Games Like Wizard101: Check Out the Best Interactive Games for Your Kids

Games like Wizard101 - Wizard101 alternatives
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This article features a list of games like Wizard101. Prepared by our gaming experts, this collection of alternatives to Wizard101 features multiplayer online role-playing games which are designed for children and teenagers.

Wizard101 is one of the most popular and viral online games for children. The game lets players create their own character in a virtual world of wizardry. Wizard101 offers cool features to its players which is also safe and apt for gamers from all age groups.

In Wizard101 every player can learn spells, complete tasks, wander around, take part in combats and a lot more. The game is really popular among children and teenagers due to its simplicity and good graphics. Wizard101 has a lot of fans and still persist on the market.

The listed games similar to Wizard101 offer the same features and are completely free. These games don’t require any of your personal information and are safe for everyone. Let’s take a quick tour of the replacements for Wizard101.

Games Like Wizard101: Handpicked Free Online Games for Children

Pirate101 - Games like Wizard101
Image courtesy: Frostcaller

Any list comprising the games like Wizard101 will seamlessly include Pirate101 in the list. Pirate101 massively draws its inspiration from Wizard101 which can be seen throughout the game. It has various similar features, such as a huge world to explore, choosing from different classes and battling out with friends for fun etc.

All the different worlds that the game has to offer are connected with storm gates. And the player is encouraged to explore each of them as they have different quests, enemies, and loot opportunities. Furthermore, instead of using seaways, the players can use the skyways or wind lanes to travel through the game.


Games like Wizard101 - Roblox
Image Courtesy: Roblox

Roblox is definitely a unique approach to this genre of games. The game welcomes all the users who want to be social with other players. Moreover, Roblox adds new worlds by building them for the players. The game is quite worth choice when it comes to the alternatives to a popular game like Wizard101.

You can either visit and explore your own world or visit the tons of virtual worlds created by other users. Regular updates and holiday season decorations really add a good vibe to the whole game keeping it away from being monotonous for the players.

Adventure Quest Worlds - Similar game to Wizard101
Image Courtesy: Adventure Quest Worlds

Adventure Quest Worlds or AQ Worlds is quite similar to its previous version Adventure Quest. The only difference is: this game takes place in a persistent world rather than simply focussing on just single player experience which is quite amusing for a game like Wizard101.

You can select your class from the four options that the game has to offer. Each of them has its own skills which can be polished and enhanced as you move on into the game. Because of its very large fan base, it is quite possible to witness thousands of players online at the same time which gives you a better chance to interact and assist a few.

Similar Game to Wizard101 - Runescape
Image Courtesy: Runescape

Runescape is one of the oldest and most famous games in this genre which has kept its loyalty alive by constant updates that keep the game fresh and new. Set in the fantasy world of Gielinor, the game has various locations and environments for the players to explore: each with different quests and monsters to offer.

Runescape is one of the worthiest games like Wizard101, and it starts with a tutorial that familiarizes the players with the basic features and controls of the game. In a nutshell, it gives the player a ton of freedom to perform whatever he/she wants in the game. You can go on quests, explore the world, and indulge in combats and what not.


Games close to Wizard101 - Koyotl
Image Courtesy: Koyotl

Similar to the theme of other games in the genre, Koyotl’s background involves the fights and battles between the good and the evil. The awe-inspiring story and gameplay of the game make it a reliable substitution of Wizard101.

The players are the hero of the game that is on the good side, and will need to stop the evil Koyotl from taking over the six essential elements that are necessary to keep the world running. You will be able to choose from the six available races at the beginning of the game each having their own skill set.


Games like Wizard101 - Dofus
Image Courtesy: Dofus

Initially launched in France, Dofus has found its way to being global owing to its loyal and ever-increasing fan base. This increasing popularity of Dofus puts it into the list of the top games like Wizard101.

