Know How to Make Money on Twitch – 7 Proven Ways

How to make money on Twitch
By Abhirup Ghosh Updated

What’s about an online platform that enables you to have fun, make connections with individuals having same taste like you and EARN through your passion at the same time? Sounds awesome? That’s going to be the exact outcome if you know about Twitch and how to make money on Twitch.

Not clear yet? I am here to help you out with a detailed know-how of money making on Twitch.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a digital video streaming and watching platform that has been widely accepted by numerous individuals across the globe who are passionate about gaming. In 2011, when Twitch was initially introduced to the world, it used to focus entirely on video games. But as the platform expanded over the years, it has added various streams related to artworks, music, TV series and talk shows.

With almost 2 million monthly unique users and 17000 monthly earning members on Twitch, it has become one of the preferable places for the gamers around the world. Amazon has taken over the company considering its popularity and at the moment it is one of the most profitable sources of internet traffic in North America! So, you can also be one of the Twitch users earning thousands of dollars from the legitimate platform of earning.

See the proven methods to make money through Twitch

How to make money on Twitch?

Enormous searches are made on a daily basis regarding how to make money on Twitch because of its efficiency in terms of earning. Here are the easy to apply techniques utilized by a huge number of successful streamers on Twitch.

Twitch Subscriptions:

Twitch Subscriptions - Know how to make money on Twitch
Twitch offers three different pricing for the streamers

Subscription is by far the most efficient options for making money through Twitch as it’s a recurring source of income and it grows with time and more viewers. The subscribers are scheduled for monthly donations of $4.99, $9.99, or $24.99 while the chosen amount is split between Twitch and the respective streamer by 50%. Twitch offers some of their popular streamers more than 50% share of the subscription charges only to encourage them to stay on the site.

The subscription facility is only eligible for the Twitch Partners and Affiliates. Streamers having less than 50 followers (minimum requirement to become Twitch Affiliate) are less likely to gain paid subscriptions which motivate the streamers to get more followers and create attractive streaming. As soon as a streamer or a channel is upgraded to the Affiliate or Partner program, Subscription option automatically appears on the channel.


  • The subscription option is only made on the official website, so, make sure you guide the users how to subscribe you through the console and other devices.
  • Setup alerts regarding the announcement of new subscribers and customise fresh emotes (emoticons, emojis) for the subscribers to encourage them further.
  • Individuals without an access to the Twitch subscription can use third-party services like Patreon that is a famous replacement used by endless streamers to collect the recurring donations. You can easily setup your profile on Patreon and link to your twitch profile.


Bits - Good way to make money on Twitch
Twitch streamers get 1 cent per bit used in chat

Bits are a way of a visual support for the streamers on Twitch on a stream’s chat. Those are fundamentally animated gifs which are posted alongside the chat by users but the gifs have to be purchased by real money via Amazon Payments. Twitch Affiliates and Partners can earn one cent per bit made use in their channel’s chat. Hence the use of 100 bits gives them $1.

You can set the limit for using the bits to pre-empt the unnecessary use of bits at once.

Special sound effects and graphics can also be tied to the Bits which grab more eyeballs and encourage the viewers and followers to buy and use. Viewers are also rewarded with special badges that depend on the number of bits they have donated. This facility is only available for the Twitch Partners and Affiliates.


  • Thank every viewer for using the bits during the stream. Do it verbally.
  • Add a StreamLabs tip jar widget to your stream layout which will result in showing a glass filling with the bits viewers are using. Using this widget not only increases your channel’s look and feel but encourages the viewers to use more bits.


Twitch Donations - How to make money on Twitch
Viewers donate money to streamers on Twitch to encourage them

Do you want to know how to make money on Twitch? Eye on this technique! You can receive donations from one dollar to thousands and sometimes, even more, using Twitch. Users encourage and support their favorite streamers through the one-off payment. Twitch doesn’t provide any native method of receiving the donations. So, the third-party monetary services like PayPal are popular among Twitch streamers. But precautions are there! The rewarding donations sometimes backfire due to some scammers! They donate thousands of dollars only to call for a refund after a certain time period.

Twitch doesn’t protect donations like it does for the other policies like Bits and Subscriptions. So, preventing the fraud has only one way – don’t spend any donation during 180 days of a donation received since it is the time period for claiming a refund!


