Is Dailymotion Safe to Watch Videos? Know in Details

is dailymotion safe
By Tapas Pal Updated

Video sharing sites are trending right now, and you can totally conclude that by observing the popularity of YouTube. On these video sharing sites, you can stream videos of various contents. From movie trailers to cooking tutorials to lifestyle videos to full movies, they have it all. Hence, they are quite a dose of our daily entertainment.

If you’re a regular watcher of these video streaming sites, then you would probably know that YouTube is not the only performer in this field, it has in fact quite a strong competitor which is, Dailymotion. Dailymotion is quite popular and has kept millions of users hooked since 2005. But along with its popularity, it has faced certain allegations regarding its safety. Here in this article, we would, therefore, try to find an answer to the question, is Dailymotion safe?

What is Dailymotion?

is Dailymotion safe and lega

Dailymotion is the second most popular video streaming site after YouTube. It was founded back in March 2005, in Paris. Over the years, it has gained more and more recognition and is available in 18+ languages and in more than 30 local versions.

Dailymotion has been adding more and more smart features to its web portal over the years.  The latest ones being a completely refurbished user interface which is their most posh update till date.  From December 2017, it is even available on the Android TV platform and you can download it from Google Play Store. It is also compatible with iOS, Apple TV, Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Official Website of Dailymotion

How Popular is Dailymotion

Dailymotion has kept 300 million viewers glued to their computer screens globally. That clearly depicts the amount of popularity and craze it has created. It has a strong user base, with the top visitor countries being the United States, India, France, Pakistan, Thailand, and Japan. Needless to say, this statistic keeps changing. Dailymotion has an Alexa rank of 143 which is undoubtedly remarkable.

But in spite of being so much popular universally, Dailymotion had its bad days. Like it had been blocked in India twice i.e. in the years 2012 and 2014 respectively. The first blocking was due to its featured contents, while the second blocking was imposed with the doubt that, Dailymotion might be broadcasting ISIS videos. Though both of these bans were removed eventually, the question is Dailymotion safe still remains in the picture.

Contents Featured on Dailymotion 

is Dailymotion safe to watch

Like any video sharing sites, Dailymotion’s list of featured contents is quite diverse in nature. Their list of videos includes music concerts, sports, political videos, comedy skits, fashion and cooking tutorials, live gaming videos and so on. You can even find movies and TV shows for downloading, just that latest movies are not available and you need to wait a bit to find a movie with good picture quality.

But the question is Dailymotion safe arises here because Dailymotion is quite liberal when it comes to its contents. That means, they don’t hesitate to host contents with nudity, violence, and fierceness. While this might bring Dailymotion a huge round of applause from some users, it could be a big matter of concern for many as well. In fact, once they share a video on this site, it is never taken down unless it creates a lot of buzzes. Hence, the question regarding the safety of Dailymotion still remains.

Is Dailymotion Safe for Kids?

Kids these days are pretty advanced compared to their age, and it is quite difficult for parents to keep the smartphones or tablets away from them. Kids of this era are very efficient with internet and can easily access sites like Dailymotion. It is, therefore, a big matter of concern for the parents as they get scared with the possibility that their kids might stumble upon videos which are not at all permissible to watch at their age. Hence, again the question is Dailymotion safe becomes more relevant.

But Dailymotion has its own set of policies to restrict the kids from watching adult videos. Firstly, they strictly mention on their Terms and Conditions section that, kids below the age of 13 are not at all welcomed to watch Dailymotion. In fact, even if a kid registers with this site by faking his or her age (as you know kids these days are capable of doing that), they request the parents to send them an email and they would cancel that kid’s subscription right away. Dailymotion has a family filter as well. Once you switch this filter on, you would only watch videos which are safe for both kids as well as teenagers below 18.

is Dailymotion a safe website

There is a site called, WOT, which measures the safety of a particular site. Once you paste the URL of Dailymotion on this site, you would see that according to them, Dailymotion is 92% trustworthy and scores 87% in the field of child safety.

is Dailymotion safe from viruses

Is Dailymotion Safe from Viruses?

The next factor which is quite a decisive one in determining an answer to the question is Dailymotion safe, is the availability of viruses and malware on this site. To get an answer, we would take help of two sites, namely, Virus Total and Norton Safe Web.

According to Virus Total, Dailymotion is completely clean and safe.

is Dailymotion safe?

And, according to Norton Safe Web, Dailymotion is safe with zero computer threats, zero identity threats, and no annoyance factors.

is Dailymotion safe to use

Therefore, it can safely be said that Dailymotion is free from malware and viruses.

The Final Verdict

So, with respect to the results, we got from all the sections above, we’re clearly at a point where we can answer the question, is Dailymotion safe. And the answer is, Yes. Dailymotion is completely safe and is entirely free from any kind of viruses or malware. The main issue of this site revolves around its contents.

There are various weird contents on this site which should not be watched by kids, teenagers and young adults. Dailymotion should, therefore, focus more on their filters as their family control filter is too easy to lift. Other than that, it is thoroughly an engaging site.