How to View Private Instagram Profiles – Easy and Surefire Ways

how to view private instagram profiles


In the world of social media networking, Instagram is the most popular name in the world of social media, and its popularity is almost equal to that of Facebook. It is a platform, where users share brilliant photographs and follow one another. Users can make their accounts either public or private. Sometimes, people wonder that how to view private Instagram profiles without seeking permission. Because if a specific account is private, then others cannot view the photos unless the account owner grants the permission.

Apparently, viewing a private Instagram profile is similar to showing interest in other people’s private life without asking for permission.  But many times, people steal photographs from other accounts and make their profile private to avoid plagiarism cunningly. In those cases, it becomes extremely important to know about their motives. So, viewing a private profile is not offensive every time. It depends on how you use it!


How to View Private Instagram Profiles – 4 Proven Techniques

Now, it is not an easy task as well, and moreover, there are very few legitimate ways to do so. In this article, we are going to talk about all those tips and tools that can help users to view private Instagram profiles.

instaspy how to view instagram profiles

InstaSpy is probably the safest and the easiest-to-use application software at the moment. Surprisingly, only a few people know about it. If you are willing to view private Instagram profiles anonymously for a long time, then this app is absolutely for you.

With the help of this app, users can view photos, comments, likes and every other information from a private Instagram profile. Users would not get caught because this site does not ask to fill up personal details.

Users have to enter the profile URL and they can choose whatever they want to view. Either they can view likes, comments, and photos separately or they can view everything all together. The users are equipped to view everything online or will be able to download the information as well.

There are two more useful options: InstaSpy asks users to select the proxy server option to mask the identity which is extraordinary. And for safety measurements, it also asks the users to include system files and backup option.

Overall, the creators of this utility software have done an amazing job. And that is why this is the best choice of app to view private Instagram profiles.

instalooker how to view instagram profiles

InstaLooker is another brilliant app. It allows users to view private Instagram profiles without any hassle. This online utility tool works in a similar fashion just like InstaSpy. In order to view private profiles, you just need to type the URL, and then start observing.

Like InstaSpy, this app also allows users to download the information. This app is perfectly working and functional. The most exciting part is if you are using this app, you do not need to download the software. The whole thing can be finished online!

InstaLooker provides high-end security and proxy bypass check. So, users can avoid Instagram’s double human verification procedure. The user interface is absolutely brilliant and easy to operate.

Overall, the steps and the underlying things may sound mysterious, but they are quite easy to operate. And the effortlessness of InstaLooker must have been able to explain to you how to view private Instagram profiles without following the owners.


Private Insta Viewer - App to View Private Instagram Profile

This application software works in an absolutely similar fashion. Surprisingly, this app is also developed by the owners of InstaSpy! To start spying, users just need to enter the Instagram profile ID.

Since Private Insta Viewer and InstaSpy share the common developer, it’s quite natural that step-wise this software also follows the same patterns.

According to the developers, this site is quite trustworthy and safe. The interface is not attractive at all, and at times users may feel doomed. But, if we neglect that part, then this site is definitely a great exposure to view private Instagram profiles.

Overall, this is another basic software that can solve your query regarding how to view private Instagram profiles.

Create a Fake ID

create a fake id how to view instagram profiles

The above-listed applications are quite straightforward and allow users to view Instagram profiles in effortless ways. Whereas, this particular procedure is not technical at all. Creating a fake ID is never a good approach. But, it can definitely save you from many troubles.

In this procedure, the user needs to create a fake Instagram profile and needs to fill up the profile with beautiful pictures. Now, talking about the gender, definitely, you need to hide the fact.

Well, the thumb rule says, if you are eager to decode a girl’s private profile then you need to assert the same gender (It may sound cheap but we are raising a fact). And you should fill up the profile with meaningful pictures so that the other person feels interested in your profile.

After sending a request to that person, just wait for a few days. If the person accepts your request, then that is wonderful. But, if not, then drop a personal message to the other person’s inbox. Generally, if the request is made politely, you can easily get approval.

You can make the fake profile either public or private. If you make it private, the other person becomes more curious. And as a result, you can get the approval within no time.

Many people think, creating a fake profile would never work. But, surprisingly this is another way if you are too curious to know how to view private Instagram profiles.

Final Thoughts:

So, the above-listed steps are some of the widely famous ways of checking private Instagram profiles. In this context, we want to add another point. It happens many times, that if you send a direct request from your original Instagram ID, that also works out. But, if the requested profile is full of plagiarized images and that is also stolen from your profile, then obviously the owner will never approve the request. In that scenario, these steps would definitely help you.