13 Best GoPro Alternatives for Adventure Addicts

gopro alternatives
By Tapas Pal Updated

Action cameras are a must for adventure freaks, professional photographers, and film-makers. An action camera is those high-quality cameras which are specifically designed for shooting action sequences. That means these cameras are water-resistant, sharp and has got several other awesome features along with the fact that they shoot videos in 4K mode. Gone are the days, when film directors had to drag down heavy cameras to the movie sets for shooting a tiny action scene. These action cameras have resolved those issues completely.

Now, if you’re thinking of buying an action camera, then the first name which would pop-up in your mind is, GoPro. GoPro offers a range of highly advanced cameras and the most famous ones being GoPro Hero series, GoPro Karma series and so on. But if you’re an action camera lover, then you have every right to know that there are certain alternatives to GoPro which are both user-friendly and pocket-friendly.

We, therefore, thought of letting you know about the GoPro alternatives so that you don’t limit yourself and explore those options.

GoPro Alternatives to Watch Out for

Sony FDRX3000
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The first name in this list of best GoPro alternatives belongs to Sony FDRX3000. Sony is one of the most trusted brands and needless to say, there would be a high level of expectations from this action cam. And thankfully, it does perfect justice to them.

Key Features:

  • If under-water photography tops your passion list, then this 4K action camera is going to be your best buddy. Just grab it and go for up to 197ft diving, without carrying any gear. You would see how entirely waterproof this device is. It comes with a flat port which stands in front of the lens, in order to protect it from the under-water catastrophes like rust, sogginess, sand etc. In fact, this action cam is freezeproof, and it can totally be your hiking or snowboarding pal.
  • It is one of those rare alternatives to GoPro which has the Balanced Optical SteadyShot feature. Therefore, this feature makes shooting easier while you’re driving a car or walking or traveling. Even though you’re moving, this action cam shoots a crystal-clear image and gives it a sharp edge.
  • The ZEISS Tessar lens lets you choose your own shooting angle along with an adjustable 3X zoom mode. Also, you can capture 12MP quality images in still mode and up to 10fps in burst mode. You can even shoot 8.3MP videos with intervals and that too in 4K resolution.

Price – $368

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30
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Another smart action cam which is one of the best GoPro alternatives is, Garmin VIRB Ultra 30. Coming from the prestigious house of Garmin, which has some classic models under its hood, comes this gem of an action camera.

Key Features:

  • What’s your main motive behind getting a camera? To shoot crisp, clear and sharp images and videos, right? Well, VIRB ULTRA 30 does that beautifully. It shoots images with 4K resolution and also holds the 3-axis image stabilization feature, which makes it easier for you to shoot an image while you’re moving.
  • This action cam comes with the G-Metrics technology, which helps you in marking your exact location, speed, height and even the rate of your heart-bit. So, the next time your friends tell you that you’re bragging about your recent exhilarating adventures, just show them the records of your every single footstep.
  • Another smart feature of VIRB Ultra 30 is, it comes with voice control features. In case your hands are occupied, you just need to give it some simple instructions, like “Click an image” or “record a video” etc. and it would do accordingly. Therefore, you won’t miss a pleasant shot even though you’re busy at something else.
  • It also comes with a 1.75-inch LCD display, Waterproof Case, Selfie Stick, Anti-fog tools and so on.

Price – $410

Olympus TG-Tracker
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Another action cam which has every required feature to be one of the best alternatives to GoPro is, Olympus TG-Tracker. It comes with a built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and a 1.5” LCD display. It has a 204 Degree viewing angle, a 4K HD video recording capacity and also a powerful LED headlight to make your every shot in the dark an elite one.

