Top 5 Kickass Torrent Alternatives That Will Work In 2018

Kickass Torrent Alternatives
By Gopal Sengar Updated

Torrents are always the best you can get. They are divine when you are looking for your favorite series at one place. Kickass was one such place. Downloading movies, games, software, PDFs was easier than ever with Kickass. But we’re going to discuss the best Kickass Torrent alternatives in this article since the popular site was closed ripping our heart out.

On 22nd July 2016, the US Police department took down the website despite the humongous popularity and arrested the site owner in Poland. This news was a severe heartbreak to those who used to survive on these domains to download their favorite stuff. But soon they realized that there are some worthy working alternatives to Kickass Torrent as well which are also amazing and easy to work with.

So, without spending any more unnecessary words, let’s get straight to the main topic and discover the Kickass Torrent alternatives that can help you throughout your journey of downloading files from the internet. Go through the alternatives below, and keep downloading like before.

Kickass Torrent Alternatives You Should Know


Alternatives to Kickass Torrent

If you are familiar with Kickass Torrents site, you’ll find that this site is a complete clone of the former. Its functionality and performance are identical to Kickass Torrent. This site was not taken down with the official one. So it is assumed that this could be regarded as one of many clone sites which Kickass used to run. We checked the entire site for its functionality and found that its files are working perfectly fine. So if you are facing any problem with other sites, you can use this. It is maintained by IsoHunt which regularly updates this site. So it is handy.

2 - Kickass Torrent Alternatives

This is one of many sites which are close to the official Kickass Torrents site. This is operated and updated regularly by the official KickAss Torrents team which makes it completely private and secure. If you are still worried about your security, you can use a VPN to operate it. The torrent files are easy to download and work completely fine. This is a fresh database dump which the official team operates and was released when the PirateBay was down. So you can use it as well if you are looking for the sites like Kickass Torrent.


Sites like Kickass Torrent -

ExtraTorrent is another big draw to be listed among the list of the top torrent sites or the Kickass Torrent alternatives we have on the Internet. This is the home of all the official releases of ETTV and ETRG which is also the reason behind its fame and popularity. The files are categorized into a simpler format to operate and find what we usually search in there. A total of about 30 million monthly users visits this site to get their stuff downloaded! So, have you found your answer to the alternatives to Kickass Torrent?

4 - Kickass Torrent Alternatives

Torrentdownloads is another best Kickass Torrent alternatives. It also has the same features as what Kickass used to have. Its design is also similar, and that’s what makes Torrentdownloads one of the most identical sites like Kickass Torrent. It has a rank of 5000+ at Alexa and about 20 million users visit this site on a monthly basis which is awesome. You can simply download the torrent files from here or can even use the Magnet links to get those files. The server works fast and does not hang usually.

5 - Alternatives to Kickass Torrent

The site, however, struggles to perform well because people prefer more reliable and top ranking torrent sites instead; it manages to receive a decent traffic each month. It is also doing great and is among the top 5 sites which are very popular Kickass Torrent alternatives we are discussing today. The files here are downloadable and easy to get access to.

You can also use a VPN if you are afraid of your security. It`s our recommendation to you that you don’t share your personal details like that of a credit card to get any file. So, if you can maintain these parameters, then can become one of the most underrated yet the best sites like Kickass Torrent.

Caution: Torrent Downloading is strictly prohibited in some countries. If you opt for downloading from Torrent links, do it at your own risk. These alternatives to Kickass Torrent may not open directly. In that case, you need to visit and after searching a video, you can get the links to the above sites.

Final Words

The site was the best choice among a lot of users, but after its crackdown, the users quickly explored alternatives to the official one. These sites are those alternatives to Kickass Torrent which are exactly the same in design and functionality. The files are easy to download. The list is prepared totally on the basis of the traffic they receive on the monthly basis and their reviews. If you too know any secret location that deals mainly with torrents, do share them with us.

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