Accept the PayPal donation easily by creating a free link. You can add the link to your Twitch channel profile description or you can share it with your viewers on chat. Moreover, sharing the link on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook is also a possible and fair idea.

Streamer Sponsorship:

How to make money on Twitch - Streamer Sponsorship
Get sponsorship on Twitch from various companies and endorse them just like Instagram

Similar to the way Instagram influencers are making bucks by endorsing products and services, streamers do the same during their stream on Twitch. Video games, fashion labels, computer hardware and accessories, food and drinks, and websites are some of the brightest examples of streamer sponsorship. Hundreds of ‘how to make money on Twitch’ searches result in searchers going for this option.

Regardless of Twitch Partner or Affiliate, you can get the sponsorship deal from a particular company. Sometimes streamers reach to the companies to arrange agreement but in most cases, the respective company’s marketing team reaches to the streamer and submits a proposal. The amount of earning depends on the intensity of the promotion (whether a streamer wears a T-Shirt labeled with the company’s name or verbally encourages the users), popularity and length of sponsorship campaign.


Get connected with the industry contacts via social media or take help of technology or video game expos and conventions. Get the business cards ready for your Twitch channel which appears way more professional. The more you will behave professionally, better are the chances of grabbing the sponsors.

Affiliate Links:

Make money on Twitch - Affiliate Links
Create an affiliate link and get a good percentage every time a viewer buys products from the link

Affiliate marketing has always been popular with users on every platform and Twitch is no different! By joining the company’s affiliate program, and linking their products and services to the words written on the Twitch channel page descriptions or within a chat constantly. You can use NightBot for the best outcome.

When it’s about affiliate link promotion, the most trusted site should be Amazon since they have garnered utmost trust and got an upper hand on their competitors in term of trust and variety of products. Being a Twitch streamer or viewer, you may already have an Amazon account which is required for Bits and Twitch Prime (A premium subscription linked to Amazon Prime). Affiliates get rewarded by Amazon with a percentage of sales. Play Asia has also a vast usage and popularity among some streamers for Affiliate Linking. So, don’t look for how to make money on Twitch and make an action with the affiliate links.


  • Get started with a free Amazon Associate Account
  • Try to understand your viewer’s interests and likings by having a word with them verbally. After a certain time, start sending links to them but don’t send too many links which can irritate them!


How to make money on Twitch - Merchandise
Promote and sell Merchandise on Twitch and earn money

Probably this process isn’t regarded as big of an earner as subscriptions and donations are for the Twitch streamers, but if you have large follower base, selling self-designed products like T-Shirts and Mugs are worth considering! It can become a worthy solution if you’re finding how to make money on Twitch.

Twitch Partners are invited to sell their custom designed T-Shirts in the main Twitch T-Shirt Store, powered by Tee Spring. Furthermore, you can create and sell your own products using free services like Spread Shirt and Zazzle. So, stop wondering how to make money on Twitch and sell the merchandise and earn more.


Design your product creatively and keep your channel in mind. You may have a unique emote of your channel featured on a T-shirt or an inside joke that turned up during a chat in your channel’s chatroom. It will let the followers relate themselves to the particular joke!

Video Ads:

Video Ads - How to Make money on Twitch
Pre-Roll and Mid-Roll video ads can give you a little amount of money from Twitch streaming

According to me, this is the worst and poorest way of income for a Twitch streamer. People often eye for a big earning through the video ads played before a stream starts (Pre-Roll) and played in the middle of a stream (Mid-Roll). But the fact is this is allegedly the lowest earner of all the other options. So, you are wondering how to make money on Twitch, consider this option as a bonus.

Averagely, Twitch pays $2 for every 1000 views of an advertisement and the sad part is an excellent streamer also receives 600 viewers during streaming. Streamers don’t find it reliable enough compared to other payable options like ‘Subscription’ and ‘Bits’.


Consider this option as a bonus! Don’t rely entirely on this option. Rather keep it as an additional option which can be added with other alternatives.

Above are everything that can be beneficial if you are looking for a genuine and effective monetization through Twitch streaming. If gaming is your passion (also artworks, music and more), then don’t forget to share your new broadcasts on Twitch and interact with thousands of your kind. Who can say, in this exciting journey, you may be remunerated as well!