Key Features:

  • It is one of those best GoPro alternatives which is not only waterproof but also freezeproof and crushproof. That means if you go under-water diving up to a depth of 100ft or skating up to a temperature of -10°C or even if you try to break this cam by a weight of up to 220lb, it would still be intact.
  • As a passionate photographer, you would always like to have a camera which does not compromise with the image quality, no matter how much challenging the circumstances are. And this action camera comes with an extremely bright F2.0 lens which captures some crisp 4K images.
  • Adventures are always supposed to be thrilling, nobody goes to an adventure where they need to sit idly. And when you have an action camera, you can capture images while running or hiking or skating, without the image getting fuzzy. That’s why image stabilization is a must for any action camera. This cam, therefore, comes with an electronic 5-Axis image stabilization, to make sure that your image stays still even though you’re not.
  • Another best feature of this action cam is its five-track It comes with a GPS, an e-Compass, an accelerometer, a temperature sensor and a pressure sensor. These five sensors help you in every possible way to make your photographic journey better.

Price – $199

YI 4K+
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The next name in the list of GoPro alternatives is YI 4K+. With 2.2” Gorilla touch screen and a battery life as long as 1200mAh, this action cam is a commendable one.

Key Features:

  • One of the must-have features of any action camera is image stabilization, so that clear images can be shot even though the photographer is moving. And this action cam named Y1 4K+ does perfect justice to that feature. It holds the latest Ambarella H2 system which helps it in shooting crisp 4K images at a speed of 60fps.
  • With the built-in Sony image sensor, YI 4K+ lets you record videos as well as shoot images in 12 MP in both RAW or JPEG formats.
  • Other noteworthy features like voice control, pairable accessories like external microphone etc. make this device even more attractive.

Price – $280

BOBLOV Mobius 2 HD
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The next action camera is one of the cheapest GoPro alternatives which comes with four LED indicator lights and a viewing angle of 130 Degree. Another benefit of this action cam over the other ones is, it is a light one with a weight of only 45g, hence it is too easy to carry whether you’re on a trip or adventure.

Key Features:

  • Due to its lightweight nature, this HD action cam has multiple applications. It can be used as a motorcycle camcorder, sports video cam, dash cam and so on.
  • This action camera can record sharp and crisp videos for a duration of 120 minutes and that too in HD with a speed of 60fps. This camera absorbs very lower amount of power and is largely heatproof.
  • The Mobius 2 comes with some exciting accessories like a mounting base, a Velcro, a Mobius TV cable and a USB cable.

Price – $90

alternatives to gopro camera

The action-cam we would talk about now is a bit pricey and might burn a hole in your pocket. But considering its features and specifications, it is totally worth a buy.

Key Features:

  • With a 2” LCD Gorilla screen, GHOST – S is one of those GoPro alternatives which gives GoPro a tight competition in terms of image quality. It captures clear 12 MP images with a sharp edge and up to 1080p adjustable resolution.
  • If you’re not a big fan of viewing angles, then you can be relaxed. There are no excess viewing angles on this action cam which makes it easier to use and brings less stress. It has a 300° rotating angle, and you can capture images in any position you want. It is that simple. Also, it has a 3.5hrs long battery life.
  • With all these cool features the icing on the cake is the fact that, this action cam is completely waterproof. But one thing is to be considered that it is waterproof for only up to 9 feet.

Price – $340

TomTom Bandit
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Another costly yet one of the best alternatives to GoPro is TomTom Bandit. This 4K action camera is a top notch and captures HD videos with highest possible resolution. It has a 3hrs long battery life and holds multiple built-in sensors.

Key Features:

  • This action camera is cable free. Yes, you heard that right. Now you can leave all those unnecessary cables at home as the TomTom Bandit already comes with an inbuilt USB port, and it is called Batt-stick. Also, it has a 3hrs long battery life.
  • TomTom Bandit action cam is waterproof up to a depth of 40m and comes with multiple sensors. These sensors are speed, altitude, rotation etc. These sensors make your adventure even more thrilling by recording your each and every footstep.
  • You can edit images and video clips captured by this cam very easily if you download the Bandit app. It is available on both Android and iOS stores.

Price – $353

YI Lite
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From the makers of YI 4K+ comes another gem of an action cam and one of the cheapest GoPro alternatives, whose name is, YI Lite. With a 2” LCD display and more than 2hrs long battery life, this action camera is a must for each of those photographers who are passionate about action photography.

