Killing Floor 2 Perks – A Detailed Guide

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By Abhirup Ghosh Updated

Killing enemies have always been heart pumping! And guess what! Now, Killing Floor 2 ( official website ) has excited Steam Early Access and available for PlayStation4. It is the best time to have unmatched fun by killing the Zeds. Each of the Killing Floor 2 Perks owns a different play style altogether, and betting on the right one can make the difference between having fun and getting frustrated while playing the game. Apparently, one couldn’t be triumphant in World War with a knife in the pocket!

This guide will turn you into a Killing Floor 2 pro from a confused beginner. I am going to portray detailed guide about the 10 perks available in the game regarding their play style, best weaponry, vital skills and much more to excel further.

Killing Floor 2 Perks:


Berserker - Killing Floor 2 Perk

Berserker loves to get into brawls! So, if you’re more of a person like to go face to face with enemies and get personal, Killing Floor 2’s melee specialist may be the perk you should aim at. Often the complication of the melee weapon system and added attention required to pay to the surroundings makes the perk harder to play with than the rest of the lot.

It’ll be more comfortable for the Zeds to surround you since you’ll be in the middle of the fight being the Berserker! Despite your advantage of not being grabbed by the army of Zeds, they still can beat you down unless you’re on your toes!

Features of Berserker

The Berserker skills combine more speed, more health and more strength in attacks. There are two main builds for this perk. One is a speed demon dancing around large Zeds and striking at the right moment. Another is a strong tank doing massive melee damage and possessing enough health to battle for an extended period.

How to use Berserker

Blocking and Parrying are the prime moves to use Berserker, one of the most viable Killing Floor 2 Perks properly. You can make the best use of the two movements only with melee weapons. Ensure using regular attacks for the smaller Zeds and power attacks for the biggies! Moreover, Berserker’s EMP grenades can shatter the Zeds, so, fly one to the army and see what damage it can make. The Berserker can be perfectly utilized by tying up the Zeds so that your armed companions can shoot them down without getting surrounded. Choose the right perk as your companion that’ll not let the Zeds get control since you will be at the center.


Commando - Killing Floor 2 Perk

The Commando is undoubtedly the eyes and ears of Killing Floor 2 Perks. The presence of Commando will certainly make a significant difference in a fight. The primary ability of the perk is to detect every cloaked enemy that can cause a nuisance. Furthermore, this perk can turn out to be one of the easiest perks for a newbie to take off. Anyone familiar with first-person shooting can find it similar!

Features of Commando

Low and medium strength Zeds can taste defeat by the main weapon of Commando: the Assault Rifle. Nevertheless, the Commando has to hope for his teammates to take down the larger Zeds. But his HE grenade can deal enough damage in a small radius. Reload speed and ammo capacity define the Commando’s skills. You have to draw a higher well of ammo while changing the magazines rapidly to ensure your enemies don’t overthrow you. So, having a mixture of these two is preferred to win the battle!

How to use Commando

Demolitionists can be a great assistance for Commando. Commando’s high rate of fire can keep the Zeds away at bay while Demolitionist can reload their slow firing weapons. Demolitionist can also help Commando in taking down larger Zeds that can be troublesome to defeat otherwise. Berserker is also a great comrade of Commando with their ability to keep Zeds at bay. In the meantime, Commando can shoot down the smaller Zeds from a distance with his high-rate-of-fire. The greater expense of ammo also calls for a Support player to be around to resupply.


Support - Killing Floor 2 Perk

The Support turns exceptionally useful when it comes to providing ammo to your teammates. Once they approach for each round, they receive an extra magazine for their weapons from the supply chain of the Killing Floor 2 perks.

Features of Support

The Support eclipses at clearing compact spaces and sealing off access points. The shotguns they have are unmatched when the game revolves around doorways and corridors. Moreover, they have an incredible ability to weld a door shut quicker than any other perk.

How to use Support

Initially, the Support perk will behave less powerful than the other perks available. Until you level it up, you may get disappointed with the outcome of Support perk. Once you earn the skills that strengthen your shot penetration, ammo capacity, and damage, it’s literally hard to stop Support. Providing ammo to the comrades is also a crucial task and vital role of Support. This perk greatly partners with rapid firing classes like S.W.A.T and Commando that can lay down suppressing fire while Supports get the time to reload. The Gunslinger and Firebug can be the excellent complimentary partners as well. While the former take down smaller targets at short range quite quickly, the latter weaken their enemies with the flamethrowers.

Field Medic

Field Medic - Killing Floor 2 Perk

Field Medic is a great advantage for any team but one of the toughest Killing Floor 2 Perks to play with. Despite the access to a range of important weapons, none of them are useful to the Field Medic. Rather than being on the battlefield like the other perks, Field Medic stays out of the action to heal the other teammates when necessary. So, does “Medic” make sense now?

