InstaBuilder 2.0 Review – Create Web Pages Instantly without Coding!

Review of InstaBuilder 2.0 WordPress Plugin
By Tapas Pal Updated

In this article, we are back with a review of one of the most hyped and vital WordPress plugin – InstaBuilder 2.0. Internet marketing has witnessed a whopping revolution with the arrival of InstaBuilder 2.0. Creating any page for marketing or another purpose on a WordPress site is just a piece of cake even for the non-coders with its ‘drag-and-drop’ feature. Further, we will discuss its features, functionalities and the kinds of pages InstaBuilder is able to create later in this article.

InstaBuilder 2.0 Review – Reasons You Should Make a Purchase Today

Now, we are going to dig deeper into InstaBuilder 2.0. But before we jump to the main topic, it’s vital for you to have a little acquaintance about its previous version. So, here we go.

A Little History – InstaBuilder 1.0

The predecessor – InstaBuilder 1.0 was also the record breaker when launched. It was used to build opt-in pages and sales pages in the easiest way possible which were also integrated with Facebook and WordPress. Users have preferred this plugin over its popular counterparts like OptimizePress due to its extended functionality and ease of use.

But along with the release of OptimizePress 2.0 and LeadPages, the inclusion of visual editors in those plugins took some ground from InstaBuilder. But once again with the release of InstaBuilder 2.0, it has become the foremost preference for developers and non-coders!

InstaBuilder 2.0 – What is It?

InstaBuilder 2.0 - WordPress plugin for creating marketing page

Suzanna Theresa has made it possible once again with InstaBuilder 2.0. This is a completely revised and rebuilt version of the previous one. This plugin can easily be called the finest visual editor and drag-n-drop interface you have ever witnessed in WordPress. This page builder is an awesome plugin to use and beats almost every competitor including the non-WordPress plugins.

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[Note: hereinafter, every time we use InstaBuilder, it will denote the only the second version of the plugin.]

Pages that Can be Built by InstaBuilder 2.0

You can create beautiful, highly converting, and alluring marketing pages with the help of this WordPress page builder plugin. Each of the webpages along with all the functionalities will be crafted just by a touch of a button. And the most exciting part of the whole procedure is you don’t even have to be a tech geek or pro coder to create awesome pages! Below are the natures of marketing pages you can develop using InstaBuilder.

  • Squeeze Pages

A page that is designed to capture the opt-in email addresses from potential subscribers. Occasionally, it is also labeled as a landing page. The main motto of this page is to convince or ‘squeeze’ users to provide a coveted piece of personal data – email address.

  • Sales Pages (Upsells and Down sells)

The sales page is the standalone page of your website that helps your site increase the sales.

  • Video Sales Pages
  • Prelaunch (Coming Soon) and Launch Pages
  • Webinar Registration
  • Webinar Sales Pages
  • Membership Pages
  • Legal Pages
  • Bonus Pages
  • Review Pages
  • Download Pages and more…

Each of these pages can be built within a few clicks! Not a single line of programming language or coding is required. You just need to have the minimum sense of designing (more precisely, what to place where) and you are good to go for creating professional and robust web marketing pages within minutes!

InstaBuilder has over 100 ready-to-go templates for you which range from the retro IM-Style design to the latest web 3.0 style. You can choose any template from there or can even create pages from scratch. InstaBuilder 2.0 offers you the authority to modify the designs and customize its look and feel entirely how you want. All you need to do is pointing mouse, clicking, dragging and dropping.

When it comes to using, InstaBuilder can be used with any WordPress theme regardless of their settings. Don’t worry, nothing will be lost or damaged. The page templates of InstaBuilder are able to take over any WordPress theme, so there will be no conflict.

Features of InstaBuilder 2.0

InstaBuilder 2.0 Features - Amazing features for instant page creation on WordPress site

Now, let’s quickly move to the features that come with InstaBuilder. This plugin is called  ‘All-In-One’ not just like that. The power packed features are the reason InstaBuilder 2.0 is witnessing the heights. So, below are the features you are going to enjoy with the plugin.

New User Interface (Slick UI)

Creating landing pages is going to be a whole new experience for you with InstaBuilder’s user-friendly, modern and slick UI. Trust us when we say this new interface is the easiest to use.

Ease of Use – Drag-N-Drop Visual Editor

The visual editor makes it super-easy to customize an existing template of InstaBuilder or design a new landing page. You will find a flexible palette that can be collapsed, expanded or moved around anywhere in the screen space. You just need to drag elements from the palette and drop them on the page where you want.

100% Responsive

Each and every web page made by InstaBuilder 2.0 will look and feel great regardless of which device you use. It also lets you view the pages in different devices and orientations form a single browser window.

Over 100 Page Templates to Choose from

InstaBuilder will offer you more than 100 ready-to-go page templates which can be used to create any sort of pages. More importantly, each of them is easily customizable.

Text Formatting

InstaBuilder’s text formatting allows you to take control over your texts and typography without even spending hours focusing on the CSS coding. After you format your texts and typography, you can view it on the live preview option.

Custom Elements

When we say you can do anything on InstaBuilder 2.0, we actually mean it. It also allows you to add custom elements such as HTML/CSS/Javascript, boxes, column, tabbed content, navigation, Today’s Date, facebook comment, text, images, videos, buttons, shadows, animations and a lot more on your page.

Image Background Search and Image Editor

Now, you don’t have to tear your hair apart for finding the right picture that you want because InstaBuilder comes with the astounding ‘1-step background image search’ which will let your job easy to set an alluring background. Also, you can edit any image directly on InstaBUilder utilizing all its great inbuilt image editor tools.

