How To Hide Your Facebook Friend List

You may want to have an account, you may want to be in contact with your friends after school, after college, after office and the work. You can, with Facebook. But remember, Facebook is too public.

How many friends on Facebook are really your friends? Why do your friends want to be friends your other friends on Facebook? Do they know each other? Have they ever met in real? How about some privacy?

You may want to hide some your friends from certain other friends. You may want to hide the mutual friends. This can’t be done on Facebook. However, if you want privacy you can hide all your friends from all your friends.

If your friends list is public, some friends will go to the list and will start adding friends blindly.

Hiding your friends list

Facebook keeps changing the way privacy settings its looks and so it is not your fault if you are confused about where to find the settings to hide the friends list.

To hide your friends list from other friends, you can choose any one of the following tips:

Go to the Friends on profile page

  • Login to you Facebook account
  • Visit your profile page
  • Now, click on friends tab

Once in, click on the pen icon in the right, that is manage privacy. And choose edit privacy.

Hide Your Facebook Friend List

You’ll now be able to control privacy for both your friends list and followers list. Each one of these can be set to Public, Friends, Only Me, and Custom. It can also be set to a list if you have created any like, school friends, siblings or any.

  • To hide your friends (or followers) list from everyone, choose Only Me. It is the best option. If you choose that, no one will be able to see your friends list, but people who you have mutual friends with will still be able to see those. So you will never get the complete privacy.
  • The second option is to customize the friends list. Choose Custom, and specify exactly who you want to be able to see or not see your friends list. If there are only certain friends you want to hide the list from, or certain friends you want to still be able to see the list, that’s possible too.
edit Facebook privacy

Check the activity log

The Activity Log is another place on your profile page from where you can control the viewers of your friends list.

Got to your profile, click on ‘View Activity Log’. From here, you can see all your activities. Check on the left side, you can see the sidebar. You can narrow down the things and look at the particular things. Choose friends from the sidebar.

After clicking on the Friends, you will see on the top of the page, who can see your friends list? You can also pick your choice from here.

So now, are you going to hide your friends list?