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how to host on twitch
By Abhirup Ghosh Updated

What pushes the Twitch streamers to upload unique contents and new broadcasts? Three factors – Viewers, Followers, and Subscribers. They are also the reason for a streamer’s popularity and earning. In order to get hold of these three most desired and required outcomes, a streamer requires broadcasting quality contents on a regular basis. But emergencies appear suddenly! What to do if you have to stay detached from your computer? There’s an easy answer, HOST! But do you know how to host on Twitch?

Probably not! So, let’s get a fair idea about one of the most important features on Twitch.

What is hosting on Twitch?

You are probably thinking about how to host on Twitch! I am here to clear your doubts. Hosting is a popular avenue, streamers usually take to promote other streamers by broadcasting someone else’s live streams but this strategy also involves a trick to keep a channel active while the owner of the channel is not active somehow.

While it is beneficial for both the channel, you must be very willing to know the procedure to host another channel on your Twitch channel. Here’s how.

How to host on Twitch?

how to host on twitch

Auto Host

This is the most popular way of hosting another channel. Basically, one adds various channels of their choice to a list which is automatically played when you are offline. The auto host function on Twitch can choose the enlisted channel randomly or in a predefined order which is customizable.

You can set up the auto hosting just by going to the settings and turning it on and adding any number of Twitch channel in the host list that you want to host. You just need to pay attention to save the setting each time a new channel is added to the list.

Twitch Application

Hosting a channel can also be done by the official Twitch app for iOS and Android. You can host a channel by clicking on the gear icon on the channel of your choice and clicking the host option from the drop-down list. If you are wondering how to host on Twitch, a Twitch app can simply be a great solution


Your channel’s chat is one of the prime options to host another channel. To begin the process, enter ‘/host’ into your chat followed by the channel’s username whom you want to promote. For instance, if you want to host MECLIPSE, you need to enter ‘/host meclipse’. One can change the hosted channel thrice in every 30 minutes. If you don’t want to host a channel anymore, simply enter ‘/unhost’.

Before you host another streamer or another channel, make sure you know the detailed advantages and disadvantages of hosting a channel other than your own. So, below are the pros and cons of hosting someone else on Twitch.

Benefits of hosting another channel

It’s completely optional to host any other channel on Twitch and moreover, it doesn’t require an active member of Twitch community at all. Numerous reasons can be found why hosting another channel is a fair idea.

  1. Other than showing your own broadcasts, you also need to show your favorite streams to your viewers and audience. This technique is much effective in showing them the streams you enjoy watching.
  2. Your channel gets a certain degree of free promotion while you’re hosting another channel! Nevertheless, the entire benefits depend on the other channel’s layout (whether the layout shows the host’s name) and the streamer’s personality (if he or she verbally mentions the host’s name). Host’s name appears on the targeted channel’s chat with a special message.
  3. If you are trying to discover how to host on Twitch, hosting a channel at the end of your own stream is a wonderful way! Moreover, it comes with numerous advantages. Plenty of streamers host another channel manually as soon as one of their broadcasts comes to an end. This encourages the viewers to jump to the hosted channel and follow the hosted channel if they like. This particular method of hosting is called ‘Raiding’ which is also very popular among the streamers on Twitch.
  4. Twitch has a live host category both for the website and apps. When you host someone else, automatically, your name is shown on that list which undoubtedly increases your visibility. When people will discover you, chances of them follow you also increases.

These awesome advantages are the reasons why enormous searches are being made on ‘how to host on Twitch’ but despite the above benefits, hosting on Twitch has some major drawbacks as well.

Drawbacks of hosting another channel

  1. The away messages automatically hide when you host a channel on Twitch. Streamers take help of the away message to notify their regular viewers about some important information. But when you host a channel on twitch, the broadcasts replace the message! So, it indicates streamers have to post the message somewhere else on their profile inappropriately!
  2. One more problem with hosting is one cannot choose the channel by game or category. It’s definitely a big drawback. When you can only choose the users, they can play any kind of games which will display on your channel! If a displayed game turns out to be a bad match for your audience, leave the hope to get more viewers and followers. What if a game aimed at an older audience is getting displayed on your channel whereas your regular viewers are used to the family-friendly contents.
  3. If you are thinking about an alternative rather than looking for how to host on Twitch considering the above cons, VOD feature of Twitch can be a wise choice for you to make. The Video on Demand feature works more or less similarly like hosting but it’s a risk-free option! Why? Since you are hosting yourself on your channel, there’s no chance that the audience may feel uncomfortable. Basically, you can show one of your old streaming through this feature which keeps your channel active 24/7.

Get hosted on Twitch by other streamers

Well, it’s no secret that hosting is a great way to gain more exposure to both the hosting and hosted channel. While I have mentioned how to host on Twitch, I will also portray the procedure how you can be hosted by other streamers.

  1. Incorporate a dynamic host list on your channel. It will not only show which channels or streamers have hosted you but it will encourage your viewers to host your broadcasts as well for promoting their channels! The list can be set up instantaneously via free services like StreamLabs.
  2. Friends are effective in every sector and Twitch is no different! While asking an unknown person to host your channel can be considered as spam, asking your friends can offer you great results. Your friends will be more likely to host your channel while they are not streaming.
  3. Convince the viewers of your channel. While asking to follow and subscribe to your channel, place a request for them to host your channel. Plenty of Twitch users are really passionate about the streamers they follow or subscribe to. Hence your request may work wonderfully and they will do anything to support you along with hosting your channel. You just need to remind them.

Final Words

Here is everything that you need to know about hosting on Twitch. Now, you know how to host on Twitch, how to be hosted on Twitch plus pros and cons of hosting on Twitch. So, now it’s entirely your choice what your next step should be. Make a wise decision and enjoy streaming.