Is KingRoot Safe to Root Your Android Phone?

Is KingRoot Safe
By Tapas Pal Updated

Have you ever heard the term “Rooting”? Rooting is basically a process which is related to your Android phone. The Android phone you are using is able to perform a lot of tasks than it does but certain restrictions have been placed on its operations. These restrictions are not visible to you because they have been provided by the manufacturer himself. The reason behind putting these restrictions is to keep your phone secure. But what is also true is that these restrictions stop you from accessing a lot of new software programs.

And, if you are willing to take some risks and want to reach those blocked programs, then you have the option of rooting your device. One app which would help you in rooting your Android phone is, KingRoot.

What is KingRoot apk?

Is KingRoot Safe to Use
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As I have already mentioned, KingRoot apk is a tool to root your device. It supports any device functioning between the Android versions 4.2.2 to 5.1. KingRoot is a Chinese app and you won’t find it in Google Play Store. You need to do download the KingRoot APK file and keep your data connection on, while you are rooting your Android phone. KingRoot also has the feature of unrooting your device. By using this apk, you can carry out a lot of functions, access many new apps and you can also remove those inbuild apps which you are normally unable to uninstall.

But don’t forget that Rooting your device is always a delicate process. Also, KingRoot apk does not work smoothly on all the devices.

But the question that arises here, is KingRoot safe?

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Major Drawbacks of KingRoot

How safe is KingRoot
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It is true that KingRoot is a renowned app for rooting and subsequently unrooting your device, but there are several allegations regarding the safety of KingRoot. The question which arises in this context, is KingRoot safe to use?

But before answering this question, I’m mentioning some of the most common accusations concerning the functions of KingRoot.

  1. The first major drawback of KingRoot apk is, the whole app is in the Chinese language And even though the rooting fails, most users are unable to understand the reason behind it, as everything pops up in the Chinese language. Another big concern is, some users have reported that KingRoot has sent the IMEI number of their Android phones to servers in China. This is certainly a major concern and the question, is KingRoot safe even becomes more evident after hearing this.
  2. Some users have claimed that, after downloading KingRoot, they did not find it of much help. In fact, it was not even able to perform its primary function, which is rooting.
  3. It has also happened that, some of us did not find KingRoot apk very useful, and decided to uninstall it and to switch to SuperSU (another popular root app and KingRoot’s biggest rival). But what happened post uninstalling KingRoot is, some new and unknown folders popped up in the phone’s internal storage. The folders came without installation and they had strange names. Once googled, it was found out that those names belonged to Chinese developers.

In this context, the question, is KingRoot safe is becoming more relevant, isn’t it?

Positive Sides of KingRoot

Is KingRoot Safe?

While in one of the previous sections we have talked about the drawbacks of KingRoot apk, in this section we intend to discuss some points in KingRoot’s defense.

  1. It is a fact that the warning messages which you get while downloading KingRoot apk can be due to the reason that, no manufacturer or developer of Android phones want the devices to get rooted. That’s why those messages keep coming. It has nothing to do with KingRoot. In this context, KingRoot apk can be entitled to be safe.
  2. It is also true that, once you root your device, it becomes a bit difficult to manage your files and documents. All you need is to take care of your files and documents. KingRoot apk has nothing to do with it and it is an easy and trustworthy rooting tool.

The Final Verdict- Is Kingroot Safe or Not?

After concentrating on both the positive and negative opinions of the users, we have reached the conclusion that, KingRoot apk is not an unsafe rooting tool. It might cause trouble in rooting, but that can be due to the device used because your device needs to be compatible with the rooting software, then only the rooting would take place. Also, post rooting your phone automatically acquires the possibility of risks.

But as far as the Chinese server issue is concerned, it is true that KingRoot apk can send your phone’s IMEI number to random Chinese servers. But you must also be aware of the fact that, any regular app can fetch the IMEI number of your phone with very minimum permissions.

Still, if you’re scared of the fact that your phone is at risk, then you can use any other rooting app. But as far as safety is concerned, KingRoot apk is safe and you can give it a try!