten” atmospheric game where you have to enlarge the size of your single-celled organism coined as Mote by consuming other smaller cells nearby you. Osmos is nominated for 4 IGF awards, winner of D2D Vision Awards and also selected for PAX10. Truly developed by Hemisphere Games and this extraordinary game is available for Windows, MAC, Linux, IOS, Android platforms, This games like Agir.io online also available for iPhone and iTab user.

Osmos allows you to experience a physics-based amazing gameplay comes with a beauty of universal atmosphere, there you enjoy the excellent eternal dreamlike electronic soundtrack and the time-warp unique auto-dynamic gaming skill. You have to feed your Mote, keep your increasing till the level up, and if any bigger Mote riches to you, you will die, so keep your safety distance from the bigger body, that’s the ultimate work you have to do. Sometimes it very urgent to loosen your mass for greater speed but you have to do it at your own risk, because there are some big Motes around you, planning a delicious lunch.  This is the “Ultimate ambient experience” gaming and everyone must have a try to this cool physics-based gaming application.



There is only some few lightweight gaming application exist in the gaming eon comes with an excellent eye-catching graphics and attractive gaming experience, flOw is one of the best among those. This is a computer art arcade based puzzle game developed by That-Game-Company and published by Sony-computer-entertainment that’s also available for Adobe Flash, PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable. This is an aquatic organism game that allows you to control your worm tad, feed it throughout your play, survives from the larger worm.

You can destroy the smaller worm tad to increase your size that’s helps your worm tad to earn some more skills and to finish the mission level. But you have to survive from the large worm tad which has the power to restart your levels, you can attack a worm bigger than you tactically avoiding its mouth, cut its tail to destroy the big buddy. This is extra features of this game, you would not worried about the bigger one if you have such a skill to defeat them tactically and no games like Agir.io online offers this features. Every arcade game lover has a look to this excellent aquatic game, and I can assure you that you would not feel bored with this game.




I thought I`d NEVER SEE and then…..One Day………..

I GOT IN”_________ Kevin Flynn, ENCOM

Do you remember the world largest epic gaming company ENCOMmade by Kevin Flynn?The developer of world top most five video game that makes a huge blast on virtual gaming world! And Flynn works for the next eternal gaming application Tron , the world of machine, he found the eternal designed in “Yanta-Jal(internet)”where a man can transport into a machine and Flynn found the super opportunity to communicate chip-to-chip teleportation from real world to “Yantra-jal” and the problems of the creation of the nature might be solved with discovery. While working at night-shift Flynn suddenly disappear from his gaming farm-house and that’s the beginning. Tron is developed by Hungryum Games comes with the marvelous graphics visualization effect and also with a tremendous storyline written by Steven Lisberger.

This is a cross line simulation games of accelerated motor-cycles where every program player attaining a race. If any one crosses the other`s laser track, he will die at the very moment. In that’s why you have to trapped others with your way-behind track line to defeat them tactically while surviving from the laser path of the others. There are different bikes with their different spread laser color. You have to choose one and starts to survive from the others and also from the walls. The last living one won the level. Once you complete the level, get some experience points and the next level comes with a more difficult task, more speed that explores your control, you have to survive with your best zeal. Encom(Tron) is the best alternative for all arcade simulation games like Agi.io online.



The first snake-like the alternative of games like Agir.io online is Slither.io developed by Steve Howse released on March 25, 2016.  It’s a very simple strategy based snake simulation browser gaming application but seeing its huge success in a single year, the developer also released this games for Android and IOS platform. In this game your ultimate task is controlling your snake, growing its size by swallowing little colors bits that randomly appears in Slither.io maps or the pellets of fallen snakes in front of navigation. You have to avoid the others big snakes.

Your avatar may increase its speed by moving along the side of other small snakes and the small one will be converted into pellets. The best weapon to fight in an online mode challenge is your size, so you have to stay tuned and increasing your size to explore the Slither.io. This game adds the icing on the cake for all the Agir.io lovers out there.



The green house is the basic cause of life that’s make this planet hotter and make the atmosphere unlike every planet of the solar system that allows the race of life. Nowadays the ultimate cause of our existence twisted into the great reason for final annihilation of earth. One of the best environment inspiring green virtual gaming application is Eufloria that comes with a single player mode available on Windows, IOS, Android, Linux, PS3, PS4 and also for Blackberry platform and published by Headup Games. There are some of the natural worms that fly from one plasma sector to another and collaborate with the generation of life. You have to control the worm to a right track that makes the plasma alive. Every sector is filled with ignitable Solar Plasma. Each Attack burns like the fires of a star, and you have to explore the others before they destroy you.

This is a full strategy based action games, you can make your colonies by the worm ships, semi-autonomous robots fragments makes the universe like its starting generation.Eufloria is totally physics based sci-fi video game set in a revolutionary space world. It offers you to be a commander of different interstellar being named as Euflorians who can collect their asteroid by seedling grew the tree of Dyson. This is really an amazing application that surely increases your gaming experience, arcade skills, and abilities and this will keep you going in such games like Agir.io online.



Mitos.is is the best art work by Freakin-Ware-Games developer that allows you to bring the popular eat-the-cells gameplay in arcade strategy mode. Games like Agir.io online here you start with a small tiny cell, you have to control this cells and swallow the smaller dots, that helps you to increase your size .once you increase your size, you can eat quite larger cells. The games allow you to split your cells into two duplicate that helps you to enjoy your gaming experience, you can eject your mass to speed your cell up, but at own risk, because there are several big cells present to eat you, you have to concern about that.

This is an online game and there are options to find your Facebook friends, share your gaming experience with them. Finishing some of the mission levels you can unlock some extra features on your cells to explore the Mitos gaming world. If you really want the best alternative for games like Agir.io online Mitos.is is the icing on the cake for all the Agir.io online lovers exist in open gaming zone.



The new coolest game like Agir.io online released on this year 2017 in an action arcade strategy mode is Nebulous. This puzzle game is only available for Android user now. But in a very short duration of time, this game earns a huge success over the gaming world. The game is developed by Triffix EntertainmentInc and published by Howson Consultants, Nintendo in a single player mode. In this game toy characteristic as a Blob, and you have to swallow the little dots in a galactic atmosphere to grow bigger and you can also eat the small blobs to increase your size rapidly. While enlarging your figure you have to survive the attack of your nearby massive blobs which already have an idea to make you their lunch. If you failed to avoid the larger blobs, you will be getting catch and you will lose the match.

Games like Agir.io online the main target to explore the game is your size. once you increase your size to a certain level, no one can defeat you. This is an online mode of the game. So you can interact with a lot of online players and it`s really become interesting when you explore them. The game offers you a lot of inbuilt blobs coming with a selective feature, but you can unlock plenty of blobs comes with extra features finishing your mission levels. It is the most entertaining games like Agir.io online.

So, this was our list of the top 7 games like Agir.io Online. Please put down your suggestions about the same and let us know about it in the comment box below and we will add them in this series.