How to Do Google Reverse Image Search on your Mobile

Reverse Image Search
By Tapas Pal Updated

Do you know that Google search is not limited to strings! You can use an image as the source of your search. Google will find similar images for you. It’s called reverse image search, one of lesser known tools available in Google. When you perform a Google reverse image search, you can expect the results to include similar images, sites which provide the image or similar images, and other size variants of the image.

It’s a great tool to have if you are looking for higher resolution versions of an image. If you are a photographer or digital artist, then you can use reverse image search to look up sites that are using your images.

Google Reverse Image Search on mobile

Google image search works great on the desktop but it’s not available on mobile devices. At least not by default. If you visit on your mobile, you won’t find the option to provide an image. The option is only available if you request a desktop version of the site.

We find this a real pain and so we coded this small tool. A simple app that makes our life easier. It’s a wrapper for the Google image search. You can use it for Google reverse search on mobile devices.

Reverse Image Search

Visit on your mobile and click on “Upload Image”. Select an image from your gallery and click “Reverse Search”. Your image will be uploaded to Google. You will be redirected to the Google image search page. It works the same way as reverse search works on the desktop.

The app should work on all new mobile devices. We have tested it on Android but it should also work on apple devices. Please keep in mind that when you search by images, your uploaded images are stored by Google.