10 Games like Aion Beyond Your Imagination

games like Aion
By Suman Ghosal Updated

One of the best 3D role-playing MMORPG strategy based action combat application is Aion. This adventure action game is developed by NCSOFT comes with the PvP and PvE mode that means you can choose your character. You customized your avatar as you like, you can upgrade your character by completing some initial mission. Once you complete your initial mission you can earn some of the experience points. XP earning help you to unlock some more customized character that helps you to diminish the greater enemies. Aion is an action combat game where you can explore the huge amazing world of open fantasy by running, fighting with evil monster transporting and flying with your eternal power and protecting your land of the kingdom. And you really love to play games like Aion.

Now it’s a lot of time you spend with the red dragon. Destroying the dark enemies that want to rule over your holy land. And you really want to explore some more amazing games like Aion in the virtual open world fantasy.So we are with you to find more interesting games like Aion. Let`s jump into the topic right now.

The games like Aion that can explore your imagination:

Last Chaos

Last chaos

“Race of all kinds strive to get their lives back to normal, Once world comes of a possible invasion, friend become foes and alliances shift”

This multiplayer action adventure fantasy role-playing video game comes with this amazing lines. It`s really an adrenaline rush game developed and published by Aeria Games. This game is only available for Windows platform and also for online Gamer. Last Chaos comes with a beautiful storyline based on the novel of Allison Deegan. It offers you an amazing gaming experience. There are several characters like as Mages, Rouges, Titans, Sorcerers, Healers and you have to choose one of them to defeat the enemies.

You can customize your character. After choosing your character you can join Apollons or Eres to bring your epic splendor start. Games like Aion, this game also offers you all the MMORPG features which are really rare in open fantasy world. The game allows you to go on a different mission and you have to kill dangerous monsters giant. Sometimes there are a number of quests where you faced a horrible Dragon at the end of mission level. The beautiful storyline, amazing gaming combat system, ultra-dynamic weapons, a plenty of different mission level over the gaming world and the supper-fluid gaming environment. The navigation system never make you bored while you spend your time with it. It`s the best alternative to the games like Aion and the diamond achievement of open world fantasy.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing


Do you remember the immortal giant Frankenstein?? The loud cry flattering out from the dark corner of the earth! The wolf-man challenging the mankind when the full moon comes out from the gloomy cloud! The owl hooting on the top of the hill, the shadow becomes larger on the castle house. That’s the time to explore the evil world, that’s the time of welcome tone of Van Helsing. Neocore-games is behind the development of this role-playing action video game which is available for Microsoft Windows, XBOX One, PlayStation 4, IOS, Linux and for MAC platforms. This is a Dracula simulation Game and your character is the giant killer Van Helsing, you have to control him to destroy the dark enemies. The storyline starts with a dangerous wolf-man hunting episode takes place in the gothic-noir capital of frictional Kingdom Borgova city.

Though the city is sustained by antiquated science but also occupied with an evil creature. The dark force enlarged by the extreme power-full Dracula. Your main job is to protect the Borgova city from the epic attack of Dracula`s entire force. Completing some basic task you can earn some experience points that help you to increase your wealth and strength and the power of your weapons that are really beneficial to destroy the evil power. You can unlock some new features by the spending of your experience points. Van Helsing is a real-time RPG application that’s the pure alternative of games like Aion. Every open world fantasy lover must have a try to this application.

Arche Age

arche age

One of the amazing digital artwork by director Jake Song is Arche Age. The MMORPG application developed by XL Games won the game of the month on MPODG in October 2014. Arche Age comes with a beautiful storyline narrated by Jeon min-hee available for Windows online player. This game brings a large number of mission full of mystery over an unbound number of different places and different quest that you can explore with your avatar. Like every role-playing game, Arche Age also offers you to customize your character. Finishing some of the initial mission levels you can earn experience points. XP points help you to collect resources, unlocking some of the new features such as more deadly weapons, crafting cars, new combat suit.

The game lets you feel a real combat experience and attached you with the best PvP and PvE combat system. So you can diminish the evil power with your own plan. There are many dark creatures and sea creature foes that want to make you failed to your goal. But it’s your duty to protect your land by keeping yourself alive. So Arche Age is one of the best cherry on the cake of open world fantasy world.

The Lord Of The Ring Online

lord of the ring online

“There is Light and Beauty up there that no Shadow can touch” but there is some evil power which makes this statement false sometimes. Lord of the ring online is MMORPG based on the epic story of J.R.R Tolkien. This game received a huge number of awards from its publication and it’s still picking the top position in the fantasy universe. This game comes with an amazing storyline that is set in the era of the lord of the ring. Games like Aion, you can select your character, customized your character to explore the fantasy world. There are several mission levels with a different task and different type of dangerous demons which try to destroy the peace of your virtual country and overruled your kingdom. At first, you have to complete some initial quest to gather your experience points.

