How Much Data Does Pandora Use On an iPhone

How much data does Pandora use
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Having a then and there supply of favorite music is really amazing for sure. But the burning rate of your data pack on your smartphone is the real pain in the ass. You may be told me that there are several cellular data plans come with an unlimited access to the internet. But there is a problem in the nut-shell, sometimes it allows you to access high-speed internet up to a certain limit or for the real package of unlimited data is very expensive. There are some application which uses a one-time large amount data, but it does not allow you to enjoy unlimited songs daily. The applications like Pandora Radio is quietly small in size at the time of installation, but it probably the main reason behind the drainages of your mobile data. So just How much data does Pandora use on your iPhone!

Pandora Radio is an extremely popular online music streaming service that allows you to experience the latest beautiful music/songs and a lot of audio files on your smartphones even in iPhones. At the first weekend after the launch of Pandora application for iPhone, the user listened to 3.3 million tracks approximately. So you can imagine the craze over this application.

Like all the video/audio streaming web service, Pandora Radio also needs a strong wi-fi, 3G or 4G internet connection and also uses data.

How Much Data Does Pandora use

The data used in Pandora application for iPhone depends on how many hours you listen to music on Pandora. There are a plenty of statistical results comes with a different point of view. Generally, it uses 1.5 MB data per 3 minute of nonstop playing music at the default settings mode on Pandora. But it depends on the device as well as the application settings, and I told you the clear idea along with all types of sample settings of Pandora Radio on your iPhone.

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  1. Default Streaming

Like every streaming website, Pandora also allows you to experience all types of songs and audio files by using mobile data. unlike some of its competitors, it does not allow the user to save or download the audio files even on cloud temporarily. So it fairly drains 30MB of mobile data per hour and approximately 0.5 GB in every 20 hours.

  1. Free edition on iPhone

With the free or demo edition of Pandora, you can stream audio files at a bitrate of 128kbps. It consumed 57.6MB of your data per hour. There is an example, if you use Pandora for 2 hours per every weekday, it consumed approximately 2.3GB over a month containing 20 working days. Note that, it will harm your data plans.

Free edition of Pandora offers-

  • Slandered – 64kbps
  • High quality –128kbps
  1. Cellular edition

128 kbps is the default rate of Wi-Fi on Pandora application but it allows you to choose between 64kbps and 128kbps for the mobile use of Pandora radio. If you use 1 hour per day for 20 days per month with this settings, it will cost you 500 MB over the month.

  1. Premium Edition

You can use the premium edition of Pandora that allows to removes the add from your application, an also a higher bitrate for the better experience of online streaming music. It allows you to set 192kbps sped of online streaming which cost you 86.4MB data per hour or fairly 1.78GB in a month containing 1-hour use of 20 days. That means it nearly about 2GB of data surfing in a month which is quietly expensive for the regular user.

Premium Pandora Subscription offers to you-

  • Low — 32kbps
  • Slandered – 64kbps
  • High – 192kbps
  1. Mitigation

In order to reduce the mobile data use, you can use a free Wi-Fi if it available near to you. Pandora also allows you to pause or minimise the application that surely helps you to reduce your data usage. You can also run this application in the background.

Pandora Radio data use per song/per hour

Audio Quality        Low      Standard    Moderate     High
Per song      0.75MB      1.5MB      3MB       4MB
Per hour         15MB       30MB       60MB       90MB

Pandora Radio Data use per month

       Audio Quality             Standard                    High
       30min/day               0.5GB                    1.5GB
      1hour/day                 1 GB                    3GB
       2 hour/day                  2 GB                    6GB

Last words

So we go through all types of statistic The Pandora Radio applications drains your mobile data. Read these articles to find out how much data Pandora Radio use. You will thank me later when you will streaming Pandora to tune some of your favorite stations like Earth/wind/fire. Stay tuned and inform us about new tech-related topics. Baa bye.