Games Like Amnesia That Will Make You Scared

games like Amnesia
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While the entire open fantasy gaming universe is all about action adventure role-playing applications, but there still exists some hardcore horror game lover. Though there are some high graphics thrilling games published in the year of the 2016-17 maximum of them carry only a #tag of horror games. But those game comes with a hardcore combat gaming experience. Sometimes you may ask me about the real-time paranormal gaming experience that must offer you the best thrilling experience. So you are the way of searching some games like Amnesia. Amnesia is pure horror survival video game developed by Frictional Games. This game is bringing your faith back on the real-time horror gaming application.In this game, you play as the main character named Daniel and your final goal is to destroy the evil creature.

This game starts with a pre-game story-line in a mysterious land full of with a lot of mission levels that allow you interact with weapons elementary objects. You have to solve some of the puzzles provided by the developer in order to unlock the next mission levels. This is an excellent dark evil hunting game consist of all the features that every gamer wants in survival thrilling application and you feel like just a part of the story. Now, unfortunately, you play this same game over a year and the feeling of thrill become faded up.  The last night when you use to shut your pc down, you think about the existence of more similar games like Amnesia. Today we are here with your answer, the top most 7 games you must have a try.

Similar games like Amnesia – To explore the World of Evil powers

The Walking Dead

the walking dead

You are in front of a multinational hospital and suddenly the city is under attack of the zombie apocalypse. Roads, apartment, and all the places are full of with the evil creature; you and very few survivors are still alive. This is the plot where its starts to the main game-play. This is a drama based single player episodic action adventure RPG published and developed by Telltale Games. The very game is now available on a wide range of gaming platform like windows, Linux, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox one, OS X, Kindle Fire HDX, IOS and also the Android. The walking dead offers you the best horror experience takes place in a wide environment of apocalyptic evil world Georgia. Your ultimate task is to survive among them while destroying them with a deadly customised weapons.

Here you play as the main protagonist Lee Everett and some of the game parts directly depend on your decisions over the game-play. So there is a chance to customise your horror experience which makes the game more interesting. You have to survive as long as it possible and keep walking on the dead land. It has five different episodes and each of them comes with unique mission levels to explore. The walking dead have the all core and extra features in order to player desire and it is the perfect alternative for games like Amnesia.

Silent Hill: Downpour

Silent Hill: Downpour

“The only me is me …..Are you sure the only you is you?” One of the best horror survival adventure action games like Amnesia over the open-world fantasy is The Silent Hill. In the series of long-running adventure horror gaming application, Silent Hill is the ever best game. It’s the Vatra Games is behind the development of this game which depends upon the beautiful storyline of Brain Gomaze. You can play this horror and third-person shooting survival game from your play-station 3, Xbox 360 device. This single player game allows you to customise your character such as Morphy Pendelton. He travels through various places over a wide range of gaming environment to find out the hidden truth of his past.

The main character is a convicted prisoner suddenly faced a dangerous challenge in a horror atmospheric land. And it`s become more difficult to keep breathing at any cost. In such situation, your main task is to destroy the enemies, monsters and all of the dark evils to survive. Make yourself engage to solve some interesting puzzle and exploration on your way. The game offers you a beautiful combat system; you can destroy the enemies with both the sharp-edged weapons and the firearms and stay alive until the end. The game comes with a terrific hunting experience, the graphic design, sense of updated weapons, dynamic combat system and all the things that you want in a survival gaming application. If you really want to explore some darker nightmare game, Silent Hill Downpour is no doubt the best alternative in the gaming fantasy world.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn

The best digital artwork by Sony Computer Entertainment over the horror survival gaming world that makes a new fantasy era in horror and the universe of romance is Until Dawn. The developer Supermassive Games allows the player to control their storyline by own choice and there are a number of features key decision left on the player`s hand. Eight teenager friends decided to make a tour over a mysterious place. They planned to spend a vacation at the very place where their two friends are despair one year ago.

