How to register and book tickets using the IRCTC e-wallet

register and book tickets using the IRCTC e-wallet
By Tapas Pal Updated

IRCTC e-wallet is a digital wallet launched by IRCTC. It is a life saver while you book tickets through IRCTC because it ends all the delay caused while booking tickets using your bank account.  IRCTC has moved a step forward by launching the IRCTC e-wallet. It will end all the malpractice done by other e-wallets while you book train tickets through them. You will have to pay a small amount of money as registration fee. To use IRTC e-wallet, you need to register an account. In this tutorial, we will explain you the complete process of registering for IRCTC wallet and the method to book IRCTC Train tickets through IRCTC e-wallet.

Register for an IRCTC e-wallet

To register for IRCTC e-wallet you will be needing your Pan Card issued by the Income Tax Department of India, Your Debit Card or Net Banking details, Your IRCTC account details and 250 rupees one-time registration fee.

  • Go to the IRCTC website
  • Log in to your IRCTC account using your IRCTC account details.
  • Click on Plan My Travel page
  • Now you will find a link to register for e-wallet
  • Click on the Register Now link
  • First, you will have to verify your Pan Card details. Enter your PAN Card number, Card Holder name.
  • Now click on the Verify button


IRCTC e-wallet<br />
  • The next step is to set up a Transaction password
  • Enter your password which has a minimum of 4 characters and a maximum of 10 characters.
  • Retype the exact password in the confirm transaction password column
  • Now select your payment option
  • Tick the Terms & Conditions agreement check box
  • Now click on the Make Payment Button


  • Now you will be redirected to your selected Payment Gateway
  • Make the payment of rupees 250 to finish the registration process successfully


Deposit money to IRCTC e-wallet

Now we will explain to you the process of depositing money to the IRCTC e-wallet.

  • Go to the Official IRCTC website.
  • Log in to your IRCTC account using your username and password
  • Now click on the e-wallet link
  • Click on the e-wallet deposit button seen on the left side of the navigation bar
  • Now enter the amount you need to add to your IRCTC e-wallet. The minimum amount is Rupees 100 and the maximum is Rupees 10000
  • Now enter your payment option
  • Click on the Make Payment button.
  • Enter your payment details and pay to successfully add money to IRCTC e-wallet.

Book tickets using the IRTC e-wallet

Now we will explain to you the process of booking tickets through IRCTC website using IRCTC e-wallet

  • Go to the IRCTC Website
  • Log in to your IRCTC Account using your username and password.
  • Proceed with the normal ticket booking processes by entering train number, from station and to station, no. of seats, journey date etc.
  • After that when you reach the payment page, select e-wallet as the payment method
  • Now you will be asked to enter your e-wallet transaction password
  • Enter your transaction password
  • Click on submit

Now you have learned how to register and book tickets using an IRCTC e-wallet, which is a faster and better option while booking train tickets through IRCTC. The chances for failed transactions are less in the case of IRCTC wallet. Transactions are processed very fast unlike bank payments which are time taking and hectic. IRCTC e-wallet does not have any payment gateways too. It is easy and faster.

You cannot use IRCTC e-wallet to book tatkal tickets. It cannot be used to book tickets from 8 AM to 12 PM during booking hours.

IRCTC e-wallet charges rupees 5 per train ticket booking which is comparatively less than other e-wallets available for train ticket booking.

If you have any queries or doubts when registering with IRCTC e-wallet or while booking train tickets using IRCTC e-wallet let us know about it in the comments. We will answer to all of your queries without any hesitation.