Steps to Install Windows Media Centre (WMC) in Windows 10

Install Windows Media Centre (WMC) in Windows 10
By Tapas Pal Updated

Microsoft’s Windows 10 undoubtedly took the market with a storm but still many users don’t like upgrading their windows versions to 10. This is because in spite of having a lot of mind-blowing features, it officially does not support Windows Media Centre installation. This disappointed a lot of users who wanted to use Windows 10 but failed for a reason. Microsoft, however, decided to compensate this loss by giving a DVD player to its users, which suits in no way with that awesome functionality Windows Media Centre carries.

While the others were suffering from this problem, certain technology geeks took no time in releasing hacks/alternatives (unofficial) which enabled Windows Media Centre installation in Windows 10 as well. This came up with a huge relief. Not wasting any more time of yours, let’s just directly move to the hacks/shortcuts using which even you can also enable Windows Media Centre on your Windows 10 upgrade.

But before heading to the main thing, please just Note: This alternative is completely unofficial and requires installation of somewhat modified Windows Media Centre that may drive your system to certain problems. So if you don’t really want to take this risk, please don’t try any experiments. But if you want to get this anyhow, keep following this article.

Downloading the Unofficial Windows Media Centre

The My Digital Life Forums is the place where you can see active and most recent downloading links for the Windows Media Centre. Before the links are displayed to you, make sure to register yourselves first.

Note: Download the version as per your Windows 10 requirements (32 bit or 64 bit version). Otherwise the active links can be provided as well, to obtain a suitable version of Windows Media Centre for Windows 10. Mostly, the links you’ll find there (My Digital Life Forums), are for downloading version 12 of the Windows Media Centre. Just click any of these appropriate links and wait till the download is finished.

Installing Windows Media Centre in Windows 10

The downloaded file would be a Zip file (.7z). So you must have 7-Zip installed in your system to extract files from the WMC archive.

Step1: Right click on the downloaded WMC file. Go to 7-Zip and click Extract here. This will create a WMC folder which you can copy directly to any drive (no spaces in the path should be present to copy this folder. For example: You can copy it to C, E or the D drive without any difficulty).

Step2: Open the WMC folder. Click the file named _TestRights.cmd and choose Run as Administrator from the menu. Click Yes button when the Command prompt asks you for the permission.
(This window will automatically disappear after some time).

Step3: Right-click the Installer.cmd File and select Run as Administrator from the menu.

Step4: The Installation will start after this, which you can see in the Command Prompt Window (to check the progress).

Step5: Press any key to Exit after the command prompt shows the ‘Press any key to exit’ message.

 Facing problems? See this:

Run _TestRights.cmd file as an administrator again followed by restarting the system. After this, run Installer.cmd file once again. This might help you succeed.


Run Uninstaller.cmd file first to remove any Windows Media Centre leftovers from the upgraded version of your existing Windows. After this, start running _TestRights.cmd file again followed by running Installer.cmd file both as an administrator.


In case of any other problems, open Workaround.txt file. It includes answers to all the problems and queries people have encountered while installing the same. For example: It recommends installing Shark007 codec pack to fix the Decoder Error you might encounter while playing any specific media files.
Moreover, the instructions regarding the problems with the downloaded WMC are also listed effectively in this file.

Tadaa! Start running Windows Media Centre on your Windows 10

After the Installation is finished, you can launch WMC on your Windows 10 version anytime from the Start menu (lower-left corner). So now, you can enjoy this awesome application and its facilities altogether being a Windows 10 user also.

So this was all about WMC installation in Windows 10. Got any queries? Post them in the section below. Also, do like and share this article if this helped you in anyway to help you to achieve whatever you’re looking for.