It`s the frictional Blackwood mountain related to a local dark horror saga which is already nominated as a hunted land. At the very moment of their arrivals, it starts with a psychopath attack that enclosed them into a deep fear of the dark. All the moment every of eight friends faced a challenge that makes the final destination between death and life. Every moment of this game the storyline flows as your skills to choose the path. Finishing every mission level you earn some experience points that help to increase your choice skills and the skills decide what happen at the next moment. It`s the question of your life hanging from a ring of death, the only way to stay alive is to survive.

You have to try with your level best to protect your buddies and also yourself. In order to survive, you have to fight against some evil monsters and there are a plenty of quests to finish.You can use both the sharp weapons and the firearms that are available on your way. This gaming application allows you to switch among all the character to complete some difficult task and the decision you make to choose the character control the gameplay. This game is the best action adventure combo application comes with all the features that one die heart horror lover ever wants in a survival gaming experience. Everyone can choose this gaming application as one of the best alternatives

In order to survive, you have to fight against some evil monsters and there are a plenty of quests to finish. You can use both the sharp weapons and the firearms that are available on your way. This gaming application allows you to switch among all the character to complete some difficult task and the decision you make to choose the character control the gameplay. This game is the best action adventure combo application comes with all the features that one die heart horror lover ever wants in a survival gaming experience. Everyone can choose this gaming application as one of the best alternatives to games like amnesia.

deadly premonition

deadly premonition

“Isn`t it time you drank THE COFFEE?” It is time to explore some evil creature with the evilness hide in your own vain. Deadly Premonition is also a survival thrilling action-adventure role-playing games like Amnesia. It is developed by Access Games and Rising Star Games in collaboration. You can play these amazing games with the platforms Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows. The storyline of this game is based on the investigation of the murder case of Becky Adams and Diane. You act as the main protagonist named Francis York Morgan also the lead investigator of mission control. As the main character York comes with the features Raincoat Killer. And while he investigates the very case Thomas is died to hang from a hook in his neck.

Emily joins the York in his investigation to find the main victim Carol. With time spent after completing some initial mission, a twist happens in the mainstream story. Carol infects Emily with red seeds, and she becomes ill. In order to continue the investigation York leaves Emily in the responsibility of Kaysen and find out the George. As a professional detective, your duty is to make George confess about his victim and then encounter him. This beautiful gaming experience has the all features based on the player`s desire. If you really search for some more games like Amnesia this is the top most alternative for you. Every dark evil fantasy lover must have a try this game. It surely engages you for a long time in the open fantasy universe.

Alien: Isolation

Alien Isolation

The space craft is totally trapped by an unknown evil force. Someone placed your control to a hidden death zone. The maximum number of your space crew was not alive. Suddenly you found a terrible off-planet evil creature that wants to destroy the entire human creature. That`s the game plot when you start as the main role. Alien Isolation is the best off-planet alien simulation game that ever made an open fantasy world. This game comes with an excellent horror survival action adventure mode that allows you to experience a shocking alien exploration game play. Dan Abbett is the man behind the science friction oblivious saga that surely engages you for a long time.

This game is developed by Creative Assembly and published by Saga which is also available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, OS X, Linux platforms. In this game, you are the main protagonist Amanda Ripley. She starts a journey to find her mother Ellen Ripley but she secretly goes into mysterious sector full of with dangerous aliens. Your final task is to survive while eliminating the aliens. You found yourself in an unknown space station named Sevastopol and the epic battle between the human and alien is started. The game offers you a set of advanced ultra modern weapons to kill the deadly oblivious. Games like Amnesia, it also comes with the interesting action environment, dynamic story flow, and an extraordinary audio-visual gaming experience which is very uncommon in open fantasy alien series. It is a must have for every sci-fi lover.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot

Condemned 2: Bloodshot

You play a lot of game that comes with a survival horror gaming experience. But you can never imagine there exists such an exciting real-time evil feeling creature game that may explore your heart. Condemned 2 is an excellent horror survival action adventure psychopath gaming application that offers you a terrific entertaining drama based storyline in the environment of Europe Australia, Asia and also over a wide range of navigation.

