Google AdSense Alternatives – Ensure an Increased Earning through the Blogs!

Google AdSense Alternatives
By Abhirup Ghosh Updated

When it comes to website monetization, plenty of bloggers and website owners eye on the Google Adsense since displaying advertisement on the blog is one of the best ways to earn money online via blogging. Saying that you will also discover a mammoth amount of searches regarding AdSense alternatives! Why this?

Bloggers often face difficulties with Google AdSense while signing up or during approval. You can find hundreds of different blogs written on the same topic based on the alternatives to AdSense but individuals hardly find those reliable enough due to the lack of information! I am going to essay the nuts and bolts of Google AdSense and its alternatives with all the required information you need. The decision is up to you.

What is Google Adsense?

Not all of us are acquainted with online marketing, thus some may have just heard the term and unfamiliar with the in-depth meaning or its applications! Adsense is a product from Google that permits us to display contextual advertisement on our blogs. Supposedly, if you write a blog about wedding flower decoration, you may see ads related to flowers. Considerably, this is one of the best ad networks obtainable for a website. Bloggers are earning thousands of dollars through this product from Google!

Which types of Adsense ads are provided by Google?

  • Texts: Comes with ad unit (single offer) or a link unit (list of offers). You can customize the color of the texts, links, and box according to your site’s
  • Images: These graphical ads appear in various sizes. You can choose a mixed option comprising both image and text.
  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Flashes
  • A search Box: Adsense provides you with a search box. When a user conducts a search regarding a term, a search result page appears with AdSense advertisements. You can customize the color scheme of the search box.

What are the troubles I may face with Google AdSense?

  1. Clicking your own ads is strictly prohibited. If you click it mistakenly as well, Google will be harsh on you to ban your site.
  2. Google has strict terms and conditions of the content of your site. If your content does not match their policies or standard, you are not eligible.
  3. The least mistake during signing up can ruin your dream of earning money like I have mentioned earlier.

These are the reasons people more often invest their time looking for the AdSense alternatives to earn benefits through their blogs. After receiving a disheartening mail saying, “Your Google Adsense account has been disabled or temporarily banned”, it’s not easy to cope up with other activities. But remember, you are not alone! Google AdSense Program is banning thousands of accounts on a daily basis keeping hundreds of parameters in mind.

Instead of blaming Google or losing all the hopes, you should stand strong and take the challenge since there are people who have been rejected multiple times by Google but earning exceptionally well at the moment through some alternatives.

What are the best Google AdSense alternatives?

You may play a blame game but the majority will vote Google Adsense for being the best ad network. But there are ad networks that can still hold your back and encourage you through good payment. They may not be better than AdSense but depending on your blog niche and site’s traffic, some of them can give you a better outcome in terms of earning. Warning! You may not find every alternative to be contextual like AdSense. Let’s find out the best alternatives to Google AdSense.


Media.Net - Google AdSense alternatives

If you search for the best alternative to Google AdSense, Media.Net will top the list undoubtedly. Media.Net is an industry leading Technology Company that deals with developing top-notch advertisements for advertisers and publishers. The contextual ad network is operated by Yahoo and Bing. Nonetheless, it has a similar touch like Google AdSense with similar ads offered with customized ad units that can easily fit your website theme. So, a quality blog is synonymous with the earnings via Media.Net.


  • Similar contextual ads like Google
  • An average time of 2 days for account approval
  • Offers extra 10% on earnings for first 3 months

Payment Procedure:

  • Publishers get paid on a net 30 basis
  • $100 is the amount of payment threshold
  • Payment is transferred via wire transfer or Paypal

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INFOLINKS - Google AdSense Alternatives

Slightly different from the other advertising networks, Infolinks does not require much space on your website or blog. Their InText option takes your existing content and inserts text ads on the appropriate position of the page. When your visitors hover the mouse on the ad, it shows a pop-up. They offer 4 types of ads namely, InFold, InFrame, InTag, InText. But InText and InFrame are the most popular and highly applied. It doesn’t offer contextual ads like AdSense but preferable as an AdSense alternative.


