12 Games Like Skyrim You Must Try

Games Like Skyrim You Must Try
By Suman Ghosal Updated

You are an open world game lover, right?  And you have played The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim for a year then you know how incredible it can be to explore a massive world cover with various missions and opportunities. Now we all know about the exact beauty of open world games like Skyrim which is one of the best game ever made by UBISOFT. It`s really amazing with its graphics and a lot of unknown quests. Now if you feel a little bit bored with the game because over a year and your astonishment is about to die right now, and you really want to play more “WOW”  games like Skyrim, you are in right place. Today we discuss the absolutely same things and bring you 12 best games like Skyrim. Which finally make you more surprise.

So now we go through some of more attractive and action games one by one,

Games Like Skyrim

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of  Mordor

Games Like Skyrim

It is an Open-World, Action-Adventure game with the amazing story of The lord of the ring which surely increases your open world fantasy. If you are the big fan of Assassins Creed then you must play that game. Even if you have a little bit interest about action games you should still pick this one.

The game is available on STEAM, Xbox, PlayStation, and works on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac OS, Linux which allows you to explore the whole world of LOTR and fight the evil force of Sauron. You play as a warden whose family was killed by Sauron and his forces. You can find that gangster rise through ranks of the evil as you kill off his bosses one by one until finally, he is sitting high and massive at the top of the resources, you jump him up and cut him down like the bad dog of your locality.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Games Like Skyrim

Wild Hunt is the one of the best role-playing game in action and adventure mode. This is one of the massive open world fantasy game 20 times larger than Skyrim in its world map and provides you combat system like Dark Soul.

The Witcher 3 (games like Skyrim) is the most complex game over the open world fantasy games, available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Window

The game has acknowledged several awards for its immersive gameplay and the amazing storyline.The details environment, many bullet points, dynamic combat system, fluid beard growth and the amazing interaction makes the game world-class.

And one of the fairy-tale moments to play the game is the hero making a sweet love to a suffered Unicorn, yes its really make you relax in between two hard-core combat. So it’s a must have for all the open world fantasy fan.

The dark soul 3

The dark soul 3

If you are the biggest fan of open world fantasy games then one of the best options for you to rush your adrenaline is The dark soul 3.  The game available on Xbox one, windows, and PS4, Is a  combat mechanics is superficially a bit difficult and hence serves as one among the major reasons, for its popularity, just  imagine the world is full of ominous things  and at the edge of  apocalypse and it is your responsibility to  overcome the sinister and put an end to the conflict between the Light and Dark .

The key point of the game is well-furnished combat system, character customization, terminal weapons, developing points,  new weapons art like as Lord of the Ring etc. are the evident features that are properly presented in the game and makes it more unique in the open world fantasy.

The game director and the dark soul series creator Hidetaka  Miyazaki said he wanted to make the game’s knights — a terrifying foe in the early hours of Demon’s Souls — more powerful. It looks like he has succeeded.

And you must have a look at the game and try to overcome the ominous to makes the light of world`s fantasy rule over the Gloom.

Assassin’s Creed Identity

assassin’s creed identity

From the commencement of the open world fantasy gaming era the best-selling game made by  Ubisoft over the earth, may be over the universe is The Assassin`s Creed. It`s truly the game like Skyrim, sometimes it`s considered such as far better than the Skyrim.The game comes to you with a set of flavor and Assassin creed is the one of the best of them. The game running out with platforms IOS and Android which is also available on App Store developed by Blue Byte.

The game based on an Italian environment where you have to follow a brilliant storyline to finish your mission and be the man beyond the truth. There are more than a few types of mission to do that makes you feel you are in a real open world fantasy. One of the best features of this game is you can customize your own assassin and with the enjoyable graphics provided by Ubisoft, your hero becomes unalterable.The game lets you discover the Italian Revitalization era. You will be asked to expose the main mystery and yes ! you get to unlock Exclusive Ezio and Aguilar outfits too.

The game comes with a dynamic combat system, exclusively well-developed weapons era, superfluid outside objectives that make this game very remarkable. So, if you are a die-heart fan of Assassin series and badly wants to find a game just like Skyrim, then you, without question, will try this game.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

One of the popular open-world fantasy game gifted by Capcom is Dragon Dogma. The game like Skyrim,  it’s also a role-playing adventurous action game which gives one of most in-depth character creations in Video games. so you can customize your hero which makes a difference in their ability to finished their mission, it may be large who can carry more but his stamina drains fast, and for a smaller one it can fit through little space but can be knocked out by bigger and more stronger enemies.

The best feature of this game is you can climb enemy bosses, and attack them which is very rear to find in several games like Skyrim.hroughout this game, you should follow the footprints of a character named as Arisen and save the world fighting beasts and demons and the Dragon until you find the truth of light.

This game comes with the platforms PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows which offers you a special combat system, dynamic world, and many new concepts, unlike the other open-world games. If you are a true dragon battle lover, then Dragon Dogma is the best gaming application for you.

