20 Sleek Google Analytics Alternative Tools And Their Applications

Google Analytics Alternative
By Tapas Pal Updated

I have a question for all of you.

When was the last time you heard the word “offline”?

Can’t remember? Well that’s because this word is getting diminished day by day. Everything and everybody are going online.

Even a few years ago, it was almost unimaginable that you can buy clothes, grocery, order food, watch movies and do so many other exhilarating things online. But that happened indeed.

You must be enjoying all these, are not you?  Well you should enjoy every bit of it.

But have you ever tried to think to the core of it? By “core” I mean, how these websites are working!

Personal websites and blogs are everywhere these days. Travel blogs, food blogs, fashion blogs, tech blogs and this list goes on and on. And furthermore  there are these start ups, with their own websites.

Now, it’s a must for these new bloggers or start up owners, to keep a count of, who are visiting their websites, how many people are reading their articles and all that. They might have visitors from around the world, and what they need is to keep a track of all these by the help of an efficient and user friendly statistical tool, which would give them a prominent result.

And here comes the role of web analytics.

Web analytics is basically the process by which web data are collected, evaluated and finally depending on these collections and evaluations, a result is produced.

Every organization, small or big, requires some amount of market research. A start up that has just entered the market, needs to go through some market research because they need a clear idea about what the customers want. On the other hand a famous brand would also go through market research, in order to sustain its position among competitors.

Web analytics is therefore a proficient market research tool, which both small and big associations require.

The most well known web analytics tool today is – Google Analytics.

 Google Analytics-An Overview

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that collects and measures web data, and             tracks website traffic. This software was launched in November 14, 2005. It is a largely               used software, universally. This analytics service requires the users to subscribe, before               using it.


  • You can track online campaigns related to sales, lead generation through Google Analytics.
  • Websites can check the geographic locations of its users, for instance, from which country their user base is maximum and all those information, by the help of Google Analytics.
  • E-commerce sites can have a complete overview of their transactions, revenue, sales quantity etc via Google Analytics.
  • In 2011, Google Analytics added a new feature, allowing the users to have an insight about visitors on the site.


Though an incredible tool, yet it has some limitations.

  • The Google Analytics mobile version is not a bug-free app. The ad filtering programs (like Add block, No script), block the Google Analytics tracking code in the mobile version. This results in flawed outcomes.
  • Google Analytics collects its data via cookies. If cookies are deleted by users, Google Analytics gives invalid results.

Now, every software has its own set of pros and cons. But there is no harm in knowing about some alternatives. Right?

Yes, Google Analytics has many alternatives. So let’s discuss them. So that, in case you get stuck with one analytics tool, you can move on to the next.

Limiting yourself to a particular software is never an option, remember that.

Google Analytics Alternative


Clicky was founded by Noah Merritt, in November 2006. This Google Analytics alternative is a US-based company. Clickey is the most famous alternative to Google Analytics. It gives bloggers and websites, a specialized perceptive regarding their visitors and followers. It offers various exclusive features to its users, and helps them in making a good position in the market.

Key Features

  • Reports provided by Clicky are real time. In fact most of the reports that they supply, include a high level of details.
  • Clicky provides you information about each and every visitor in details so that you can analyze each visitor individually.
  • There’s hardly any spam or ad related issues on Clicky.
  • It has an exciting feature called “on-site analytics widget” which allows you to view how many total visitors are there on your site and how many are there on the page you are currently viewing.
  • Clicky sends you an immediate notification when visitors from 5 geographical locations confirm that your site is down.


  • Many users complain it to be complicated to use. Therefore, in spite of having some mind-blowing features, it is often avoided by first-time users.
  • Its premium version holds most of the cool features.

Here I’m providing you the link of the official website of Clicky, https://clicky.com . You can give it a try, as it offers 21 days free trial.


Chartbeat is a subscription-based web analytics company based in New York City. It was founded in 2009. Current CEO of Chartbeat is John Saroff. This Google Analytics alternative does not only track the visitors of a website but looks at the bigger picture. Therefore it inspires web publishers and bloggers to come up with out of the box ways in order to develop their contents and to sustain among competitors.

          Key Features

  • Chartbeat tracks visitors, on a second to second basis and gives the web publishers a concrete picture about how their articles are accepted to the readers.
  • Chartbeat also allows the users to publish multiple headlines so that they can understand which caption is more capable of catching the user base.
  • Another unique feature of Chartbeat is it can analyze both video and editorial data simultaneously.


  • Sometimes their analysis does not provide the required depth.
  • Also, it is not free of cost, which is a negative point for the users.