Key Features:

  • This lightweight action cam can record footages in 4K with a default resolution of 1080p. This makes each picture a visual delight. Also, it has as many as nine shooting modes. The 2” LCD display is an added plus.
  • The YI Lite comes with a set of cutting-edge technologies, the highest one being the presence of Sony Exmor image sensor. This high-level sensor is capable of capturing images in a quality as high as 16 MP.
  • Finally, this action camera comes with a 150° wide lens and some self-defined image parameters. With the accurate implementation of these, you would be able to capture HD images with complete clarity.

Price – $100

Polaroid Cube+
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If you want an action camera which has a sleek look, which is affordable and which also performs all the features of an action camera gracefully, then this is the one you should rely upon. The Polaroid Cube+ action cam has a fun and vivid look which is more than enough for most of the users.

Key Features:

  • 1440p resolution, 8 MP image sensor, 124° angle, 1.5hrs long battery life, live streaming, image stabilization, all these are included in this cool action-cam. Is there anything more you can ask for?
  • This action cam is a tiny one and hence is more fun. You can put it on your helmet, on the handlebar of your scooter or anywhere you want and click some super fun snaps.
  • Don’t you underestimate this action cam because of its small size; It supports up to 128 GB Micro SD card and can shoot HD videos with 1440p resolution.

Price – $150

Garmin Virb XE
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Another action camera coming from the house of Garmin is Virb XE. It is one of the best GoPro alternatives and has got enough features to grab your attention.

Key Features:

  • If adventure is what you live for then you need to own the Virb XE action camera. It is waterproof as well as freeze proof. Hence you can carry this action cam anywhere you want, be it for underwater diving, skiing, hiking or skydiving; this cam is like your adventure mate.
  • Like any other Garmin action camera, this one too has a built-in GPS sensor which records your location, pulse rate, heart-bit rate etc.
  • Virb XE is one of those alternatives to GoPro which captures 4K images at a speed of 240fps.

Price – $240

iON Camera Air Pro 3
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The next name in this list of GoPro alternatives is iON Camera Air Pro 3. This cheap GoPro alternative is a smart choice for you if you don’t want a very pricey device yet want to try your hands in some action photography.

Key Features:

  • It captures sharp and clear HD images with 1080p resolution at 60fps. Additionally, this low-priced device is waterproof up to 49ft. Considering its price, it offers quite more than some of the overpriced action cams.
  • It has an eight-point image stabilization, ensuring that images don’t turn out to be shaky even though the capturer is not standing still.
  • Its other two cool features are a 10GB worth of cloud storage and 2.5hrs long battery standby.

Price – $100

cheap alternatives to gopro

Another cheap action cam mentioned in this list of GoPro alternatives is AKASO EK7000. At such a low price, this action cam offers more than you can ask for.

Key Features:

  • This action cum sports camera shoots 12 MP images in 4K and can beat a traditional video camera any day. Additionally, it comes with a wireless remote-control sports camera.
  • This action cam is waterproof up to the depth of 100ft and has 1.5hrs of battery life. Also, it comes with two rechargeable batteries.
  • EK7000 comes with a built-in Wi-Fi which ranges up to 10 meters. There are some cool accessories which come with this device, making it more envious.

Price – $70

Campark ACT74
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Finally, the cheapest action camera in our list of GoPro alternatives is, Campark ACT74. This skillfully designed action camera is affordable and comes with a bunch of funky accessories.

Key Features:

  • This smart action cam records videos at 4K and captures images at 16 MP. The 2” HD display and 170° wide angle make it an arch rival of GoPro and all the other costly action cams.
  • It is waterproof up to the depth of 98ft and comes with two rechargeable batteries. It is a simple lightweight action camera which comes with Wi-Fi remote control.

Price – $50

These were the best GoPro alternatives which we prefer the most. Some of them are a bit pricey and some are extremely cheap. If you’re a beginner, you can start with the cheap ones whereas if you’ve already gained some experiences in this field, then you might go for the costly GoPro alternatives. And don’t forget to give us your feedback.