Shadow Of War

shadow of war

If you ask for the best Skyrim like a game in the fantasy gaming world, one among the best options is Shadow of war.The game runs on the platforms PS4, Xbox One, and Windows and it’s also an open-world adventures actions games based on the story of  Tolkien’s epic fantasy series, Lord Of The Rings.

One of the best features of this game among all the open-world gaming is its Nemesis system which allows the NPCs particularly the evil to adjust to the environments and dynamically attack the player based on past capabilities. When you drop the chief of a squad, someone else will take the stand and face you later on.

Shadow of War received nominations for E3 2017`s  “Best of Show”, “Best Console Game”, “Best PC Game” and “Best Action and Adventure Game. So if you really want some Skyrim like a game, it’s time to install the Shadow of war.

Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition

One of the best adrenalin rush game like Skyrim in open world fantasy gaming platform is Dragon Age Inquisition.The game from Mass Effect Series developed by the well-known Electronics Arts comes with the platform PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows with the traditional third-person top-down view, which is restored as a substitute to the very same installment. It is a fully fleshed out game world with romance effect in the third terms Inquisition, and it`s really popular in the fairy-tails world of games.

The latest combat style, fluid and dynamic world, and a lot of new additions to an open world gaming platform make the Dragoon Age irreplaceable. If you there is a dragon fight in your blood, you must try this game.

Fallout 4

fallout 4

You cannot have a list of an action game like Skyrim without concluding  The Fallout 4. The game developed by Bethesda  Game Studio runs with the platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft windows. The game starts with a nice family story where you stay with your wife(or husband ) and your children in a retro futuristic house, soon after this opening, a nuclear war would be started. Now there are a lot of hidden mystery in front of you to protect your family, while the main story will take you into a lot of new location full off with an exceptional mission. Setting up statement, role-playing, hunting some beast with a fully developed weapons, dynamic combat system and many other options makes this game incomparable. You must have a journey with Fallout 4

Divinity II

Divinity II

Imagine that what happen if your warrior has the ability to switch between man and dragon ?! Yes, this is the best feature given by Divinity II. This game perfectly works on the platform Xbox 360, Windows and it is an action RPG game which changes utmost of the Diablo or Wow inspires gameplay of the original into an open world Elder Scrolls series style familiarity. Solving puzzles, completing quests, and whipping enemies awards you more experience. The more you grow, the better you can improve your character. This game offered you to necromancy magic charm to bid a monster to fight together with you, create your locus for a different outcome, and much more.

It is a cosmic world full of NPCs proposing Missions and you can explore the universe completing the missions and grossing respect at the same time. With a fresh combat system, dynamic weapons and other up-to-date features, this game earned a huge success in modern open world gaming sector. If you are a true fantasy game lover, you must try this game, and it never makes you numb.

Age of Conan

age of conan

One of the best massively multiplayer online role-playing game for the windows platform is Age of Conan. These games deal with the biggest maps that you can explore and missions that are exciting. Like Skyrim, this game is based on a Novel with an excellent story line which offers you an impressive visual and voice acting. The game is more like a WoW game where you choose your character, you can customize your hero in a unique class and embark on an existing.

There are plenty of interactions and missions along the storyline that help you improve your character and give it more supremacy and abilities over time. The attractive combat system, free to play features, fluid voice and visual attacking style make this game like a legend of open world action gaming zone.

Risen 3

risen 3

Remember the action of Skyrim?  the day you failed to whip out all of your enemies? the best storyline ever you were seen? so it`s time to rise to the glory that waits for you in this incredible action adventure game. Be prepared to face off against the most powerful enemies the world has ever known. Your customized character is the only hope for mortality who can save them from an overwhelming end. Get ready to show the monsters that you are not an average human and you can even defeat even the most powerful evil in combat. Unique storyline, lot of skills, profession and abilities, good difficulty but not too much, lot of different environments keep you wanting to push on the game.

You can level up your character with extra skills and abilities which you will aid you in the combat against the monster. Risen lets you take a number of roles allowing you to combat with the arms you chose, your skills are slowly cracked throughout the game as you level up with some having mirror visual effect that adds a nice touch to the game play. So, if you are a real Skyrim lover, then Risen will make your gameplay experience even better.



Elex is an upcoming feudal Sci-fi RPG, published by Piranha Bytes developed by Nordic games working with the platform PS4, Xbox One, Windows. This is a total science fantasy, post –apocalyptic, action plus adventure RPG which is a new element with incredible powers to save the land in different ways. The storyline of the game is developed on the base of a planet named Megalan, which is badly affected by new evil spice. One day your character, named ELEX discovered a new environment, and suddenly it’s turned out to be of great use of power machine.

It comes with a massive collection of future weapons and a with audio-visual dynamic combat system where you play as a protagonist belonging to a fraction of your choice, and in the end, it`s exclusively up to you to decide the destiny of mankind. So, it`s time to provoke yourself up to play one of the best Skyrim like the game yet to be on the rampage.

So, this was our list of the top 12 games like Skyrim. Please put down your suggestions about the same and let us know about it in the comment box below and we will add them in this series.