  • Takes less space from your blog being an in-text link ad network, so your site doesn’t look clumsy
  • You can use this ad network with AdSense safely!

Payment Procedure:

  • Western Union, Payoneer, PayPal, Echeck or ACH (for publishers with bank accounts in the USA) are the payment methods.
  • Payment thresholds are $50 for ACH or $100 for wire transfers or the Western Union. It’s up to your choice.
  • Publishers get paid after 45 days after completion of a month if they meet the applicable payment threshold.

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Adversal - alternatives to Google AdSense

Arguably, Adversal is one of the best AdSense alternatives with good banners and exceptional CTR and revenue which can turn out to be extremely beneficial for your website. The ad network also supports various languages and approves your application within 3-4 days. With minimum $20 monthly payout after 35 days, this ad network has become one of the best solutions for those who are looking for the best alternative to Google AdSense. But you need to have 50,000 monthly page views to be eligible!


  • Have high CTR (Click Through Rate) and good banners
  • Takes 3-4 days of approval
  • Supports multiple languages

Payment Procedure:

  • Minimum $20 payout after 35 days that get credited at the end of a month
  • Payment modes are PayPal, wire transfer, and ACH

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Amazon Ads - Google AdSense Alternatives

Finding Amazon listed on the AdSense alternatives may be a little surprising for most of you. But the world’s largest affiliate program holder has its own advertising program and it is one of the prime alternatives of bloggers who have been rejected by Google AdSense. This platform is ideal for the websites that receive US and EU traffic.

It offers three types of ads including Recommendation ads, Search ads and Custom ads with relevant product advertisements in a responsive ad unit. Even earlier a couple of years ago, Amazon just had affiliate marketing in its kitty but now it is one of the prime choices of bloggers with Native Shopping Ads and CPM based ads. You may call it a contextual ad network based on its advertisement depending on your selected categories and blog content!


  • Responsive ads units can be placed anywhere on your blog
  • Best for the blogs based on Product Description
  • Particularly does well for the US and EU traffic
  • Advertise according to your selected category and blog content

Payment Procedure:

  • Payment modes are Wire transfer, Amazon Gift cards, and Payoneer
  • Minimum threshold amount is $100 but you can increase the amount

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CHITIKA - Alternatives to Google AdSense

A CPC product oriented program, Chitika is one of my favorites when it comes to “Other than AdSense”. Chitika is closest to the AdSense with contextual and customizable (You can change the color of texts, borders, and URLs) ads. It offers you three sorts of advertisements including Search Targeted Ads, Local Ads, and Mobile Ads. PPC rate of the ad network is not as good as AdSense but you can use it alongside Google AdSense! So, hurry up for an extra income!


  • Contextual ads akin to Google AdSense
  • Customisable ads that can match your blog’s theme
  • Can be used along with AdSense
  • Faster account approval

Payment Procedure:

  • Payment methods are Paypal and Check
  • Minimum payout of $10 for Paypal and $50 for Check

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Google AdSense alternatives - Adsterra

Undoubtedly Adsterra can earn its position on any list that revolves around best AdSense alternatives. With the highest CPM rate, this ad network site has a global coverage with a presence in almost 190 countries. The impressive figures don’t stop here! They have more than 10billion ad impressions, 20,000 active ad campaigns and more or less 600K leads each month! Making money with Adsterra is way easier with different ad types like display banners, Popunders, direct links, sliders, push up ads and 100% fill rate offered by them!


