HML, What Does It Mean?

By Gunjan Roy Updated

With the increase in the use of abbreviations and slang words online, life has been fun and confusing at the same time. You’ve probably heard and even used many slang words while chatting with friends or on a status update etc. like LOL, ROFL, TTUL and what not, but have you ever heard HML? What does HML mean?

If you have also received such an acronym and were confused then this article is for you. For the others, read it to make sure that you do not fall into the same puzzlement ever again.

So, let us start.

What does HML mean: –

First of all, let us see the full-forms of this word.

HML stands for two meanings-

  1. ‘Hate my life’
  2. ‘Hit my line’

Both of these phrases are completely opposite of each other and your misinterpretation can change the whole direction of the conversation. So be careful.

1) ‘Hate my life’

hate my life

As the name itself explains, ‘‘hate my life’’ is an expression used by the people to exaggerate the negative emotions and aspects/events that are taking place in their lives at the present.

‘Hate my life’ (HML) is the complete opposite of Love My life (LML). Although this can be a little overstating the events in one’s life but is used by the people anyways. This also helps them to get a little sense of relief as they share their thoughts with the other person.

Below are some examples which can help you get a clearer idea of this acronym-

  • “Getting late for office and the tire busted, HML”
  • “F**k man, the boss fired me today, HML”
  • “Got my new suit out for the meeting today, a crow pooped in it, HML”

The other meaning of HML is ‘‘hit my line’’.

2)‘Hit my line’

hit my life

Basically ‘Hit my line’ basically is a catchphrase that is used to indicate the person to get in touch. ‘Hit’ means to get in touch (call or text) and ‘line’ means the phone number of the person.

It is a very handy word that comes to use when one tells the other person to be in touch. It is a casual way of letting the other person know that they are expecting a phone call or text from them.

Below are some examples of the same-

  • “It has been 5 years since we last met, where are you nowadays? HML”
  • “HML whenever you are free, we need to talk”
  • “I have told Ravi to HML whenever he comes back, we need to talk about the next week schedule”

Both of these acronyms have a completely different meaning and interpreting the wrong one can be really embarrassing for you.

Since you have now learned what does HML means, we will shift to how to interpret the meaning of this word with reference to the context. Below listed are some points which you can keep in mind before making any decision: –

  1. Is the context related to an opinion, request or an information?

‘Hit my line’ is the one that demands an action to take place. If the person that says you HML wants you or somebody else to take an action of either calling or texting them, then they most probably mean, ‘hit my line’ instead of ‘hate my life’ as the latter one is an expression and does not demand any function or action to be taken by the receiver.

  1. What is the tense of the conversation?

The first thing that you should try to find out is the tense of the conversation. ‘Hit my line’ usually demands an action to be taken in the present or in the near future, whereas ‘hate my life’ has no specific tense. E.g. If a person asks you for some important information or facts that they need next day, week, month or so then he would tell you the reason for the requirement or just simply asks or tells you about himself then he is talking about ‘hit my line’.

  1. The content of the conversation: –

If the other person tells you about an event or an aspect of his or her life that is undesired or involuntary that is not liked by him then he is talking about ‘‘hate my life’’. Although, if the experience is too bad to explain over the chat he may ask you to hit his Line so that he could explain in detail, in such a case he would properly specify the action that he wants to take place.

E.g. the boss just fired me today for being late from the past couple of months and termed it as unprofessional behavior. HML. Here the HML means ‘‘hate my life’’

E.g. the boss just fired me for a really silly reason today. HML I’ll explain it to you in detail. Here HML means ‘‘hit my line’’, he is expecting you to call him and share his experience.

  1. What do you sense?

A majority of your interpretation depends upon your take on the situation. If the other person is explaining about a feeling of anger, frustration, embarrassment etc. while listing an experience or event from his life and uses the word HML, he probably means ‘hate my life’.

Nevertheless, if you are unclear about the meaning, simply ask your friend again. I am sure he won’t be angry in telling you what he wants to happen.

If you still have any doubts regarding HML, what does it mean or any other slang language, comment them down in the comment box and we will definitely find out a solution.