How To Insert Youtube Videos And Clips In A Powerpoint Effortlessly

PowerPoint presentations are all about your creativity and the quality of the content you put in. A typical presentation can be made very attractive with a few crucial changes which enhance the quality of the entire presentation and make it more engaging and understandable for the target audience.

One such trick which can be used for this purpose is inserting a YouTube video in your presentation. What it will do is that apart from making your entire presentation attractive and engaging, it will also reduce your workload and still create the same impact which other thousand words would have done. The target audience can easily relate to the presentation, and you can elaborate the entire presentation with much ease and comfort.

So, in this article, we will be getting to know how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint. In this case, we have two ways by which we can insert any YouTube clip or video in our PowerPoint presentation:

1. Embedding the video in the concerned slide in PowerPoint, and

2. Directly attaching and linking the YouTube video with the concerned

Both these ways of inserting are very easy and effective methods of inserting YouTube videos in your presentation. But the major question remains that how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint in the case of lack of connectivity. In such cases, you cannot rely on the data speed and will not be able to stream the videos online. You, thus, have to choose among these two methods depending on the location of your conference or presentation.

Embedding the Youtube Video In PowerPoint:

This method is highly recommended when the place you are visiting or attending the presentation at has the facility of high-speed data.

In order to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint, you need to simply download the YouTube Wizard extension and install it on your PowerPoint toolbar. As soon as you install it, a new icon will appear on your PowerPoint toolbar which reads “Insert YouTube Video.”

After this, you can copy the URL of the respective video from YouTube and paste it in the window which opens after clicking on the “Insert YouTube Video” icon.

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