If you want data on the basis of seconds, and also want some insights, this is your go-to option. Sign up from here- https://chartbeat.com.


Kissmetrics is a San Francisco based web analytics company, which requires the users to subscribe before using. It identifies a transparent picture of visitors’ activities on your website and evaluates acquisition data of those visitors, therefore it can be a fine Google Analytics alternative.

Key Features

  • The best feature of Kissmetrics is that it is very easy to use. They have a handy dashboard, where you can find all required information at one go, you don’t need to browse here and there, searching for options.
  • It helps to classify landing page conversion rate, customer action on your site, cart size etc. It is particularly suitable for e-commerce portals.
  • Kissmetrics helps you to track effective marketing channels in a resourceful manner.


  • Kissmetrics is more customer-centric and fails in collecting data which are encircled by traffic.
  • Also, kissmetrics is quite expensive. You need to pay minimum $150/month, in order to enjoy its benefits.

Kissmetrics has several plans, you can choose the one with your convenience. You can also enjoy the 14 days trial before buying any particular plan. The link to the official website is – https://www.kissmetrics.com .


GoSquared is a London based web analytics organization, which was founded in February 2006, by James Taylor, Geoff Wagstaff, and James Gill.  It is a straightforward analytical tool with a classic look.

Key Features

  • GoSquared provides you instant, real-time data and that too with their own set of inputs so that you can transform your visitors into your customers. They assist you with various tips and guidance to make your website a place of comfort for the customers.
  • This Google Analytics alternative provides you with Live Chat facility, so that you can hear about your customers’ queries and complains instantly, and provide them with immediate solutions.
  • Its user-friendly interface is also a hit among the users.


The only disadvantage of GoSquared is its subscription charge. Once you exceed your monthly page view limit, they would charge you as high as $24/month.

If you want to go for a web analytics tool which gives prime importance to its customers, then this is your best option. Subscribe from here – https://www.gosquared.com.


Woopra is a real-time, web analytics company based in San Francisco, USA. It was founded by Elie Khoury and Jad Younan. Woopra has clients from e-commerce, banking, real-estate and other industries. Woopra tracks over 200000 websites.

Key Features

  • Woopra is a platform prepared for the purpose of collecting and analyzing behavioural data of website visitors and therefore giving an idea about the performance of your website.
  • Woopra also analyzes data related to customer emails, live chats and so on and produces a result showing the actual scenario of your website’s popularity.
  • They have an easy and advanced user interface as well, causing the web surfers less trouble.


  • Though their site is quite user-friendly, still sometimes it can be too confusing for users, because of too many options on the dashboard.
  • Subscription charge of this Google Analytics alternative ranges up to $200/month, depending on the size of your website. This is a big dissatisfaction for the users.

Woopra is a renowned web analytics company and definitely worth giving an attempt. Sign up here- https://www.woopra.com.


Foxmetrics is a commanding marketing and analytics company, based in Atlanta, US. It was founded by Rydal Williams, in February 2011.

Key Features

  • Foxmetrics is famous for its flexibility. It is one such vibrant and dynamic platform, upon which customers can rely on.
  • Foxmetrics is most suitable for e-commerce companies, as it confines customer data effectively and assists the e-commerce sites to boost their sales. Foxmetrics also helps the customers to track dumped shopping carts, in order to enlarge their ROI.
  • They also help in conducting various marketing activities like market research, surveys, optimizing pop ups etc.


  • Most of its distinctive features are available in the enterprise version only.
  • Monthly charge of this Google Analytics alternative ranges from $20-$120, which is not appropriate for long term use.

If you are opting for an e-commerce business, and want to know about ways to augment your sales, this is your best choice. Subscribe here- https://www.foxmetrics.com.


Reinvigorate is a California based real time web analytics company, which was founded in 2002.  It has adequate features to be a upright Google Analytics alternative.

Key Features

  • It has an easy and striking user interface.
  • It has an inimitable feature called “visitor tagging”, which makes it easy for their customers to track visitors.
  • Web integration is easy in this platform and just requires a JavaScript code.


  • It doesn’t have a mobile app yet.
  • Subscription fee varies from $10-$100/month.

Try it here- http://www.reinvigorate.net.


Mixpanel is a San Francisco based web analytics company that was founded by Suhail Doshi and Tim Trefren, in 2009.

Key Features

  • Mixpannel envisions the frequency of customers returning to your website and guides you based on those data.
  • Mixpanel has its own unique way of funnel analysis, by which it defines where exactly customer losses occur, so that you can get some idea regarding the betterment of your website.
  • Another elite feature of Mixpanel is its auto tracking feature. As soon as you add Mixpanel to your website, it starts tracking links, buttons and other user activities.


