14 Compelling Games like World of Warcraft to Rescue the Worlds

Compelling Games like World of Warcraft to Play in 2018
By Tapas Pal Updated

Whether you are a computer nerd or game maniac, sooner or later you may have played World of Warcraft or wished to get World of Warcraft wallpaper for your PC. Yes, that’s the craze WOW has earned over time. This time we are here for you with an awesome list of both paid and free games like World of Warcraft in case you want to find other World of Warcraft alternatives.

World of Warcraft is one of the games which features the best MMORPG’s genre available. The game allows players to create their own character to interact with the characters and objects in the game even before the player starts the real adventures. World of Warcraft is also known as the game which sets standards for other games due to its high-end graphics and regular updates and a huge number of players. World of Warcraft lets its players create highly customizable and editable character which can easily evolve, change and adapt to the player’s style quickly which makes it stay unique and better.

Top Games like World of Warcraft

This list was prepared by our gaming experts who are great fans of World of Warcraft and have been playing it for a long time. This list features the games like World of Warcraft which is both free and paid. This list also includes the games for Android, iOS, and other online alternatives. Make sure that you have a proper internet connection before you try to download or play the game. All games on this list are verified by us and found authentic. Go through the whole list before you start trying because the one you might like maybe being listed last. Choices are variable, right?

  1. ArcheAge

ArcheAge - Games like World of Warcraft

Set in the fantasy world of its own, ArcheAge is an MMO game that comes around without much of innovation and creativity. The major objective of the game is to let the worlds change freely while letting you pursue your own path of progress. You can fully customize your look, facial shape and features and even the skill set and get unique traits. So, it won’t be wrong to name ArcheAge as one of the best games like World of Warcraft considering their similarities.

  1. Rift

Games like World of Warcraft - Rift

There exists a close competition to be the best MMO game between Worlds of Warcraft and Rift. Set in the imaginary world of Telara is a place where the six elemental planets intersect with each other (earth, fire, air, water, life, and death). The rifts are the world forms that can randomly open up any of the six elements in the world which are needed to be closed down by the players. If the players do not act fast then they may land up in heavily populated areas in the game filled with enemies. Thus, the close competition can place Rift as one of the worthiest World of Warcraft alternatives.

  1. Planet Calypso

World of Warcraft Alternatives - Planet Calypso

Planet Calypso is a unique MMO game that is closely related to real-life money enabling the gamers to profit virtually. The game’s basic idea is to hunt monsters in any avatar that they like which are fully customizable. The game’s currency (Project Entropia Dollars) has a conversion ratio of 10:1 for US Dollar (pretty sweet, right?) So, how do you like Planet Calypso as one of the major games like World of Warcraft?

  1. Revelation Online

Revelation Online - Games like World of Warcraft

Revelation Online is all set to give you a really good MMO gaming experience with the help of seamlessly connected worlds, six detailed classes, and your chosen control system. The very first decision of the game is to select the class and the players from the available lot, according to the skills that you may want. After selecting the players, controls, environments, etc. you are all set to fight in battlegrounds, hunt monsters and conquer territories. All these facilities and features of Revelation Online remind us of the game whenever we need the World of Warcraft alternatives.

  1. Fiesta Online

World of Warcraft alternatives - Fiesta Online

Looking for the games like World of Warcraft? Give Fiesta Online a thought. Having an anime feel for the gameplay, Fiesta Online has stayed on the top since its beginning in 2007. The game packs a ton of features like 6 different classes, the different players with amazing skill sets, monster cards to kill enemies, plenty of PvP choice etc. The players can come together and form guilds and use them to win battles and territories.

  1. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 - Games like World of Warcraft

Released in 2013, GW2 sold its initial 3 million paid copies as soon as it made an entry into the MMORPG game world, no doubt it’s one of the biggest competitors among World of Warcraft alternatives. Although it became free to play in late 2015, the updates and special powers were still kept paid. The game offers a number of races and professions for the players to explore involving fights and battles. Overall the game continuously evolves with the situation which adds a really good playing environment.

