How to Use Google Password Manager to access your password from anywhere

google password manager
By Tapas Pal Updated

Have you ever ponder whenever you sign into a website, Why Chrome asks, Do you want google chrome to save your password for this site? And where it get  Saved and what is the use or advantage that you will get by saving this password and how much secure it is.  In this article, you will get the clear and explicit idea on google password manager and how to use it properly to manage all your password at one place without any stress, all the password now will be taken care by google password manager.

save password

What is Google Password Manager?

Google Password managers is a software that stores your username and password. For all the websites you use and help you log into them automatically without typing or remembering the password

Moreover, it has some other features like automatic generation of strong passwords, deep integration with android etc.

All the Ways You Can Access Your Passwords

Google made it really very simple you can access it from many ways

  • Access From Different OS – you can access it from different operating systems like windows, mac, chrome OS and Linux. As Google Chrome browser is available for all platform the password manager syncs with the Chrome browser, and do its job.
  • Access From iPhone, iPad and Android – google chrome’s browser app also sync your password and allow you to access them in the Chrome apps on Android, iPhone, and iPad
  • Access on the Web – you can access Google password manager from the web interface by signing into your existing google account.

How to Use Google Password Manager

To get access to your google password manager  sign in to chrome browser with your google account first  click on chrome menu icon located upper right corner of your Chrome window  and then go to settings.


and then click “Sign in to Chrome”

chrome settings

enter your email id and password of your google account

google account sign in

Great you have successfully signed in into your google chrome browser

google account

after signing now click the “Advanced sync settings” button to make sure  Chrome is set to sync passwords

Advanced sync settings

Note that if you choose the second encryption option sync passphrase some of the Google features will not be available like Google won’t show suggestions based on your browsing activity, you won’t be able to view your saved password on and Smart Lock for Passwords on Android will not work either

You can later go to the bottom of the page for advance settings then under password and forms click manage password a dialogue box will appear or you can head to chrome://settings/passwords in chrome to access, manage and view all of your password associated with your every single account. password are hidden under asterisks it can easily be unmasked by clicking the corresponding eye icon. Now you can easily remove your saved password but can not edit it.

Google Password Manager