The players can choose their character and fully customize it to their liking, the next step is to complete the quests and tasks that are provided at various segments of the game while you explore the virtual world. The best part about this free game is that its developers really care about the people and regularly update the game with new and awesome content.


Games like Wizard101 - Trove
Image Courtesy: Trove

Trove brings back the sandbox gaming experience into this genre. In this game, you will be able to select your class from the dozens of available classes; make friendship and companionship with other users of the game. Moreover, you can explore the dungeons in the city which have various quests and lots to offer on completion: you will get various prizes and rewards.

Thus, the Wizard101 players can easily find their destination in Trove with these breath-taking features and offerings of the game. Nothing can be better than a combination of sandbox gaming and social interactive gaming, right?

Wizard101 Alternative - Amazing World
Image Courtesy: Amazing World

If you’re one of the individuals who are in love with the outcome Wizard101 provides, and looking for the games like Wizard101 that can offer the similar sort of value, Amazing World is the best choice you can ever have.

The game begins with you selecting an avatar for yourself from the available three options of a cow, a bear, and a rabbit. After the selection, you go through a detailed tutorial which helps you explore the virtual world and leaves you in a small-town Spring Bay where you can perform various other activities like cooking, mining, fishing, hunting etc.

Spiral Knights - Wizard101 Alternative
Image Courtesy: Spiral Knights

As the name suggests, Spiral Knights is a combat game where the player is a knight who is situated in the planet Cradle. You have a ton of things to do like explore the dungeons which will give you quests to complete.

You need to defeat the enemies of the planet who will randomly pop out with plenty of destructive weapons, solve puzzles and can even defeat the bosses in various combats. By completing the quests, the players can upgrade their armor easily to defend themselves in a better way. These are the factors that turn out to be the reason Spiral Knights is considered as one of the best games like Wizard101

Wizard101 alternative - Hero Smash
Image Courtesy: Devian Art

Hero Smash is a really good Wizard101 alternative and amazing superhero game that is a dream come true for all the game lover kids. The game lets you create your own superhero and give him the powers that you like from the available options!

Furthermore, you can explore the virtual world if you’re willing to, and complete various quests in the game that have many remunerations and trophies. With every completed quest, you rise to a new level which has new skill sets and experience to offer.

Alternatives to Wizard101 - Drakensang Online
Image Courtesy: Drakensang Online

Setup in the medial world theme, Drakensang Online is all set to provide you the feel of a real fighter. In the game, the monsters invade your city and the price mysteriously disappears, now it’s in the hands of the public to save the city.

You can choose from the available classes (Knight, Mage, Ranger etc.) and lead the people to fight the monsters to get back your city. This excitement and adventure takes Drakensang to another level and makes it one of the best alternatives to Wizard101.

Games like Wizard101 - Twin Saga
Image Courtesy; MMOsite

The game similar to Wizard101 has a pretty simple game theme and idea. The players are at their will to customize their looks however they want, and can even swap between the characters during playing Twin Saga.

You can choose from the 10 available classes in the beginning (which can be changed later) that have their own respective skill sets, and perform quests and tasks in order to earn the game currency. Crafting, fishing, farming, and gathering resources are the other activities that players can perform.

Epic Duel - Games like Wizard101
Image Courtesy: Atrix

As one can assume from the name, Epic Duel is a combat game close to Wizard101 that lets the players do a ton of things like entering into fights, chatting with other players and even customizing their looks.

You can choose from different classes available, and change them as you require in the game at your comfortable timing. Although the game is very similar to other games developed by Artix Entertainment, Epic Duel is set in a futuristic setting and focuses more on the duel rather than other aspects of the game.

Well, that was our collection of games like Wizard101. We hope that this article was informative and helpful for you guys. We also believe that you guys will try out each of these games and review them truthfully. Mention your favorite game from the above list and why you love it the most.

Also, write down your queries and suggestions on this article in the comments section below. Mention similar games which should be on this list and we will add them as soon as possible.