Know How to Download YouTube videos on Android Device!

How to Download YouTube Videos on Android
By Hrishi Updated

Since the day, YouTube has stepped foot in the industry, Tech geeks have been abuzz how to download YouTube videos on Android, iOS, and PC. Since the video streaming giant has made us addicted to its website, we can’t stay without watching videos on YouTube. This article is a complete guide that’ll describe how to download videos from YouTube on Android devices.

YouTube has been able to create a special place in the hearts of the viewers. It functions smoothly on a good Wi-Fi signal or a good high-speed data plan. But the main issue arises when there is no internet connection available to you or your data pack just expired.

Will you stop streaming or watching the awesome videos? No, right?


Today we have come up with this article which will help you to download YouTube videos offline on your Android device and watch it uninterrupted without buffering. Although YouTube has started its own offline saving feature where you can save the video offline in your ‘offline’ section in your profile which does the work as downloading as you can access it without the internet too but it does not give us a completely independent feeling.

If you also feel irritated when you see a video with the message ‘This video is not available in your country’, then this is the right place. Through the following stated application, you can get full access to every video irrespective of your geographical or remote location (isn’t that amazing?)

So, let’s take a quick glance how to download videos from YouTube on Android.

How to Download YouTube Videos on Android Smartphone


Method 1

The very first step is a little adjustment on your mobile phone or tablet itself.

Step 1:

You need to access the settings of your device and click on the ‘Security’ tab. Following that, click on the ‘Unknown Sources’ button to turn it on.

How to download YouTube videos on Android - Activate unknown Sources
Enable Unknown Sources Option

Note: This means that you’ve given permission to the device to download applications from other sources than the Google Play Store, today the application that we will be using is such an application which is not present on the Google Play Store.

Step 2:

The step is quite easy, you need to go to the link that is provided below and click on ‘download’ and the downloaded application (Read TubeMate) will help you to download YouTube videos on Android. After the download is complete, simply click on the downloaded file and install the application.

How to Download videos from YouTube on Android - Download and Install TubeMate
Download and Install TubeMate - YouTube video Downloader

Note: The name of the application is ‘Tube Mate’. It is a completely free application and is totally safe to use, so you need not worry about any malware, virus etc. entering your device.

Download TubeMate Here

Step 3:

After you have installed and launched the application, the next step is to open the YouTube app. Although YouTube will be the same, a little of its User Interface (UI) will be changed. Now you will be able to see a green downward indicating arrow just above the video. Simply play the video that you want to download.

How to download YouTube videos on Android - Press Green Download Button on TubeMate
Click on Green Download button on top of TubeMate app to initiate downloading YouTube video

Step 4:

Once the YouTube video that you want to download starts playing, click on the green arrow (as stated above). You will be taken to a new window where your video’s name will be displayed and you will be asked to choose a format to save the video.

The available formats are MP4, 1080P, 720P, 480P, 320P, 240P, 144P and possibly 4K as well depending on the video. Choose your favorite format and click download once again. The next thing that you will see is that your video has already started downloading.

How to download videos from YouTube on Android - Video Quality
Choose the Video SIze and Format you want to download on TubeMate

Step 5:

After the video finishes to download, you can close the window and the YouTube application as well. Head directly to your gallery or video-player and enjoy the downloaded video any and every time according to your convenience. This is how TubeMate can help if you’re wondering how to download videos from YouTube on Android.

Method 2

You can also download YouTube videos on Android in whichever quality and format you like from the website

How to Download YouTube Videos on Android - SaveFromNet
SaveFromNet allows downloading videos through any URL in cluding YouTube
  1. You will need to copy the YouTube video link that you wish to download and enter the above-stated website in the ‘Link’ space which will be provided by the website on the landing page itself.
  2. Simply paste the link and click on the enter button or on the small green arrow at the end of the link space bar.
  3. The next thing you will see will be your video shown on the website just below the link bar. You need to select the quality and the format of the video and click on the ‘download’ button.
  4. Th next window will ask you the location where you want to save the video. You can select any location which you want.
  5. The video will now automatically start downloading and will be saved in the folder you chose earlier.

If you wonder how to download videos from YouTube on Android, this procedure will take you to your desired destination.

Do let us know if you run into some issues while going to download YouTube videos or have doubts or simply a suggestion by commenting them down in the comment section below and our team will be more than happy to help you out.