In this game, you play as the main character Ethan Thomas, the agent of the FBI serial crime unit. He suddenly resigned his job after the investigation of a case Serial killer X. He becomes a little bit insane and stays as a homeless man on the streets of a fictional metropolitan city. Day by day Ethan becomes more violent, alcoholic and finds himself as an evil-minded person. He tries to protect himself from the paranormal works but it’s impossible to stay away from his hallucination.  This is the moment you start to play this thrilling game.

FBI calls him back to solve the mysterious murder case of Malcolm Vanhorn. The agency makes him the team leader of the mission control and offers him a partnership with Rosa. After finishing some of the initial mission levels you find the best twist in the storyline of this game. You find the previous serial killer X is still alive and he is the man behind the murder of Malcolm. Your ultimate task is to gathers all of the sufficient sign of murder and clues, keep investigate until you reach the Serial killer X. This is an amazing thrilling experience with the addition of horror survival adventure gaming environment. This gaming application offers you all of the modern features that you want in role-playing survival games like Amnesia. Every adventure hunter must have look to this game.

Out last


One of the best horror survival game exist ever in the horror fantasy universe is the Outlast. It`s come again with a hospital horror simulation that allows you to explore the best action adventure thrilling experience. This game is developed and published by Red Barrels on the basis of the beautiful story narrated by J.T. Petty. Outlast starts with a psychopath thrilling environment where you act as the main protagonist Miller Upshur. The fantasy gaming atmosphere is set up in the mountain of Colorado named as Lake County.

There was a frictional hospital named as Mount Massive Asylum where you come as an investigative journalist. But you cannot find the option to get into the hospital. All the door of the very hospital is closed. Suddenly you found the way to the inside of the hospital. But you never think such a horrible sight inside the apartment. You found all the living things in the hospital are dead. There are a plenty of nurses, doctor and patient lied on the floor with blood on their face. And there is some evil terrific thrilling sound fluttering on air. This is the very beginning of games like Amnesia, the Out Last.

You feel the darkest fear in your vain that the monsters are not staying so far. Be ready for your ever first encounter. Sometimes you feel you are the oldest patient of this hospital and you are the only living person in the human creature. But never give up man. Probably you are the last hope. So it`s your duty to diminish all the dark foes and the evil monsters. Encounter them with your best skills and ability. This game allows you to find some of the new deadly weapon hidden under some darkest corner of this hospital.

Games like Amnesia there you can play this game without any weapons. So there is only two-way to survive, hide and run. Out last is a very realistic role-playing game and every hospital-horror simulator must have a try. Believe me, it surely increases your open fantasy gaming experience.



If you ask me about the best thrilling game I ever experience, my answer to you is The Blacksoul. One of the most horror survival games comes with an adventure action and thrilling environment, which is developed by XeniosVision. It is available now only for Windows platform where the storyline takes you to the various cities over the European country in the year of 1972. BlackSoul offers you the most horrible old school monster stimulating gaming experience.

The main protagonist of this game is Sean and his sister Ava who is fully trapped in a forbidden zone of danger. The area is full of with a lot of undead zombie under cover of the untold truth. The entire game story is behind a dark killing psychopath and the mysterious infection. The deadly infection rapidly spread over the whole world and that is the ever biggest challenge in front of the human creation. Here your duty is to survive while eliminating the evil energy. In this game, you are the main protagonist Sean, and you are the final hope to short out the main reason of the infection.

One of the best features of this game is the graphics, comes with the mixture of evil and human creation era that offers you the best horror simulation gaming experience. Super dynamic combat action adventure, beautiful audio-visual appearance, and the gaming graphics is the key point of this game that makes this game more successful. If you want some more games like Amnesia to explore the dark evil power BlackSoul is the best gaming application for you.

This is our today`s article about some best games like Amnesia. Stay tuned and commands on us about your views ideas. we feel happy to be with you.