Know the best ways How to Get Followers on Twitch

How to Get Followers on Twitch
By Abhirup Ghosh Updated

Are you a gamer? Spend 24/7 in front of your PC or gaming console? Idolise gamers like Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel or Lee “Flash” Young Ho and dream to be successful like them? If your answers are positive, you should look for how to get followers on Twitch.

What is Twitch?

Yes, your dream can come true if you know how to handle the leading online video watching and streaming platform for your good. Twitch mainly focuses on video games (also includes streams dedicated to music, talk shows, artwork creation, and the occasional TV series with the expansion) and you can earn a huge amount of money from this single platform.

With the Twitch Partner and Affiliate program, you can earn money through several facilities like Bits, paid subscriptions, merchandise and much more. Sounds awesome? But you need to follow certain parameters including a number of viewers and followers to become a Partner or Affiliate. With 2 million monthly unique streamers, it seems quite tough!

So, how to get followers on Twitch?

I also have gone through the query but finally came up with the solutions that can be effective for you as well. Know how to gain more followers on Twitch below:

Social Media

Social Media - how to get followers on Twitch
Promote Your Twitch Channel on Social Media

Name me a platform that has the maximum amount of usage on the internet after Google? Unquestionably, Social media! It has truly become the most significant part of our lives some way or the other. We socialize, stay in touch and even get into a relationship through the social networks! Most of the new streamers on Twitch overlook how fruitful the other social networks can be to build their brand!

When it’s about “how to get followers on Twitch”, Social Media is the preferable alternative. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat are some of the most noteworthy social networks used by notable streamers to keep their fans up to the date of their streaming life and communicate on a more personal level. Social media is considered to be hugely beneficial for streamers due to its unmatched capability of exposing the potential followers to the streamers who could have stayed undiscovered in the professionalism of Twitch. So, if you are a streamer, don’t underestimate the power of Social Media!

Tips: use social media more like a notification platform for your viewers. Never fill your Twitter feed with the annoying automated Twitch notifications, rather tweet about your interests, your life, new games, and post pictures of your game collection, computer setups, and controllers. Be unique while announcing a new stream.

Attend the Meet-Ups and Events

Attend the Meet-ups and Events - How to get Followers on Twitch
Picture of TwitchCon

If you are looking for how to get followers on Twitch, this option can be the greatest way out! Having your followers and fans connected online is an effective way to nurture your Twitch channel and grow your followers but nothing compared to the physical encounter with people! Almost in every major city around the world, you can find numerous video game and streaming events going on throughout a year and the events can turn out to be a great place to grow your connections, meet other streamers, increase knowledge, exchange tips, and gain plenty of followers.

Supanova, MineCon, PAX, and Twitch Con are some of the best events you may attend. A little research will give you the paramount information about numerous Twitter and Facebook groups where people take initiatives to meet up in small towns and cities as well.

Tips: Create some business cards and give those to the individuals you meet at the event. Have your real name, Twitch channel name, social media profiles and other important stuff mentioned on the cards.

Watch Other Streamers

Watch Other Streamers - How to get followers on Twitch

If you just focus on your stream and don’t want to involve in others, you are less likely to get the desired followers. If you are wondering how to get followers on Twitch, watching other streamers may offer you the best result! Watching other streams and being active on the chats are one of the greatest ways to meet other Twitch streamers. If your personality is cool or interesting, your channel can be checked by the other viewers and furthermore, you can have them followed you!

Moreover, if you successfully manage to build up a good relationship with the streamer, your channel can very well be plugged or hosted by the individual that will bring unimaginable exposure to you and your channel which simply signifies more followers.

Tips: Be authentic, genuine and always try to avoid shameless promotion of your channel. Have a friendly discussion with your viewers, followers, and host. Also, place a humble and polite request to others to follow it.

Good Twitch Layout

Good Twitch Layout - How to get Followers on Twitch

A good Twitch layout is an answer of ‘how to get followers on Twitch’! The first impression is the last impression, and your Twitch layout is definitely the ‘first impression’. The time and effort invested in designing a quality graphical layout will reflect on your Twitch stream layout and the more attractive your Twitch layout is, the more attention it will get from the viewers after the Twitch search results.

A good Twitch layout depicts a sense of dedication and professionalism to your viewers. Include a webcam on the upper-left or the upper-right corner, a chat-box for the full-screen viewers and your social media usernames in a rotational window or in a list. Incorporating widgets showing latest followers and the hosts can be fruitful to encourage viewers further.

Tips: If you have zero experience with graphic design, better try to take free options like TipeeeStream which possess simple and readymade web-based platforms to create a Twitch layout!

Strategize with the Games

Strategize with Games - How to get Followers on Twitch

You have to strategize while picking games if you want to survive and get followers in this tremendously congested video streaming site called Twitch. While you can’t pick the games either with high or with low popularity, picking the games in Twitch seems quite a strategic move!

A few people keep on playing some sort of antique games and yet wonder how to get followers on Twitch! You cannot play an old-fashioned game that’s gone out of favor since nobody’s going to watch that and on the other hand, playing the most popular games like “League of Legends” and “Dota 2” will leave you with hundreds and thousands of competitors who are playing to grab the eyeballs of viewers just like you!

For the best outcome, seek for the games that have 10-20 streamers streaming. The number of streams will rank the game higher and you’ll not be lost in the numbers of displayed streams.

Tips: Turn on your camera to get more attention. Moreover, keep the spoken languages in mind! Some video games grip lots of non-English speaking streamers that means the English speakers will feel hesitated to communicate with you in case, you are playing the game. So, mention ‘ENG’ or ‘English’ on the stream title.

Frequent Streaming

Frequent Streaming - How to get followers on Twitch
Regular streaming gives better visibility

If gaining more followers is your aim of streaming, you should put aside your work and invest several hours a day for the broadcasts. Various streamers often stay online merely for an hour a day and if you are also one of them, your stream will hardly be found by the viewers! If you stay online for three hours, your stream is more likely to be watched by the viewers and more viewers precisely symbolize an increased number of followers, a better position on the search results of Twitch and more followers to come from the search results!

Most of the successful Twitch streamers spend almost 5-10 hours a day (sometimes more!) behind Twitch! You don’t require streaming so much being a beginner but the more engagement will result in more exposure and more followers! Frequent streaming can make a lot of difference if you are wondering how to get followers on Twitch.

Tips: Implementing a countdown screen or a standby screen can keep viewers engaged for as long as 30 minutes while you can prepare behind the scene. It’s a useful trick to keep the viewers attracted.

Streaming on Other Sites

Streaming on other sites - How to get followers on Twitch

Using free services like Restream, it’s almost trouble-free to simulcast your own Twitch stream to other popular sites with huge traffic like Mixer or YouTube to name a few! The exciting part is doing so can give you the freedom to reach the audience on a much larger scale who are your potential followers on Twitch. You can ask them to follow you back on Twitch.

The best part of the technique is you don’t need to do any extra work after finishing an initial setup!

Tips: Mention your Twitch channel name on the graphical layout which will let the viewers on the other streaming sites find you without any difficulty. It also prevents you being a streamer to verbally ask to follow.


As I said at the beginning, standing out on Twitch can be taxing, stressful and difficult. But these strategies are effective and possess the potential to provide you more followers than you have ever imagined. So, no more wondering about how to get followers on Twitch! Apply the above techniques and enjoy the best outcome and an ever-growing list of followers.