Tips to Select Good Email Names For Personal Email Address

good email names
By Tapas Pal Updated

Your personal email address can reveal a lot about you. Your email may represent your personality. It can influence your future career, your contacts, and businesses.

Good email names are the ones which are short, easy to memorize and has your name in it. Remember, you are going to use that email address for years. Your email address may undo all your hard work if it is awful. Be careful while choosing the good email names for a personal email address. Some suggestions are given below:

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Good Email Names For Personal Email Address

Service Providers

As of now, many email service providers (ESP) free and excellent support services. Some of the popular ESP are Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Rediffmail.

You can create the account on any of these ESPs and choose the one which suits you most depending upon their user interface and services.

Choose a good email name

Try to create and email id of your name. However, if your name is common, it may be difficult for you to get email address in your full name. Here’s an example:

Say your name is Ram Prasad, you can try If  this email id is not available then you will have to try different combinations like, or else.

Do’s and Don’ts for an email address

Never choose the name which can embarrass you later.

  1. Some people get creative while selecting their names. People tend to add prefix and suffix like cool guy, love.killer, bro_hot, angel.lonely etc. to their email address. Please do not use these words. Such email address can embarrass you later.
  2. Avoid adding the date of birth, year or age to your email address. Don’t create names such as ram1998 or ram23. One day that particular year will pass and Ram will be older than 23. Choose numbers only when you are not getting the email id in your name.
  3. Your email address represents all about you. Never use the name of you girlfriend, boyfriend or any one in your email id.
  4. Don’t share an email address with your life partner or friends. I have seen some friends sharing a common email id. This represents that you don’t have a separate identity, no computer skills and you are too weak to manage your separate email address.
  5. Try to avoid the surname in your email id if you are from the backgrounds where surname changes after marriage. In this case, use your name only.
  6. Don’t use modified spellings. Many people try to use short versions of the words like consltnt for consultant, estteof for estate office. It makes people think that either you don’t know the spelling or you created your email address in desperation.

So, take a little time to think how your email address looks from a recipient point of view and how it can alter your professional image.

You can convey your image according to the email id you choose. Pick it wisely!