Features of Field Medic

Being a Field Medic, the best and primary use of a weapon is for healing and self-defense. The grenade of Field Medic also revolves around healing and treatment! Though the perk can poison the Zeds with the healing power, it just compliments the damage caused by other perks.

How to use Field Medic

Field Medic can heal his teammates by firing at them with the secondary fire. On the flipside, they can use the fire to poison their enemies. The best skill you may find for Field Medic is to make you flight on your feet which will eventually help you to dodge in and out in the battle! Furthermore, you should opt to choose the skills that’ll assist your teammates and you faster.


Demolitionist - Killing Floor 2 Perk

The Demolitionist is exactly antonymous to the Commando. Unlike shooting bullets on every moving object, this perk directs massive explosive firepower to the group of Zeds. The ability to take out the whole group of enemies at one shot makes the Demolitionist one of the most lethal Killing Floor 2 Perks.

Features of Demolitionist

Demolitionist is considered as one of the advanced classes in Killing Floor 2 because of the precision required for this perk. When all your explosives are one shot and take a long time to reload, you have to make the shot count! The M79 and RPG-7 are two other weapons owned by Demolitionist that also require a reload time. So, once you get surrounded by Zeds, you have only two options left: switch to a backup weapon or throw one of your ½ dynamite sticks!

How to use Demolitionist

keeping the Demolitionist behind a group of Berserkers, S.W.A.T, and Commandos, and letting the massed Zed come closer can turn out to be the best tactic. Against the massed and large Zeds, none of the other perks come even closer to Demolitionist comparing the damage potential. With one shot on target, your teammates can have a sigh of relief who were pummeled by Zeds! In return, they can watch your back while you’re reloading the weapons being the Demolitionist. Keeping a Support perk in your team will be a massive plus as Demolitionist’s explosive weapons have limited ammo.

You should aim at improving the skills of ammo reserve and reloading time more than anything else. You’ll encounter some skills to increase your weapon’s damage and staggering, but they’re powerful enough to ignore at the moment. So, focus on how to fire more and more frequently. Other than the explosive firepower and massive damage capability at one shot, Demolitionist also possesses the Sonic Resistance Rounds skills that unlock at level 15. This skill is crucial since it nullifies the siren Zed’s disarming effect on grenades and explosive rounds!


Firebug - Killing Floor 2 Perk

Firebug is the flame discharging loony which makes sure the Zeds don’t overrun your squad. If the squad faces an overwhelming situation of getting defeated, Firebug comes to the rescue being your best chance to survive. The most chaotic and unpredictable situations come under control with their large area-of-effect attacks. Their ability to distract and weaken a large group of Zeds quickly makes the Firebug one of the useful Killing Floor 2 Perks available.

Features of Firebug

Armed with a range of fire producing weapons, Firebug has the potential to put the Zeds in panic by burning them until they become a little more than charcoals! Hardly any perk can lead in assists like Firebug due to its problem-solving fire and large hose-down number of Zeds. Most of the Firebug’s weapons tend to affect a large area where a large number of Zeds get hit, and Firebug collects some bonus points for assisting in Zed killing.

How to use Firebug

Utilizing the panic reaction of the Zeds when fired, Firebugs are the pros of controlling large Zed horde. Your teammates can take advantage of the panicking situation by the traditional bullet-based attacks. Despite Firebug’s inability to kill Zeds quickly, it still can keep Zeds ineffective by the focused attention! Firebugs can pre-empt the tight group of Zeds from their intended targets by creating walls of ground fire that weaken Zeds once they pass through! The microwave guns of Firebugs can damage any metallic Zed like fleshpounds severely. Firebug has some added boons to lessen the threat level of scrakes and fleshpounds by the heat wave ability!

Despite these pluses, Firebug can’t win the battle alone! They work best with the rest of the squad since they can only weaken the Zeds rather than killing them. You can occupy the Zeds being a Firebug and let the rest of your squad can attack. One more thing you need to remember while playing with Firebug is its inability to damage the Sirens permanently. The lack of Siren’s scream resistance makes the job difficult for Firebug to kill it since Firebug has to be within the Siren’s range to call any damage. Eventually, Firebug should depend on lower-tier weapons to deal with non-metallic zeds.


Gunslinger - KIlling Floor 2 Perk

Gunslinger is one of the daredevil Killing Floor 2 Perks that slices Zeds face to face. The bullet dispensing carnage machine is the master of dual welding guns, puts a lot of damage rapidly and carries enough ammunition to stay in the battle for a more extended period.