Using your previous experience points you can unlock some more powerful weapons, and reform your forces. This gaming application is mapped over a large fantasy world that allows you to explore the plenty of places and the terrible monster. You can defeat some dangerous dragons, trained them against the evil power. The game allows you to explore the dark corner of the fantasy universe. Dynamic combat environment, ultra-modern action system with details navigation, the super-fluid audio-visual gaming experience is the best features behind its huge success. Lord of the ring online is not only the perfect substitution of games like Aion but it also the largest achievement of open world fantasy.



Are you want some sinister in your life?! Do you want to explore the dark reality behind the evil monster?! Are you wants to keep your sharp weapon into the deepest corner of Red dragon`s heart!? Vindictus is the right world to makes your dream true. Games like Aion, Vindictus is a multiplayer adventure action role-playing game in fantasy open world that full with evil creatures of darkness. The game allows you into a dangerous experience of evil magical power. The devCAT is the developer and Nexon published it for windows and MAC platform. This game also has a feature to selecting your avatar, customized it for the battle to explore the foe. There you can collect some experience points by finishing some of the initial quests. It helps you to unlock more features like more deadly weapons, crafting car to carry your resources, weapons.

You can spend your experience points to grow your wealth, abilities, skill to defeat the enemies. The game comes with a PvP, PvE mode that helps to improve your gaming ideas. It is a massive gaming world that helps to get yourself in a massive fantasy world. The beautiful graphics design, dynamic combat system, ultra-modern weapons and the real-time gaming experience is the key-point that makes this game a unique application over the open fantasy world. If you really want some real experience of the world of Sinister Vindictus is just for you.



You are tired of playing real-life action combat game and now your mind wants to explore some strategy adventure over the world of fantasy. Tiron Worlds is the developer and publisher of this game. This game is available only on Windows platforms and also for Online Gamer. Rift is the massively played strategy game based on the gaming world named as Telara which consist of six elemental core of intersects such as water, fire, earth, air, life, and death. There are two parallel fantasy friction Guardians and Defiant fighting against each other. The main conflict of this game is over some religious and scientific undertones. The Guardians are extremely religious and on another side, the Defiant is more technological and scientific.

Now two all time rivals are packed up into a certain friendship and gathered against a new massive challenge Crucia which is the master of colossi humongous and mechanical beast.You have to choose your character customized it to defeat the enemies over the gaming world. You can take part to any of the two frictions (Guardians and Defiant) and fight against the terrible monster, Dragons. The initial mission levels get you into some experience points. You can customize your avatar by spending your experience points, increasing your wealth and also unlocking some magical weapons that help you to kill the next demons.All the six elements are under control of a Dragon Deity known as Regulous.

Long long years ago the dragon of Elements got annoyed by the Forced superiority and wrong step of Regulous. They decide to get their freedom back and they rebelled against the Regulous. Telara is devastated to its worse form and Regulous went to Hibernation after he got defeated. And the Elemental Dragon got trapped into the lands of Telara.But it’s Regulous, returns from its hibernation, he uses to control the trapped Dragon`s mind magically and create a huge threat over the Telara. Now you are an epic human and you have to fight against the Mighty Regulous and destroy him forever. Rift is the real strategy alternative for the games like Aion, and every open world fantasy lover must have a try to defeat the Massive Demon-king Regulous

Star Wars: Old Republic

Star wars: old republic

Now if you are the real Gamer I have nothing to say new about this game. This game goes beyond the discussion in open world fantasy universe. Games like Aion, this is also the massively multiplayer online gaming application comes with a sci-fi role-playing off-planet action adventure experience. Electronic Arts is the developer of this game. It`s finally available for Windows, MAC and also for online users.

Drew Karpyshyn is the man behind the game situated on an off-planet land based storyline. Star Wars allows you to create your own character, you can customize your avatar to defeat the enemies. This game offers you a plenty of ultra-technical weapons, laser guns, future designed deadly weapons to kill the evil power. This game is a very interesting adventure and also comes with a highly recommended 4D graphics that really make gasped. Those are the common information for all Star Wars lovers. There are some inbuilt characters such as Jedi, Sith Warrior, Bounty Hunter etc. You have to choose any of them and pick up your light saber sword and just knock down the enemies.

Star Wars is a gaming application with PvP, PvE gaming mode that allows you to an epic war with oblivions, Cantina Shootout, light saber duels. There you have to prove yourself as the true warrior and the ultimate survivor of the entire creation. Actually, the gaming storyline is about two frictional field, one is the Galactic Republic and the other is Sith Empire. Your choice of friction makes your path through some unknown quest full of with off-planet enemies.