  1. Star Trek Online

Alternatives to World of Warcraft - Star Trek Online

Set in the Star Trek Universe, Star Trek Online offers a bunch of brilliant features for the players to view and experience. Initially, the game was launched a paid but later was made available for free. The game takes place in the year 2049, and the player is let into the space surrounding in a galaxy that is at war. Players recognize many characters, ships, and locations, etc. which add to the fun. Since even many of the non-gamers have familiarity with the name Star Trek, Star Trek Online seems to be one of the finest games like World of Warcraft.

  1. Champions Online

Games like World of Warcraft - Champions Online

As the name suggests, the Champion’s Online game is based on a hero figure that can be fully customized with all the powers and skills according to your will. You can complete your ‘being a hero’ dream in this game. There is a good balance between explorations and violence-fighting. You can also test your heroes with other players before launching them in the game (isn’t that awesome?)

  1. TERA

World of Warcraft Alternatives - TERA

TERA is a 3D game settled in a fantasy world which is based on combat and action sequences and battles. In 2013, TERA online changed its name to TERA rising and adopted a freemium model, like all other MMO games. The major difference between this game and the others is that you have to target your enemies while dodging attacks by other enemies too, which is not too common in other games where you have to select the enemies to attack you. So, what about an uncommon option among the games like World of Warcraft?

  1. Swordsman Online

Games like World of Warcraft - Swordsman Online

When searching for the best alternatives to World of Warcraft, Swordsman Online makes to the list quite effortlessly. Based on a really popular novel: The Smiling, Proud Wanderer, this game gives an amazing martial art based experience with fast-paced actions and interactions which the people cannot afford to miss. As soon as the game starts, you will be wandering as a lone hero that is set on a mission to avenge your village from the master using martial arts techniques like punching, kicks etc. which have a very real feel to it.

  1. NeverWinter

NeverWinter - Alternatives to World of Warcraft

If you are the one who wants fast and responsive games like World of Warcraft and MMO gaming experience, then this game is the one. NeverWinter lets you have a first-person RPG experience by letting you step in the shoes of any one of the available 5 classes which have been developed from the Dragon and the Dungeon franchise. Equipped with amazing worlds and quests, ranging from simple fetch to more complex storylines, this game has it all. You need to try it out to know better.

  1. Forsaken World

Forsaken World - Games like World of Warcraft

The Forsaken World is a 3D MMORPG game that provides both casual as well as hard-core players a platform to play the same game. Packing a ton of unique and amazing features like floating fortresses, awesome mapping skills, guides for fighting and much more. The game provides a ton of interesting quests that is destined to keep the players occupied. These remarkable features of Forsaken World keep the game in the list of the best World of Warcraft alternatives.

  1. Perfect World

World of War Alternatives - Perfect World

Initially launched in the Asian market, Perfect world son found its way to the international market and changed its name to Perfect World International. The players can select any one of the five available classes which have their own customization looks, skills etc. The game takes a great amount of inspiration from the Chinese mythology which has a greater focus on the character.

  1. Royal Quest

Games like World of Warcraft - Royal Quest

Royal quest is an amazing MMO game which has a ton of new features as compared to the previous ones. And that made the game one of the rightful entrees among the World of Warcraft alternatives. Exploring new locations, new skill sets, new classes, dungeons etc. while you slay tons and tons of monsters and complete thousands of interesting quests both short and complex ones. The players can easily crack their enemy’s strategies and use it as their strength to defeat them.

There you go! That was our list of the best alternatives for games like World of Warcraft. We hope that this list will become really helpful for you guys. We believe that you’ve tried all of the games listed above. If you know any game like World of Warcraft and still didn’t see it on the list, let us know about it in the comments section below. We would review it and add it instantly. Also, share this list with your friends and on your Social Media so that it would help them, as well as help us grow.