Games like Hearthstone- Best Card Game Ever

card games like hearthstone
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We all loved card games right? But now with the improvement in technology board and card games seems to have vanished from the market. The companies are realizing their importance and are bringing them back in the form of a video card game with no physical touch. Now that is a really big change. Hearthstone is online free to play card kind of game with a twist. The games are based on a card game platform and let you collect or buy new ones. The twist is that the game literally allows you to have a battle between you and your opponent and you can fight with the heroes with special abilities in your thirty card deck and defeat the opponent. The major aim while undertaking a battle is to reduce the opponent’s health to zero and that automatically makes you the winner.

Winnings can let you win in – game gold and other in – game prized using which you can buy other cards with heroes and make your desired team of thirty. This game was developed after its prequel which was a real hit. Hearthstone game series have proved to be successful for the company and they plan to keep upgrading their work and release new such games. Only one drawback of this game is that it gets boring after a few rounds and there is nothing new to do.

That is why we are here to present to you other top card video games like Hearthstone that you can try if you’re bored with this amazing game.

Games like hearthstone for PC

Magic Duels
hearthstone like games

The magic was the first game that was introduced in the 90’s as a card video game which also offered battles etc. But it was launched only for the iPad which limited its virality and was soon out of business. Now after hearthstone hit the roof, magic is back with another game known as magic duels. This game basically works on the same principal but now have much more advanced graphics and user interface.

If you find hearthstone boring then you must try magic duels, you won’t be disappointed.

 Sol Forge
games like hearthstone

Sol Forge has been successful in developing a card video game like no other and has changed some of its important rules. Now the cards are put in a lane and one card creature attacks the one next to it, it does not attack anyone that it like. It has become really important to use some brains and figure out the best lane to play the card to ensure success.

The cards also evolve from time to time and become more powerful, new abilities are also incorporated in many. This game guarantees to keep you occupied and you will never feel bored again.

Battle Hand
Battle Hand

Battle hand adds a whole new level to the already existing battle between the card game companies. The game has successfully combine top class graphics with the card game and lets you defend or attack castles and kingdoms. Both as a defender and an attacker you need to use your cards to defend and attack and you collect new cards as you go on.

In – game coins and currency is also earned which can be redeemed later for buying from the available options like upgrading a particular power or buying a new card etc.

Loot and Legends
Games like Hearthstone

Loot and Legends game has combined card combat with turn based combat and has been really booming. This game is a game is a game within the game you’re playing, meaning that instead of all other such games where there is an exchange of abilities between the enemies to resolve the battle, in this game the game characters pull out cards from the deck that fights with each other.

Card upgrades and in – game prizes are available too. This proves to be a really good getaway from hearthstone or any other card video game for that matter.

Ascension: Chronicle of the God slayer
Games like Hearthstone

This game adds the twist in the card collecting video games, instead of being able to earn cards while playing the game winning battles etc. you can actually buy the cards. Don’t worry they are not available by micro transactions. Playing with the previous cards to gain victory gives you an in – game prize which lets you buy the cards.

Furthermore, you need to defeat the monsters by the characters in your cards to gain honor and the one with the most honor wins the game. There are available rankings where you can see the top player as well as see their cards etc.

Pathfinder Adventures
Games like Hearthstone

Pathfinder Adventure is an off the league card game that provides you the necessary breakthrough from other such games like hearthstone. This game ranges from player one to six and initially, you get promo cards with characters that have some basic skills. As you continue to win you get new upgrades and you can earn many in – game prizes like weapons, cash etc. which you can redeem in the shop section.

The game features a one hundred ten cards game which can be expanded to five hundred cards as you go on. The developers develop and release new updates continuously which adds new powers and twists to the already mind boggling plot.

Lords of Water deep
Games like Hearthstone

This game is the video game version of the famous German board game Lords of water deep. The game is set in the mythical city of ‘forgotten realms’ and gives you chances to become the unmasked ruler of the city. With the use of dragons and other creatures you have to complete your quests and can even disturb your opponent like steal their resources etc.

The one with the most number of points (which you get by completing the quests) wins and becomes the actual ruler of the city.

This was our list of top card games like hearthstone. If you have any suggestions to add to the list please let us know in the comment section below and we will definitely take a look at them. Also, let us know more similar games. And as always we will be more than happy to solve your doubts and queries.