Games like Animal Jam – Best Games for Kids to Fight, Explore, Enjoy, and Learn!

Games like Animal Jam
By Tapas Pal Updated

Animal Jam is one of the coolest online multiplayer games available on the internet for children and teens to play. Animal Jam was launched in 2010 and already has millions of players. And the number increases day by day. Today we’ve come with a handpicked list of the online games like Animal Jam.

Animal Jam is based on a wonderful place known as Jamaa, which is filled with beautiful environments, different mysteries, games shops and many others. The game also allows it allows players to highly customize their avatars and outfits.

If you’ve already considered that finding the online games like Animal Jam is not possible, this article is going to correct you. We’ve gathered the Animal Jam alternatives that have the same (sometimes even better) gameplay, graphics, and chat options.

Let’s jump to the similar games to Animal Jam.

Topmost Online Games like Animal Jam for Your Kids

Here is the handpicked list of similar games to Animal Jam that’s going to engage the kids and teenagers.


One of the topmost Animal Jam alternatives - Roblox

Launched in 2005, Roblox is a teenager focused game which is based on building worlds in the games or improving and living in the worlds created by other users. The game offers amazing features such as customization of your look and being able to interact with other users in the game.

You can create worlds or partner with another user to create. You can fight, explore, and even destroy the worlds that you create the worlds. Moreover, you can add friends, participate in other groups, attend community events etc.

Lady Popular is one of the best fashion games like Animal Jam

Lady Popular is an obvious choice when it’s about the games like Animal Jam. Lady Popular is a fashion-based competition game where you are in control of the looks of your character denoting a customizable look of your character.

You have to dress your character in the most fashionable way as it will compete with other such characters on the basis of dress, accessories etc. and the most fashionable one wins. Other features of the game include decorating your apartment, finding a boyfriend etc.

Wizard 101 is one of the finest games like Animal Jam

Wizard101 takes place in an imaginary world where the players fight to save the world from the evil. The world is divided into various part and segments which have their own enemies, themes, skill set requirements, etc.

You will be in the character of a wizard in the game which you can choose from the available seven options with their individual skill sets. The skills can be expanded later as you go forward in the game.

Games like Animal Jam - Our World

Our World is one of the finest games like Animal jam where players can explore and play games set in different parts of a virtual world. The game starts with a customization option where you can heavily customize your look, dressing, facial features etc.

Moving on, you will get to play tons of other online games which will help you get more game currency. Those game currencies will help you buy more accessories and other things in the game itself.


Fishao - online games like Fishao

Situated near a lake, Fishao is all set to give you an awesome virtual fishing experience even if you do not like fishing. With tons of different locations to try your luck and a very friendly community, you will definitely enjoy the whole experience.

In order to succeed, you will need to try different rods, baits etc. which will give you quite a knowledge about real life fishing too.

ABCMouse - amazing games like Animal Jam

As the name suggests, ABCMouse Early Learning Academy combines the syllabus of pre-school and kindergarten and presents it in the form of an interactive game. The customization option gives you the control to choose your own teacher and pet – to whom your child may interact better.

Furthermore, you can even select the level of the school as well, like alphabets, numbers, words etc. When the games like Animal Jam are the concerns, ABCMouse appears as an educational alternative.

Games like Animal Jam - Amazing World

Developed for children of age six and above, Amazing World is truly an amazing virtual experience. The game is set in a fantasy world which loaded with a ton of enjoyable fun activities that you can explore.

Shopping, cooking, fishing, hunting etc. are some of the activities that you can do to keep yourself occupied.

One of the best online games like Animal Jam - Poptropica

Designed for teenagers and children of 6 to 15 age group, Poptropica offers a ton of fun element and activities. You get to complete quests, go on missions, explore the world around you and even communicate with the other users/players in the game.

One of the paramount online games like Animal Jam, Poptropica allows you to choose your character which can be fully customized – including facial features, hair, glasses, jackets etc.

The game is one of the safest games present in the industry, it does not let the children put in their real names and have a list of pre-determined phrases to make sure that no abuses or other bad language are used.

Moshi Monsters is one of the best online games like Animal Jam

Moshi Monsters lets you adopt a monster as your virtual pet (which is the dream of many kids). Further, you will be able to customize the breed, looks, color etc. of your pet.

The game is set in the ‘Monstro’ world where the players can play puzzles, explore and even communicate with other users of the game.

You will receive the virtual currencies in the game which can be spent on a number of items like decorating your home, customizing your monster pet etc.

Chit Chat City - Best online games like Animal Jam

The Chit Chat City has one of the largest game contents available in the market. You can build your houses, decorate your pet, and can customize your look in the game.

The biggest feature of this game is that you can make your own props in the game using the 3D printer! Other features include gardening, cooking, fishing, zombie hunting etc.

You’ll require Adobe Flash Player enabled to play this game.


Fantage - Best online games like Animal Jam for Kids

With over 15 million registered users, Fantage is one of the biggest games like Animal Jam. In the game, you can complete quests, participate in events and even interact with others in a safe and sound manner.

The continuous updates by the developers always add on to the number of events which will definitely keep you busy. Although this game is completely free, still you can purchase premium memberships to get access to various premium features.

Games like Animal Jam - Feral Heart

As the name ‘Feral’ suggests, this is one of a kind game that allows you connect with other players or users in the game using an avatar of a lion. It lets you interact with other lions and explore the place together.

Your looks are fully customizable, which can be changed to the level of small intricate details such as the number of whiskers etc. The gameplay is all about making new friends!

Online Games like Animal jam - Secret Builders

Targeting children of the age group 5 to 14 years old, this game is not just for fun. In fact, there’s a ton of educational contents as well. Besides the features like customizing your look, interacting with other players in the game, the players can learn about many historical places which are replicated from the real world.

The children can learn about sciences, arts, and even literature with the help of quizzes and questions which are a part of the game.

Well, guys, this is our list of games like Animal Jam. Hope you guys like the list and we hope that you all will try out every game on the list. This list was prepared after an immense amount of research and studies made in the game.

If you’ve got any suggestion leaving the above 13, feel free to let us know. If our team finds the suggested game well enough, we’ll definitely add it to our list. Till then, happy gaming.