Star Wars offers you the beautiful sci-fi environment, dynamic combat system, super fluid gaming experience, ultra-modern future weapons design. And the extraordinary audio-visual graphics is the key-point of this game. It helps Electronics Arts to receive a huge number awards on open fantasy universe. This game generates an excellent appeal over the entire star wars fan. If you want to get some real experience of games like Aion, you must try this game. Surely it amazed you with its greatest science fiction appearance.

DarkStar Risen

DarkStar risen

One day you awaken from a cryogenic-sleep after a period of 300 years. You found that you are beside of a broken space craft consist of three  Cryo-chambers. One is empty, the second is occupied by a lovely woman and the last one is enclosed a dead body of 300 years lies with his left hand missing. Now your space craft is totally out of control and revolves around the gloomy planet Theta AlphaIII. You found all of the significant data of your space craft is deleted by some mysterious person. So you are now fully trapped in dangerous orbit of the dark planet. This is the storyline of Darkstar Risen. So you can think what a beautiful saga is hidden behind this roleplaying game. J Allen Williams is the narrator of this game-plot and Parallax Studio developed the game which is available now on Mac OS and Windows.

Games like Adventure Quest, it is also a strategy based 3D action-adventure MMORPG in fantasy gaming era where you can customize your character to explore the evil power. There are 5 inbuilt initial characters such as Archer, Knight, Dark Knight, Mage, and Magister. You have to choose any of those to fulfill your initial mission level. Each specific character has their own different skills and ability to defeat the foes. You can customize your character by earning some experience points from previous quests. As your XP points increase it also helps you to upgrade your weapons, combat skills and automated abilities to defeat the rivals with its finest way. Accepting every next quest and exploring them, you can buy or unlock some extra options like power-ups, new character class etc.

This game consists of all the basic features such as dynamic action mode combat system, amazing fantasy gaming experience, and the mind-blowing graphics that make this game beyond your mind’s eye. Every open world fantasy lover must have a try to Darkstar Risen.

Age of Conan

age of conan

One of the best things of the game Age of Conan is its extraordinary graphics and the voice acting. It will surely attract your attention and its storyline! just amazing. Age of Conan is a super fantastic adventure action, the role-playing online strategy based gaming application that also allows you to explore the entire fantasy universe. This game is developed and published by Funcom, runs only over Windows platform. Games like Aion, you can create your online avatar, you can customize your character to get into the world of foes. The fantasy world of Hyboria. Age of Conan offers you a set of 4 different races along with 4 basic archetypes such as Soldier, Rogue, Mage and the Priest which comes with PvP, PvE gaming combat system.

The mind-blowing features of this game are the super fluid gaming environment especially the water swimming experience. And the storyline of his game makes a huge crowd over the open fantasy gaming world.

You can make your Conan cities with a group of your friends to explore all the demons over the fantasy universe. Completing some of the initial mission points you can earn a lot of experience levels. XP helps you to unlock new quest and some of the modern weapons. The main task is to collect your wealth and magical rewards. It helps you to defeat the final evil power and your duty is to protect your kingdom. Age of Conan is full of entertainment and all the balls and skills that you want into a MMORPG is true presents in this application. If your current motivation is to find some games like Aion, Age of Conan is the right application for you.

Nova Genesis

nova genisis

The whole fantasy world is worship of will-power, and beyond every victory over evil dark energy there exists a reason, exist a saga that some time remains untold to us. Nova Genesis is the very game where the willpower is the basic concept that you use to destroy the demons. This game is extensively compared with a lot of games of different categories such as Action adventure, Role playing, multiplayer, strategy based fantasy etc. This game is developed by R2 Games available for Mac, Windows, and also for online Gamer. Nova Genesis comes with a beautiful action environment that also allows you to customize your character, leading them to collect some experience points which converted into your skills and abilities.

There are some inbuilt characters such as Corsair, Wraith, Pyson. You have to choose any of them as your role. Each specified character has their own special skill and abilities, and they can earn different XP points for different missions. So you have to make some familiarity with this game. The evil power capture some of your friends. Now after adjusting yourself with this game, you must follow the storyline to find them. Similar to some fantasy games like Adventure Quest, this game also has the PvP and PvE mode of the combat system. So it helps you to go on the way you decide, to form your character. it allows you to get the navigation dashboard to control the mission cycle and to explore the enemies with your finest skills and ability.

The auto dynamic ultra-combat system, extraordinary audio-visual graphics, the impressive gaming experience is the key plugs of this game towards the success.This was our list of top games like Aion. If you have any suggestions to add to the list. Please let us know in the comment section below and we will definitely take a look at them. Also, let us know more similar games. And we will be more than happy to solve your doubts and queries.