2-Step and 3-Step Opt-in Technology

Now, the conversion should not be a concern when InstaBuilder 2.0 is around! Yes, the user-interaction on your website is going to witness a hike as this plugin’s 2-Step and 3-Step Opt-in Technology will prompt them to complete one or two additional actions before they can access the opt-in form. This will not only make your site interactive but it will increase your reliability.

Duplicate Templates

The duplicate feature of InstaBuilder 2.0 not only lets you copy one existing page but also lets you copy the elements associated with the visual editor (except ‘Survey Element’ and ‘3-Step Opt-in’).

Privacy Policy, TOS, Disclaimer Page Generator

Now, no need to spend hours and days to create contents for the privacy policy, disclaimer or TOS pages as InstaBuilder 2.0 comes with all the details required for creating those pages. All you need to do is a few clicks and tweaks.

Publish to HTML

This is one of the most surprising features that come along with InstaBuilder 2.0. This feature is also the proof that InstaBuilder is not all about WordPress. You can render any page to HTML version which is one feature that is missing from all the competitors of this plugin.

Advanced Statistics and Analytics

You need to, moreover, remember that InstaBuilder is not just a page maker plugin. It has many other facilities to offer. One of them is its advanced statistics and analytics. Not only can you build pages, but also can see how they are performing in terms of traffic and other metrics directly from InstaBuilder.

SEO Options

If SEO is your concern, don’t worry, InstaBuilder has sorted out this aspect as well! The second installment of the WordPress page maker plugin comes with built-in SEO options. You have the authority to customize any landing page to make it SEO friendly.

Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer is another feature which is going to induce a user to take an action because the clock is ticking and time is short! One of the most important components of a Coming Soon page – Countdown Timer is easily customizable with InstaBuilder.

So, you have seen what astounding features InstaBuilder 2.0 provides and how they work. These are the topmost features according to us but obviously, these are not all that the plugin offers! Below are some more features offered by the plugin.

  • Funnel System for creating a marketing funnel
  • Grouping to create a group of similar landing pages
  • GoToWebinar for arranging webinars
  • Easy Autoresponder Integration
  • Save Template for future use
  • Notification Bar integration for adding notification bar on the top of a page
  • Social sharing
  • Split Testing for creating and managing the variations of a page to execute a test
  • Built-in background pattern and marketing graphics
  • Question opt-in
  • Welcome Gate
  • Combo elements for selecting multiple components and bringing to the content area

Since now you have the concept how InstaBuilder 2.0 works and what features it offers, let’s move ahead to the next segment of our article: why you should buy the marketing page maker plugin i.e. the benefits of it.

Benefits of InstaBuilder 2.0 – Why You Should Buy It

Below are the benefits of using InstaBuilder. We have found the following aspects more than enough to purchase the plugin.

Cost Efficiency

If you hire a designer for building a landing page, you can be charged anywhere between $100-$150 at a minimum, whereas buying InstaBuilder will save you a lot of bucks if you are going to build various websites in future.

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Less Time Consuming

Time is synonymous with money and InstaBuilder 2.0 totally understands that. When a page design can normally take from few hours to few days, you can get the job done within 15-20 minutes with InstaBuilder.

Attractive Templates Increases Traffic

Attractive Templates of InstaBuilder increases your website traffic hugely. The stunning and functional templates are going to make your job (grabbing the traffic) too easy.

Non-Coder Work

As all of us are not developers but don’t want to spend money on building a landing page, InstaBuilder 2.0 comes as a breath of relief with its drag-n-drop feature where no coding is involved.

Be Creative, Set Any Background

This WordPress plugin is going to provide you everything which is required for an awesome website along with a video background which is only seen in popular large websites. And guess what, you can embed the video by yourself!

Choose Any Template from the Huge Collection

InstaBuilder 2.0 allegedly contains more than 100 templates to choose from. So, as your options grow, you can play with the designs.

Enhanced Interaction

The 2-step and 3-step opt-in technology allows your website to be more interactive. The more interaction means more reliability.


Supporting Hub

The supporting hub is one more advantage InstaBuilder can offer you. Any concern you are suffering from, their supporting hub will solve it promptly.

As you have gone through the benefits, you must be looking for the drawbacks of the plugin. But let us tell you that we have not found any flaw or drawback yet! Now, we will jump into the last segment of our article: the pricing.

InstaBuilder 2.0 Pricing

Below is the pricing list of InstaBuilder plugin. We would recommend you to get the developer license as it would allow unlimited domains along with installation on clients’ website. But obviously, you would choose according to your requirements.

Price list of InstaBuilder 2.0 WordPress plugin

As you can see, the prices for InstaBuilder 2.0 are quite affordable. When compared to the beautiful and functional web pages that you are going to develop in minutes, believe us, this particular WordPress plugin is offering you the best and the most affordable price.

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Our Rating

Rating of InstaBuilder 2.0

We have run InstaBuilder on our WordPress sites just to make sure we don’t provide an irrelevant review to you. And our experts have come up with the above rating after a thorough testing with every feature and functionality of the WordPress plugin.

Final Verdict

Now, we have come to the conclusion of our article, considering the features and benefits of InstaBuilder 2.0, we would suggest you install this plugin today. Yes, we have searched for complaints about the plugin but could not find one! So, it can be said that InstaBuilder can be your best friend when it comes to creating landing alluring and functional landing pages that sell.