8 Google URLs You Should know About

google urls
By Tapas Pal Updated

Have you ever wonder if you can track down your past searches and the content you have browsed, ad that you have clicked on various websites, places you have visited recently, why you see ads based on your interest and how to manage them, how to reveal saved password from browser and many more tricks. As a Google user you must know these 8 URLs to get better insight of your activities . let’s dive in

1. Google Password Manager

whenever you log in to any website Google ask you to save this password because from the next time you can log into them automatically without typing or remembering the password. Manage, view or remove all your saved password from this URL but remember you can not edit the passwords.


2. Control Your Google ads

Google create a profile based on your activity on various Google products, such as the videos you’ve watched on YouTube, Google+ profile, search queries you made at Google search. and shows ads based on these activities you can edit these settings and see how Google made your profile based on your habits.


3. Download your data

Download all your data associated with your Google account such as all your contacts information, Google+ data, Google photos, email, Gmail messages, maps, Bookmarks, Calendar, Location History even YouTube videos. you can also configure the settings for each product . Now go to the Takeout page to obtain the download links.


4. Keep Content Thieves Away

Every day million of people post content on Google platform things like videos on YouTube, blog post on blogger, and social media post on Google plus if you find that another website has copied your content don’t panic you can raise DMCA complaint with Google against that site Google take this report seriously if found content is violating it’s policies Google immediately remove this content and protect your content from potential online criminal.

The website against you raise complaint must use one or more Google products. For example blogger, Adsense, YouTube, and Google+. Remove duplicate content by using this URL.


5. Get all your location history

Rediscover the places you’ve been and the routes you’ve travelled through Google location history. it helps you to get useful information such as automatic commute predictions, you can control your own it’s very easy you can change or delete locations, days or entire location history and turn it on and off anytime. you can also download the entire history as Keyhole Mark-up Language (KML) files.

notwithstanding of whether you wish or not to send your location data to Google .if any of Google product is signed-in on your Android device it will spontaneously send your entire relocation history even while you moving, to the Google server.Head over the link


6. sign up on Google without creating a Gmail account

To use all Google services you need a special account Google account without it you can’t avail their services whenever you sign up for any of its services it automatically creates one Gmail account although most people find it very useful to have Gmail account after all it is one of the most prominent service by Google yet everybody has their own perspective and experience to judge so among them some people have no plans to use Gmail in that case you can create a Google account without Gmail with this mentioned link


7. Log details of your past searches

you can get all log details of your past searches and the content you have browsed in chrome you tube videos you have watched or searches made in YouTube, even the Google ad that you have clicked on various websites you can track them . but this data is only viewable to you and you can delete items or update this setting any time in settings head over your cursor to the url


8. See devices which using your Google account

you can track full run-down of every single device which access to your Google account for the last 28 days. you also get to know the last time the account was accessed, approximate location from where it was accessed, the browser and operating system used . you can furthermore manually revoked your account from any device. Now click on this url to view recent activity.