It doesn’t have any such drawback, which makes it the best Google Analytics alternative.        Mixpanel is till now the best substitute of Google Analytics. It’s quite affordable as well. It has a free plan for up to 25000 data points. To check out other plans, visit https://mixpanel.com.


GoingUp is a website analytics company that also assists the users with SEO tools. It is primarily UK based, which also has a branch in New Zealand. It has been operating for about 20 years now.

Key Features

  • As I have already mentioned, GoingUp does not only track website visitors, but it provides SEO tools to your website, like, keyword positioning, keyword density tracking, etc.
  • Other important features of GoingUp are – inbound link monitoring, Alexa rank tracking, traffic trend analysis and so on.


According to many users, this Google Analytics alternative is not a very powerful tool when it comes to marketing.

This tool is completely free and there is no reason to not give it a try. So just sign up today- https://www.goingup.com.


etracker is  one of the leading web analytics company, which was founded by Christian Bennefeld and Oliver Krapp in 2000. It is a Germany based organization.

Key Features

  • As the name suggests, this analytics tool tracks website visitors with every tiny details. In fact they track the mouse movement of visitors to identify what contents they like, what they don’t.
  • Another helpful attribute of etracker is, once they observe any suspicious or deceptive activity by any user, they inform you instantly.
  • By Heatmap facility, they identify poor segments of your website and provide suggestion for perfection.


Its maximum subscription charge is around $850/month, making it too costly for most of the      users. Hence, though a nice Google Analytics alternative, it is out of reach for many users.

If it is affordable to you, you can give it a shot, because its performance is worth the money. Get it here- https://www.etracker.com.


Inspectlet is another Google Analytics alternative tool, based in Cupertino, California. Inspectlet goes beyond website visitor tracking, and provides many other unique features like heatmap tracking, screen capture etc.

Key Features

  • They record video of everyone visiting your site. Their every click, every mouse movement are recorded by them, therefore you won’t have any uncertainty regarding who is visiting your site, and what they exactly expect from your site.
  • Inspectlet helps you to understand the users’ approach towards your website, and you can take steps accordingly.
  • Their filtering and funnelling abilities are very strong.
  • Their Java script tagging application permits you to send any data you want to connect with a user, so that you can easily filter it.


It does not really have a simple user interface, which makes it difficult for the novices.

The subscription charge starts from $10/month, which is not very high-priced. Link of official website is- https://www.inspectlet.com.


Piwik is a leading Google Analytics alternative. It is an open source analytics tool, which was born in London, back in 2007. Currently it tracks more than 1000000 websites, in 150 countries.

Key Features

  • Piwik has a high level of security base which makes sure that only you can watch all the data related to your customers.
  • It gives a strong focus on making Piwik a highly user friendly tool. So that beginners don’t feel any difficulty while using it.
  • Piwik can track downloaded files and external links. Also the premium version of Piwik can track videos.
  • Piwik is a cross platform tool that runs smoothly in PHP and MySQL.


There are no such drawbacks.

It is a decent tool, which is free of cost. A must try for everyone out there. Get it here-https://piwik.org.


StatCounter is a web traffic analytics tool, which was founded by Aodhan Cullen. It is Dublin based company, which is currently tracking more than 3 million sites.

Key Features

  • They tag every visitor with a label, so that it becomes easy for you to track who is visiting your profile for once and who is returning back to your profile.
  • StatCounter offers real time visual feedback about the location of the visitors, known as live visitor map.
  • They make a navigation path citing which path the visitors took after entering your website and how they left. This gives you clear cut idea about where and how much should you improve.
  • Their mobile apps available for android, iOS and windows medium, are very smooth to use.


  • The plans StatCounter offer, are a bit complex to fathom.

This is undeniably an attractive Google Analytics alternative tool, considering its unique features. It definitely deserves a shot. Find it here- https://statcounter.com.


This is a cross platform, fast, web analytics tool, which was initially founded in 1997 by Bradford. L. Barrett. It later got a stable start in 2013.

Key Features

  • It is written in C, hence very speedy and highly convenient in nature.
  • It supports multiple languages. The list includes Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, Russian, Spanish and so on. This makes it trouble-free for the users who are not that skilful in English.
  • It gives you the choice to receive website traffic reports on a monthly or weekly basis.


  • At times, it fails to recognize between returning traffic and unique traffic.
  • Webalizer does not have the best user interface.

Though not really a smart choice, yet the free plan facility makes it desirable for some users. You too can give it a try here- http://www.webalizer.org.

Site Meter

Sitemeter is a free web analytics tool which can be personalized according to users’ requirements.

