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igHome alternative of iGoogle
By Abhirup Ghosh Updated

Google is the bomb in the era of the internet. Now we all know that the authority is shutting down the service of iGoogle personalized start page. So the user must need the best replica of the iGoogle, or some alternative that works just like the same. igHome is one of the best replacement for the iGoogle so far. Even the sites almost look like to the iGoogle, where you can add gadgets, newsfeeds, images, and also you can arrange them to a new tab to customized the content with a beautiful color combination. It allows the user a handy toolbar and a customized search bar to the user. ighome is now in beta mode, so the number of images and the gadgets are restricted to a certain limit.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of different pages or the website or online application to make the sane work with. But according to the user, igHome is the best look-alike application available in the market. The application earns the huge success particularly because of it`s just like graphical user interface, which helps the user.

What is igHome?

igHome is basically a web-based dashboard which allows the users to build their own web browser and the search machine for personal or official use. If you really search for the real similar application of iGoogle as well as the familiar work experience with the new application then you are probably in the right place to know more about it. If you ask me what is the key-features it delivers to the users over the other existing application on the internet,  maybe you force me off to introduce you the iGoogle import service. Yes, it allows the user to import all the data from the past account in iGoogle easily to the igHome account. You can find a complete gadget list and the other features into your existing account.

In other words, you can customize a plenty of feeds, gadgets and much more on the front page or the home page it offers. According to the developer Mike Sutton, his motto was creating a site replicating iGoogle as much as possible to make an easy transition for users. So this article is for the those who are still searching for the ultimate alternative to iGoogle to find all the personalized gadgets like Weather, emails, horoscopes, RSS feeds, and so on. So, you can simply found that igHome is the best replica to the iGoogle. Here we go for more details.

igHome VS iGoogle –comparison


There is a lot of additional features in the official browser extension of the igHome. Even it seems like a page to page copy of the iGoogle. The only thing it may come behind iGoogle is the iGoogle integration. But if you search for a better alternative experience, then it is far better from the other applications available on the internet. Although you can create multiple tabs with some different customized categories to finish a number of tasks at a single time. It also allows the user a one-click access to Gmail, YouTube, Google maps, and some other important gadgets in a second. It uses an appearance just like iGoogle basic layout attached with a Google search bar in the top header bar. There we make some features point of the igHome to make it clearer.

  • Gadgets:

    igHomes is well-known for its best service on the gadgets section. Here you can add some of your important gadgets to it and also drag some additional online applications to your pages. Initially, it doesn’t have everything except some basic gadgets that people need frequently, but it offers the best interface to add all of them in a single application.

  • Tabs:

    Here you can create a number of tabs to complete your task in a single moment. Like every alternative to iGoogle, it allows the user to manage the tabs customization, arranges them in an order that makes you feel the best experience while you’re working on. If you have to add a lot of tabs, you simply need some well-classified arranging rules to manage them. igHome offers a basic guide to every user to make it easier. There is an “Add Tab” option to the home page to add a new tab into your application. You can also add it to your homepage.

  • Themes:

    iGoogle is the root branch of the Google service that offers the users a huge collection of images, backgrounds, and customized themes, whereas igHome also allows you to add colors, themes, and you can customize your themes as your choice. All you have to do, select the “Choose Theme” at the right side of the menu bar.

  • Mobile View:

    Scroll down to the end of your igHome homepage, you can see a “Mobile” link which allows the users to experience a mobile-friendly interface. This is a great improvement to igHome. You can also add a web page shortcut into your Smartphone.

  • Google Menu:

    Though igHome is not attached with the Google authority, it still has an entire Google menu-bar at the very top-end of the homepage. It also provides the user all of the Google related links including a default browser extension of Gmail, News feeds, Google Maps, Google Calendar, YouTube and some other important services.

Features to adding Gadgets:

You already use the iGoogle+, and you fairly know how it works and what the key-feature it provides is. So, definitely you search for the existing features along with some additional modern features. Like iGoogle, it also allows the user to add the important gadgets like Watch2gether, Ovguide, WordPress and so on. You don’t have to add some frequently used gadgets like Gmail, YouTube because already those applications are added by the authority.

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I loved to tell you that the new beta version of the igHome allows you to customize your homepage more beautifully with some different type of interface where the added gadgets have appeared like the Boxy style, Gird like the style, name list style, name list with logo and so more. To add new gadgets you just have to go to the “Add Gadgets”, click on that, and simply add it to iGoogle+

The users can fetch some of the most modern and popular gadgets at the center of the list where you used to add your favorite application. If you have an idea exactly what you are searching for, there is a search bar to find and add new gadgets to the gadgets list. One can also add some news providing sites simply by clicking on the “Add RSS Feed” tab. If he/she wants to allow some blogger sites, it also follow the same procedure.

How to set up an account in igHome?

Setting up a new account into the igHome is the very very easy process.  Here I give you the step-by-step guidance how to set up a new account in igHome.

  • First, you have to visit the official website of igHome.com Official Website
  • Press the big blue “Sign in to personalize” button
  • Click on the “Create A New Account”
  • Put down your details into the right place to make it finish.
  • Now it allows you to add some gadgets which you can recognize. You may delete it later.

How to Import Your Stuff from iGoogle?

Now adding everything one by one to the new account is very annoying for everyone. So what to do? You can simply import all of the data to it from your previous account on iGoogle. Here we make you understand how to do it fast.

  • Go to the official website of igHome first if you already have an account. Otherwise, you have to make a new account. See the steps I already discussed above.
  • Click on the “profile” tab. You can find it under the gear icon at the top right corner.
  • Here you can see the list of your customized links.
  • Search for the option “import from iGoogle”
  • Tap on that and fill up the login session.
  • You should walk through a complete instruction how to add or import all the links and gadgets stuff from iGoogle to igHome.
  • Go to the iGoogle settings and download the ultimate XML files of your browser data.
  • Upload the XML file to your igHome account.
  • You successfully import all of your links and the gadgets from your past account on iGoogle.

Note: it is not possible to transfer all of your data to the new account of igHome. Sometimes a number of data will be missing while generating the XML files.

If you’re still searching for an iGoogle alternative, believe me, you will definitely search for igHome. Have a single look at the product. No doubt, in a few seconds you will fall in love with it. Give your valuable remarks on the comment box if you find a better replica of iGoogle+. We will talk it up in the next articles. Stay tuned. Have a great day.