Games Like Second Life to Explore 3D Virtual Worlds Free of Cost

Games like Second Life
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A precisely prepared collection of games like Second Life can be found in this article. The games featured in this article bring you the best 3D virtual worlds in which you can play games, create content and be social.

Second Life is one of the games which have a client-base focused on virtual worlds. Launched in 2003, the game created big tides in the social interaction and marketing trends of online games.

The game was designed for the audience above the age of 16 and has unique features. One of them is that a user can retain rights for the content he has created, and sell them!

The games listed below by us are the games which are similar to Second Life and offer social interactions, content creation, and much more. This list is prepared by our expert team and includes only the safe games. All of these games are free and doesn’t require any of your personal information.

Online Games Like Second Life: Pick the Best Game from the List

Planet Calypso - Games like Second Life
Image Courtesy: Planet Calypso

The game Planet Calypso is based on the theme of hunting monsters, exploring the world and earning real-life cash out of the virtual world. The currency exchange rate is fixed at 10:1 USD.

You earn the game currency by completing adventure task and quests that the game has to offer and later convert it to real-world money. You can also invest the earned money back in the game to purchase the premium features, memberships etc.


Games like Second Life - IMVU
Image Courtesy: IMVU

IMVU is a social-interaction based game which encourages the people to interact with other users or players of the game. You can create and customize your own avatars, choose from thousands of online people to interact with and can even create your favorite objects and things.

The game ensures that no offensive term or lewd lines are used as it aims at providing this experience in the safest way possible to the public. Containing its own marketplace is another USP of IMVU. You can purchase the items of other players or sell your own items in the IMVU marketplace.

Free online games like Second Life - Mabinogi
Image Courtesy: Mabination

Mabinogi enables you to create a virtual anime life character in the game which is a mine of content, quests, and opportunities. Once you choose your character from the available options, you are all set to explore the game world and complete quests which are randomly placed throughout.

The huge content base, adventurous quests and in-game thrills of Mabinogi make it one of the best games like Second Life. And that’s the reason it has secured its place in our handpicked list.

Winning Putt - Online free games like Second Life
Image Courtesy: F2P

As the name suggests, Winning Putt is based on Golf but has a twist to it which makes the game really interesting. Winning Putt combines both the game as well as social interaction in one place.

You can choose from the 18-hole golf course games and play the game just like real golf. The social part comes in at the club where the players regularly hang out with each other. It proves to be a really good game where you can polish both your golf skills and interacting skills.

Alternatives to Second Life - Chit Chat City
Image Courtesy: ChitChat City

When talking about the games like Second Life, Chit Chat City comes to the scene effortlessly. Chit chat city is an ever-increasing virtual world which has tons of features and things to offer to the public like creating their own houses, interacting with other players of the game and keeping a pet etc.

You can fully customize your look, your pet’s look, house decorations and many more. The best feature about the game is that it lets the users create their favorite item in the virtual game world using the 3D designing technology that the game offers.

Club Cooee - Alternatives to Second life
Image Courtesy: Club Cooee

Club Cooee is quite similar to many other games in this genre, you can chat with the thousands of users online, design your own chat rooms and customize your look several times.

The game’s chat feature isn’t just limited to the text format, you can also share pictures and videos with your virtual friend. Decorating your house or your chat room are some common activities which can be done when you are not interacting with anyone. You can also buy Cooee points to get some amazing new customization options.

Second Life Alternatives - Onverse
Image Courtesy: Virtual Worlds for Teen

Onverse has a striking resemblance to other games in this segment. The game offers you vast virtual locations to explore in the game such as private islands, temples, vast landscapes and many others.

When you get bored of the exploring part, you can opt for other features of the game like shopping, cooking, playing games and interacting with other players. All these variations of Onverse make it one of the must-have games like Second Life.

Best Games like Second Life - Active Worlds
Image Courtesy: Virtual Worlds for Teen

The majority of the time in the game Active Worlds is spent on the building context of the game. Like several other games in the genre such as IMVU and Chit Chat City, you can create and build your favorite material or thing from ready-made objects in the game.

Other features of Active Words include exploring a vast 3D virtual world, interacting with other players in the game, browsing the web and much more. There’s no way you can ignore Active Words as a replacement for Second Life.

Avakin Life - Best games like Second Life
Image Courtesy: Avakin Life

Avakin Life gives you an opportunity to start your own virtual life from its application or the desktop version. You can completely customize your looks, interact with many other users online at great social locations such as coffee houses, parties etc.

You can attend parties and even host one in the game. The game is majorly spread in three segments, namely, socializing, clothing and housing. Socializing refers to interacting with the users. Clothing refers to customizing your looks and housing refers to decorating your house.


Games similar to Second Life - Kaneva
Image Courtesy: Kaneva

Basically, Kaneva is a casino game. Unlike many other available games like Second Life where you interact with other players online, Kaneva lets you invite your own contact list and friends to join you in your virtual world and explore the city together.

After downloading the game, you will be able to customize your look and get a tutorial which will teach you the interface and shortcuts of the game. You can access the game to its full potential by paying a small membership fee which gives you access to all items in the City Mall.


Twinity - games similar to Second Life
Image Courtesy: Twinity

Initially developed to replicate the actual cities of New York, San Francisco, and many others, Twinity has lately developed its own fantasy worlds where the players are able to interact with other users, shop in the markets and even visit clubs to hang out.

You will be given tasks and quests and will get credits after the completion which can be spent on a ton of activities in the game as stated above. You can even upload your photo and then customize your looks!


GoJiyo - Top games like Second Life
Image Courtesy: GoJiyo Website

GoJiyo has a perfect blend of social interaction and explorations. The game lets you explore all the beautiful cities and locations that it has to offer. You can meet new people or players, customize your avatar and many other things.

Locations of GoJiyo include nightclubs, urban cities, old cities, and underwater cities. Plus, it can complete quests to earn the game currency. Overall the game packs a ton of features that will keep you busy for a long time.


Smeet - Games like Second Life
Image Courtesy: Smeet Wallpaper

Smeet is very similar to the other games which focus on social interaction more than any other aspect of the game. You can use this game as a place to meet new people.

The feature that makes it different from the other games like Second Life is that you do not need to download this game, simply register your account and access the game through their website. To keep the game safe for interactions, the game divides the chats into different age groups that are younger and older kids.

SocioTown - Second Life Alternatives
Image Courtesy: SocioTown

As the name suggests, SocioTown is a town based social-interactive game that lets you interact with other players in the game, explore the endless virtual world and perform activities that the game has to offer.

The game adds a unique feature that allows you to develop your character in the game by adding the people in your environment, or with whom you hang out etc. This will move you up in the social order and will also add to your experience.

The more experience you get, you’ll be able to access the higher level of the game which has more rewards and incentives for quests and competitions. Plus, your character will grow at a faster pace. Activities in the game include shopping, sailing, boxing, riding a scooter, bug catching and many others.

Well, there you go. That was our list of games like Second Life for you guys. Comment your thoughts and suggestions about this article in the comments section below. If you know more games similar to Second Life, then mention them in the comments section below. Our team will review it and add them to the list. Till then, happy gaming.