23 Awesome Things Google Search Can Do

Google-Search fun
By Ankur Mishra Updated

Is Google Search Fun any good? When Google started showing its Doodles on the homepage, we felt like wow! But there are far more things that could leave you awestruck that most of you have never even tried. Here in this post, we will talk about Google search fun and not just the older and boring Google search.

1. Handwriting Tool on Google translator

Handwriting Tool on Google translator

Many times, it happens that you have some text in a language you don’t understand and you need to translate it on Google. But you feel like scratching your head because your bloody keyboard doesn’t have the keys for those characters out there because the script is totally different. So, Google now allows you to draw the characters and then let it translate in a language that you prefer.

2. Calculator


How do you feel when you have something to calculate and don’t have a calculator beside you or on your PC? Oh! Don’t look at me, I am weak at mathematics (is usually your reply). So, Google’s out there to help you. Just type the expression you need to calculate and it would answer you. Isn’t that awesome? Indeed, it is! But that is not where it ends. It would display you a real scientific calculator to calculate other expressions too on the go.

3. Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout

Google don’t just help the studious ones. It helps the fun loving people too. In this regard, we can play the classic Atari game of our childhood right on Google. You just need to type `Atari Breakout` and the game would be right there in front of you to enjoy.

4. Pac Man

pac man

Does Google offer only a single game? No. Google offers the Pac man lovers to feel nostalgic all over again. When you type `Pac man` and hit enter, the classic 80’s game would come in front of you to play.

5. Zerg Rush

zerg rush

Sometimes we feel like the time’s standing still like the rock. We don’t have anything to do and it’s just all very boring. Google has provided a wonderful time killer in the form of Zerg Rush. Just type the two words and Google would produce small o’s from all sides. They start destroying all the search results one by one. You can even burst them before they turn the screen into a white sheet.

6. Pronouncing large number

Pronouncing largenumber

Do you know how to pronounce the number 462734672? Oh! Don’t start thinking about it so hard! Google is there to do it for you. Just type the number with equals at the end. Then type your preferred language of pronunciation and Google will tell you how to pronounce that number.

7. Solve geometrical shapes

Solve geometrical shapes

Many times, it happens that we don’t know how to calculate the area or perimeter of a geometrical shape, a triangle or a polygon. Just write solve and name of the geometrical shape. And Google will display a calculator for it.

8. Graph for a function

graph for function

It’s not like you can only calculate something. Google is much smarter than you may give it credit for. It can generate a graph for any function you write on the search bar of Google. You just need to type graph for… and the function. past it in google search – 5 + (-sqrt(1-x^2-(y-abs(x))^2))*sin(100*((10­-x^2-(y-abs(x))^2))).

9. Google Timer

Many of us play games that may require a timer. In most cases, you have one or the other friend with a timer in his/her phone. But, if no one has it, can we stop playing? No, just visit our superhero Google and he will help you. Type Google timer in the search bar and it will pop up with a timer which can also be set to full screen.

10.Translation on the go

google translate

What about a condition when you find a small sign board in some different language? Would you go and find a bilingual? No, you don’t need to work that hard. You just need to type from and to  language on Google. Like French to Spanish and a box will pop up on Google. Just type your words to be translated and it’s done.

11. Conversion of units

unit converter

Can Google just help you with translation between languages? No, it can also help you in translation between units, be it weight or height. Not just these two, you can convert about 9 category of units including mass, speed, and even digital storage. Just type from and to units with a ‘to’ in between and it’s done. Like, lbs to kg and it would display two text boxes for input.

12. Conversion of Currency

currency convertor

When we are talking about Google search fun and usage, how can the company forget international currency? It provides a currency converter just by typing from and to currency, with a ‘to’ in between. The conversion rates used here are live in the market, so you don’t need to take care of anything.

13. Tip Calculator

google tip calculator

How often do you go out with your friends for a dinner? You can invite me too. But what about the bill sharing? It can be easily done by Google’s tip calculator. Just type tip calculator and hit enter. Boxes will appear for Bill and %age of a tip. You also need to enter a total number of shares and it will calculate how much each one of you needs to pay.

14. Sunrise and sunset timing

Sunrise and sunset timing

You are on a vacation, and the place is famous for a sunset view. But, the point is that you don’t know what the time for sunset is. Google is there to help you. Imagine you went to Sydney, just type sunset time Sydney and Google will tell you the time.

15. Weather forecast

weather forcast

Sunset or sunrise can only be beautiful if the weather is good. In the case of rainy or bad weather, sunset can’t be beautiful. So, again the person who helped you to find the sunset time, will help you to find whether it will really be a beautiful day ahead. You need to type your city name followed by forecast and it will do it for you.

16. Calculate distance and time between two places

In many cases, we need to move to some unknown place in search for jobs, or for work or even for studying. But we don’t have too much time to get lost or be late. So interestingly, time management becomes important. You need to know the traveling time and distance for all the places you need to visit on your journey. You just need to type from and to, with a ‘to’ in between and distance at the back. Like, Park Street to salt lake distance and Google will tell you about it.

17. Search books by an author

Search books by an author
Once in my school days, I read a book by a certain author, and I loved it. But no one was there to tell me other books that the same author has written so that I could read them also. But in your case, Google will help you to find books by an author. Type Books by followed by your favorite author and hit enter. You will get the most loved books written by that author immediately.

18. Check Flight Status

Check Flight Status

We know that you are a frequent traveler but before reaching the destination, you might need to take a flight for the journey. So, if you miss the flight, then the whole time management can become messy. Thus, you need to know the gate and terminal number for your flight to the destination airport. To know all these details, just type the flight number on Google and it will let you know.

19. Finding release date of an awaited movie

movie release dates

We talked about work, study, games but this might make the movie lovers get annoyed with us. Just kidding! How can we forget about you? Google have made arrangements for you to know the release date of your awaited movie. Just type movie name followed by release date, and Google search fun will begin.

Still not satisfied? Oh finally we have something to freak out your friends!

20. Moving Google Search

Just write akew on google search and watch the screen getting tilted. You may try one more trick. For it, you can type, do a barrel roll on the text box and let yourself find out what happens next!

21. Aluminum Pole

it’s a hidden secret aluminum pole on search page Search for “Festivus” it will appear left side of your page.

22. Blink html

Type “blink html” and see the magic. if get a little bit technical than we find that blink HTML is a Html tag that has become  absolute.

23. Bletchley Park Search

Bletchley park was the site of the UK’s code-breaking efforts during world war II type search for “Bletchley Park” and code breaking will start.

That’s all for the day! Hope you liked them.