How To track a Phone Number

How To track a Phone Number
By Tapas Pal Updated

Want to track a cell phone by simply using its number? Here are some awesome hacks for tracking the cell phone:

Let me remind you that tracking a cell phone can be either malicious or may be well intentioned. Before going deep into the details of this topic, and talking about all those websites which claim to tell you “how to track a phone number” by using just their numbers, I would like to discuss some important points.

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how to track a phone number

Cell phone tracking- Is it ethical?

Frankly speaking “NO”. Cell phone tracking is a way of invasion into somebody’s privacy. It might be possible that your intention is good, but guys before tracking any cell phone please think twice. Think if this is the only way for you to do this.

Ideas for tracking the cell phones

Almost all phones work on the logic that they just ping nearest cell phones operator’s tower. Cell phones that are enabled by GPS don’t need cell towers. They can be located anywhere in the world by satellite triangulation method. In countries like the US, it is mandatory for the cell phone companies to keep track of all cell phones up to 100 feet, so that help can be provided in case of some emergency.

Have you ever wondered if there are really possible solutions for tracking the cell phones? Let us read how to track a phone number:

There are a number of websites that claim that they can track cell phones. They claim that you just need to put the number in order to track the phone. You only need to put the number and on one click on a button, these websites would do magic. So do you really think that they can track the phone? In simple language, I just say a big “NO”. I am yet to see any such website that really works as it claims itself. There are a number of sites like “Reverse Phone detective” and “Track the number” who claim that they can track cell phones only by using just its number. But guys, believe me, I never experienced this. They only just make false claims.

Traditional method – “Google”

If you are trying to know the general location of the user of any number, one of the traditional method is “Google” as opposed to real time tracking. The person might be unaware of the fact that it is publicly posted on networking sites. The information might contain some malicious location identifying information.

Cell Phone hacks

Let me tell you something that tracking a cell phone is theoretically and logically possible to some extent.

Tracking a cell phone is perfectly possible. Cell operators do – Even if you just know the number and you don’t have any physical access to it, also the owner of the number does not have any indication about his cell phone being tracked. Although the tracking has reached to its full glory.

Software for tracking the cell phones

The only and the most guaranteed way to track a cell phone is to use some sort of software that needs to be installed on the device itself. There is numerous software available for this purpose, some software is paid and some are free. This software can be very easily installed in a number of smartphones like iPhones, blackberries and also in Android devices. Some of the major software are:

Truecaller app is most popular software which can find the full details of unknown mobile phone numbers, these details include the name, address, and location of the caller. The app also allows you to fill details in your phonebook contacts along with blocking the unwanted calls.

Whoscall is a global app that has a huge user database of almost 700 million to look up and identify numbers. This application can provide details about the private number and also a feature to block unwanted calls.

The Trapcall is a special application for getting details and caller IDs along with blocking unwanted calls. There are a lot of functions also included like blocking and restricting calls and getting calling IDs to monitor who is calling you and from where.

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Tracking a cell phone with just a phone number is actually a tough task. But still, you can get positive results from the above solutions. They will definitely not provide deep results but still can help you a lot. In case if you know how to track a phone number then you can suggest us the method via our comment section.