Key Features

  • Its real time data analysis tool gives a thorough result of keyword search, visitor location, visitor path etc.
  • It gives you elaborate idea about who your visitors are, and what do they prefer, so that you can improve your site.


  • You might find it expensive, as its premium version charges $6.95/month.
  • The user interface is not very easy.

Though most of the unique features are limited to the premium version, still beginners can give the free version a try. Find it here- http://www.sitemeter.com.


AWStats is a free, open source, cross platform, web analytics tool which can be installed in any platform. Initially it was released in May 2000, but it only got a steady release in December 2016.

Key Features

  • AWStats is an absolutely free Google Analytics alternative tool which can be used in every platform. Also it is free of cost and very easy to use, making it an attractive Google Analytics alternative tool for the users.
  • It is available in multiple languages.
  • It not only lets you know about the number of visitors in your website, but also estimates the individual time they spent in your website.
  • It has an attribute called “Server Side”, which can successfully process rare Log files.


  • You can’t depend on it completely as it does not always provide you a detailed analysis of data. Therefore, it is recommended that you use another analytics tool side by side.
  • The user interface, though easy to use, is a bit back dated.
  • Sometimes it mistakes in counting visitors, for instance if one visitor logs in from different IP addresses at the same time, then it would be counted as more than one visitor.

Though AWStats has some flaws in its system, yet beginners can give it a try because of its straightforward user interface and affordability. You can sign up here-https://awstats.sourceforge.io.


BBClone is depicted as a free PHP based web counter on steroids in its official website. It is a free tool which needs to be downloaded before using.

Key Features

  • For each visitor, browsing in your website, BBClone can show you their IP address, operating system, browser, visiting date, how many times they have visited the page and other related information.
  • BBClone offers you some really cool customization options, like-font sizes, number of columns and their order, number of icons to be displayed etc.
  • This Google Analytics alternative identifies the correct geographic location of the website visitors, easily.
  • It doesn’t rely on mySQL.


Only complain of the users is that this tool hardly gets updated. Which makes it a bit backdated compared to other Google Analytics alternative tools.

Apart from this one drawback, this is quite a well-groomed tool, you should definitely try this. Download it here- https://bbclone.de.

Open Web Analytics
Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics is an open source web analytics software which was developed by Peter Adams, and it got a stable release in March 2016. It is written in PHP and uses MYSQL database.

Key Features

  • You can create data result sets for a particular segment of your visitors. This is done by segmentation feature.
  • It is possible to bring any testimony into “live” dashboard portal, which will update itself constantly as soon as new tracking events occur.
  • This Google analytics alternative tool offers some other features which Google Analytics don’t offer, for instance-tracking of multiple websites at a time, heatmaps facility, recording of visitors’ mouse movement and so forth.


The only problem with this software is that it is more suitable for the tech savvy users, and learners find it a bit complicated to use.

This free software easily makes its place as a decent Google Analytics alternative tool. If you are a techie, and confident about handling a bit tricky tech tools, then trust me this is your best option. You can download it here- http://www.openwebanalytics.com.


Histats is a free web analytics and stat tool which keeps you updated regarding information about your website visitors.

Key Features

  • This is a free, fast statistical tool with no such service limitations.
  • It gives the following information about your website visitors, like-most active visitors, their Geographic location, hardware information, search engines, social network etc.
  • It has some nice configuration and personalization option.


Only flaw of this Google Analytics alternative tool is that it has several ads, which pop up frequently, making it annoying for the users.

Considering the features this tool offers, trust me it is worth giving a shot. Try it here- http://www.histats.com.

Webtrends Analytics
Webtrends Analytics

Webtrends Analytics is an US based organization that offers digital analytics solutions. It was founded back in 1993. The current CEO of Webtrends Analytics is Joe Davis.

Key Features

  • Apart from providing information of the website visitors’ page views and number of unique visits, it provides some added features like-depicting the visitors’ likes and dislikes, their geographical location etc.
  • This Google Analytics alternative gives you a holistic idea of where from your traffic is coming, and which pages they are viewing.
  • This software also has the feature of heatmaps.


It is too expensive to afford, as its charge varies between $10000-$100000/month.

Now it is true that this software is a tad overpriced, but if you can afford it, it is bound to give you good results. You can get it here- https://www.webtrends.com.

I’m done with the list of alternatives to Google Analytics. Now it is your turn. Choose wisely, as your website or blog holds your hard work, and trust me your hard work deserves the best. If you have enough resources, then the premium tools are your best options. Then again, there are some pretty decent free tools as well. So choose cleverly.

Stay tuned and don’t forget to give me your feedback.