Features of Gunslinger

Gunslingers are short-range and highly mobile combats who have the ability to do the damage quickly and get out earlier than any zed can even respond! It owns a middle state between Sharpshooter and Commando with the combination of high ammo count, fire, power, and accuracy. The lack of Gunslinger’s power can make up with the pace of the perk both in footstep and fire rate. A larger amount of ammo on the hand permits the Gunslinger to deal a lot of damage almost in no time.

How to use Gunslinger

The Gunslinger is superiorly effective in close and medium range fights. They can make headshots from the approaching Zeds. The nail bomb of Gunslinger can stun Zeds granting the Gunslinger to manage time to line up for headshots. Having said that no Zeds are especially resistant to Gunslinger’s damage; Gunslingers may have issues with inaccuracy and reload times at the time of dual wielding. Gunslingers must manage their magazines carefully so that they don’t get into the vulnerable moments when enemies will come closer, and you’ll have nothing to do. During this endangered instances, your teammates are the most dependable options to guard you.


Sharpshooter - Killing Floor 2 Perk

The sharpshooter is the shooter striking his enemies from afar by snipers. Zeds after Zeds are going to be destroyed with the help of one of the most sorted out Killing Floor 2 Perks. Sharpshooter stays at the far end of the Commando-Gunslinger-Sharpshooter trio enhancing the fire, rate, and perfection of the other perks to do a greater damage from a longer range.

Features of Sharpshooter

Sharpshooter is especially specialized in killing larger Zeds with greater damage and accuracy on headshots. Moreover, their freeze grenade interrupts the approaching zeds in middle of their way. This assists the Sharpshooter and its teammates to manage the time to line up the headshots.

How to use Sharpshooter

Sharpshooter picks off the greater threats like large Zeds with watchfully placed headshots. They impose a massive amount of damage and stun the Zeds who’re not beheaded properly. While you may utilize Sharpshooters against smaller and weaker Zeds, it is not wise to waste their damage and ammunition potential. Sharpshooters are a popular solution to the kill the larger Zeds, due to the massive damage they can make with the accurate headshots. On the other hand, Sharpshooters are east to catch while concentrating on one headshot. You have to be ready with the other allies like Commando or Gunslinger to save your master of accuracy.


Survivalist - Killing Floor 2 Perk

This particular perk is the utility member who can play several different roles by himself. It can fill the void for any of you Killing Floor 2 Perks relying on the choice of weapon and skills. Survivalists can make an effective use of almost every weapon efficiently, that allows them to use a range of weaponry combination unlike the rest of the perks.

Features of Survivalist

Survivalist may adapt the skills and armaments of the other perks based on the choice of weapons and skills, but it can never get the strength as the original one. Leaving the adaption of other perks, Survivalist has his own weapons namely 9mm pistol, Machete, and HE grenade. So, you may get any help during a battle with this perk on your side.

How to use Survivalist

The unmatched versatility makes Survivalist one of the preferable perks in Killing Floor 2. You may also get every perk’s efficiency on the go if you select the right skill and weapon for Survivalist. Although it doesn’t comprise the exact potential like the original perk, you may take help of Survivalist when a certain amount of damage is enough. While using the Survivalist as your trump card, you have to be cautious in your weapon selection. It decides the modification of the Survivalist into another perk. Moreover, mind choosing the weapons as these come in variety but limited in weight or Dosh! You may not win a battle relying on Survivalist’s shoulder, but you can certainly play a good team game with a clever utility.


S.W.A.T - Killing Floor Perk

The S.W.A.T is one of the close range Killing Floor 2 Perks that can hose down Zeds with the machinegun fire and hack through them with the storm of steel and lead. S.W.A.Ts are exceptionally well to pick off smaller Zeds with the highest rate of fire among the rest of the perks and comparatively weaker individual shots.

Features of S.W.A.T

The S.W.A.T can control and prevent the smaller Zeds from flanking or swarming your comrades with its ability to of short-range firing. S.W.A.T can fire a consistent stream of bullets without managing recoil. The improved armor and mobility of S.W.A.T permit them to put Zeds at a safe distance while the SWAT remains effective and out of danger.

How to use S.W.A.T

S.W.A.T works best with the smaller and weaker Zeds from any and every position. S.W.A.Ts can rapidly kill the Zeds or distract them by their crowd control ability. They are also quite effective against the Scrakes with the distraction ability of flashbang grenades. The low recoil rate of the S.W.A.T weaponry permits them to fire for rapid and constant headshots effortlessly. The damage done by automated weapons are more lethal than the damage done by raw damage generally allowed by their weapons. The S.W.A.T can eliminate a substantial amount of health from the larger Zeds by the 3rd or 4th tier weapons only when they’re already out of control. One thing that needs consideration is the limited ammo (also expensive) possessed by S.W.A.T. You may want to take Support perk to help you in those vulnerable situations when ammo is out of stock!