  • Offers highest CPM rate in the industry
  • Global presence with massive growth
  • An individual account manager is always ready to help publisher and advertiser.
  • On-time payment with couple of payment timings (1-2 and 16-17 of each month)

Payment Procedure:

  • Wide array of payment modes including most accepted payment methods like Bitcoin, Webmoney, Paxum, Skrill, Paypal, Payza, Wire transfer, and ePayments
  • Minimum payout amount of $100 and $1000 only for Wire Transfer

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VIGLINK - Alternatives to Google AdSense

For me, Viglink is perfect for blogs that link out to an e-commerce site or a business site. Different from the rest, Viglink deals in affiliate marketing and it converts normal outgoing links or phrases into affiliate links. For instance, if you have terms like iPhone or HP in a post, Viglink will automatically convert those into affiliate links that lead to a selling site with whom they maintain a good business relation. Usually, Viglink keeps 25% of your commission and pay out the rest to you. Moreover, it is an SEO-friendly ad program.


  • Works exceptionally well with e-commerce based websites where blogs are based on products
  • Automatically creates link, so, you’ll be tension-free
  • An SEO friendly ad program which is an added advantage

Payment Procedure:

  • Publishers get paid on a net-60 days basis
  • The minimum payout is $10
  • Pays through Paypal without any additional fees

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BIDVERTISER - Google AdSense Alternatives

An awesome replacement of Google AdSense, Bidvertiser works a little differently from the other ad networks and AdSense! While you get contextual advertisement according to your blog content and user’s interest by AdSense, Bidvertiser, on the other hand, place a bid that leads the highest bidder advertising on your blog! This PPC (Pay per Click) ad network also provides the publishers with the conversion incentives. But you have to be patient with this site since it takes time to be noticed by the highest bidders.


  • Huge chances of earning money because sooner or later, your site will get the highest bidder’s attention
  • Additional payment for conversion incentives

Payment Procedure:

  • Payment modes are either Paypal or Check
  • Minimum payout amount is $10 for Paypal and $100 for Checks

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Alternatives to Google AdSense - ADBUFF

One of the highest paying ad networks Adbuff possesses the lucrative CPM and CPC rate with unobtrusive and high-resolution banners. This site has some of the best schemes including weekly bonus and $25 signup bonus that engage a publisher almost every time! But you have to maintain the least amount of 2000 unique clicks per day to be eligible for Adbuff. The real-time dashboard provided by the site offers real-time reporting along with a personal account manager for you if you happen to be a publisher associated with Adbuff.


  • Lucrative CTC and CPM rate
  • Weekly bonuses
  • $25 signup bonus
  • Personal account manager for every publisher

Payment Procedure:

  • Payment modes are PayPal and Bank Wire Transfer
  • 30 days payment cycle issues after 45 days
  • Minimum payout of $100 for Paypal and $500 for bank wire transfer

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Google AdSense alternatives - SkimLinks

This ad network is similar to Viglink that have been discussed earlier! Moreover, in a nutshell, it is a hub of thousands of different affiliate programs, thus you don’t have to register for an individual program since you will get all at once with Skimlinks. Just like Viglink, your e-commerce based site can be profitable for you with this site. One of the most acknowledged AdSense alternatives, Skimlinks will offer you different options for monetizing your e-commerce focused contents by providing effective tools like “Skimlinks”, “Skimwords Lite” and “Skimwords Full Version” that will help you big time by automatically converting existing link into affiliate link or inserting affiliate link into existing content.


  • Provides automated tools like “Skimlinks”, “Skimwords Lite” and “Skimwords Full Version”
  • Offers thousands of affiliate programs on a single platform
  • Works best with e-commerce based contents

Payment Procedure:

  • Payout is circulated on monthly basis but it can take 90 days of time
  • Minimum payout is $10 or £7 or €8
  • Check, Direct Deposit and Paypal can be used by the publishers from USA and UK

Create an account on SKIMLINKS


Above are the AdSense alternatives, which I believe, have better potential than any other in the industry. Though I believe Google AdSense is above every competitor with the contextual ads, timely payment, great payout and awesome transfer procedures, you are always welcome to try your luck with something else.

‘Something is always better than nothing’! So, if your account is banned by Google AdSense or you are repeatedly getting rejected by them, you should look for another opportunity through the above advertisement networks. Before signing up, check the policies, terms, and conditions of each website as it can harm you later! So, now, you are free to boost your earning with your blog. Share your experience with us.