11 Interesting websites that everyone must know about

Interesting websites
By Tapas Pal Updated

Imagine you are sitting on the porch on an idle Sunday afternoon, sipping a cup of coffee and waiting for the time to pass by. Well if you find yourself in such a position, then you might consider taking a look on these websites. These interesting websites may include anything, right from pictures to funny videos; they have the perfect recipe to brighten your dull day.

So let us take quick look on these interesting websites which you can find around on the internet.

Here is the List of interesting websites

Dear Photograph

It is a very cool website in the sense that it captures emotions as well as brings out the feeling of nostalgia. In this website, you would find pictures of people holding an old photograph which was clicked on that same spot many years ago. People post pictures related to their families, ancestral homes, pets, cars, etc. Author Taylor Jones has also compiled most of these pictures and turned it into a book which you can easily find on Google Books.


Textastrophe is a sort of a prank website. So here, a person pick up a random phone number from the internet, mostly Craigslist, and then starts a conversation with the person having that number and then posts the screenshots of the entire conversation on the website. The results are quite hilarious, but beware, they can also get abusive. So, please think twice before you put your phone number up on the internet.


This website is a real fun for the kids. In this website, you get millions of pictures of our mother earth which has been taken from the satellites which are generally found on Google Maps. Here, the images run in a slideshow automatically and showcases some of the most breath-taking pictures you may have ever seen. Run it on full-screen and enjoy the brilliance of nature.

Awkward Family Photos

This is a space where users share the weird and funny photographs of their dear and near ones in embarrassing moments. They also share the pictures in various weird settings which make the outcomes really funny and entertaining. Some of the best among these pictures have also been compiled in a book, which you can find on Google Books.


Suppose you are sitting at your home and want to know what is happening in the Times Square; well, Worldcam can help you with it. It basically collects all the geo-tagged pictures from Instagram for the foursquare locations and compiles it on this website. Here, you can look at the current activities which are going on at your favorite venues sitting at your home.

 This Is Why I’m Broke

This is an online shopping platform for crazy and unusual products you’d never imagine even existed. Here, you can get products like Vintage World Map Mural, boats from World War 2, World’s Strongest Coffee, etc.

Is It Normal

Do you dip your Gulab Jamun in ice-cream before having it? Have you ever thought that something which you regularly do might be weird for others? Well, if you do think so, then you have come to the right place. In this website, you can share all your weird habits to the millions of registered users and ask them, whether they think it as normal or not. Once your question gets approved from the website, your query will be forwarded to all the users so that they can put in their views.


You might have come across various weird and funny posts on Facebook and other social media platforms. This website here collects it all and showcases them to its users. However, the profile name and picture of the person are blurred to hide their real identity.

Honest Slogans

This website was created by Clif Dickens, a graphic designer. This cool website is really unique in its genre. This is because it pokes fun at the slogans of famous brands and companies and their products. The spoof slogans are created by the users and basically reflect the thoughts the users have regarding these brands. Like the most recent being Trump’s “Make America Hate Again”.

 Rich Kids of Instagram

As the latest trends suggest, the social media sites are the newest hang-out place for the rich to show-off their new possessions and money. Accordingly, this website captures most of those pictures from Instagram and collects it within a single roof, so that viewers can take a look at all of them without having to surf through various profiles.


This website is similar to that of Stratocam. Here, you can see how some famous places have evolved from the last forty years with the help of a collection of satellite images. You can see all the detailed images on Google Maps. There’s a option called “Explore our World”, where you can watch a timelapse of these places on the website.