How To Bypass Paywalls And Download Files Using Google Proxy Server

Google Proxy Server
By Tapas Pal Updated

Well, you couldn’t think of it, right? But, yes!! It can be done; Google can be used as a proxy server and you can access websites that are blocked on your systems. Imagine you are in your college and you need some important information about some study material from YouTube, but you cannot access it as it has been banned or blocked in your college. That is where the Google Proxy Server comes to use.

Whenever you try to access any website or web page through any of the Google proxy server, the entire contents of that particular web page gets downloaded and saved in the Google servers. These downloaded files are then presented to the user. Apart from these Google proxy servers, you can also use the proxy server, where you will also be able to download and save the blocked videos, documents and other files.

In this article, we are going to discuss

How you can use the Google Proxy Server to access blocked files

Google Translate

Google Translate is the most favored and most popular Google proxy server around the world. In order to use the Google Translate as a Google proxy server, you just need to fix the final language as the actual one of the web page. You should also remember to carefully change the source language to any of your choice, except the destination language.

An amazing advantage of this Google proxy server is that it is the most loved and used form of proxy servers; and all the images and the entire layout of the web page remains the same as per the source web page.

Google Mobilizer

Another very interesting Google proxy server is the Google Mobilizer. Although Google is permanently disabled the Google Mobilizer services on its main home page, but you can still use it from other country’s Google domain.

This mode is not as attractive as the earlier one, but it is a boon for the users who need web pages which are heavily loaded with texts. Google Mobilizer also has a very useful feature of disabling the images which appear in middle of the text, so as to improve readability.

Google Modules

The Google Modules proxy or more popularly known as is an integral component of the Google proxy server. It is a part of the custom Google homepage and is generally used in order to launch gadgets which are available with the Google home page service.

Apart from all the services provided by the former proxy servers, it is the only Google proxy server that allows you to download the content too. It allows you to download blocked songs, PDFs, videos, documents, etc.

So, in these ways, you can easily use the Google proxy servers to access blocked contents.