How to know your Router’s IP Address on any Device

Router’s IP Address
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Using Wi-Fi is not any big deal. You just need to connect your device to the network using the username and password and Tadaa! You are in. While in the process, it becomes necessary sometimes to change its settings like name and password. But to configure a router you need something more than just the username or the existing password.

A Router’s IP is one such thing using which you can easily configure the name or the password (set-up page) of your wireless network. You can easily find this router’s IP address through any of the actively-connected devices no matter if it’s your computer or the smartphone in your pocket. I know it sounds easy, but obtaining this is even easier.

know your Router’s IP Address

All you need to do is to follow a simple series of steps on your connected device which we are going to present here in the next few minutes. So just buckle up and keep reading.

Note: Windows denote this IP address as the Default Gateway. Rest other devices/systems call this as the Router’s IP only.

Using Windows

router ip Address

Step1: Go to the Control Panel (Select Start and choose it from there).

Router’s IP Address step 2

Step2: Select View network status and tasks from under the Network and internet section.

Router’s IP Address

Step3: To the right of Connections (upper right corner) you’ll see the name of the connected network. Click it. The Wi-Fi status dialog box will appear on the screen.

Router’s IP Address step 4

Step4: Select Details. The address on the right of the Router’s name followed by the phrase- Default gateway (Example: ABC Default gateway, IPv4 Default gateway, etc.) is your router’s IP address.

Using Android devices

Android devices Router’s IP Address

Step1: Go to Settings and choose the Wi-Fi option.

Step2: You’ll see your connected network there. Long tap on the name and select Modify network config. from there.

Step3: Check (Tick) the Show advanced options.

Android devices Router’s IP Address step Android devices Router’s IP Address final step

Step4: Change IP settings to Static and scroll down the menu.
The address under the Gateway section is your router’s IP address.

Step5: Click Close once you’ve noted it down.

Through Linux driven systems

Finding a router’s IP address through Linux is as easy as it is in the case with other devices. You just need to be connected to the router whose IP address you want. Once you are connected, follow these steps.

Step1: Click the Notification icon (upper right corner or may be as per the screen alignment) on your desktop.

Step2: Select the Connection Information option from the list.

Step3: A dialog box showing details about the Active network connections will pop-up.

Step4: The IP address to the right of Default Route/Gateway is the Router’s IP address you were looking for.

You can now configure your router using this IP address.

Using iPhones and iPad

Step1: Open Settings and choose Wi-Fi from there.

Step2: Tap the name of the connected network. That’s it.

The name right next to Router is the IP address you want to have.

 Using Chrome Operating System:

It’s way much easier to discover the Router’s IP in case you have a Chromebook. Read next, to know how.

Step1: To the right of the Taskbar, click the Notification slide and select Connected to ABC (your active connection’s name) option from the list.

Step2: Click the name of the connected network.

Step3: After the details are displayed, choose the Network tab. The address right next to the Gateway is your router’s IP address.

Through Mac OS X

Step1: Click the Apple menu (on the bar at the top of your screen). And select System Preferences option from there.

Step2: Click the Network icon from the list (in the bottom line).

Step3: Select your connected network and click the Advanced option at the lower right corner of your system screens.

Step4: Under TCP/IP tab you’ll find your Router’s IP to the right of Router.

 Extra Information

However, in case, if you don’t know how to access your router’s web-based interface, here are the steps which would lead you to the destination.

To log in to the web-interface (Router’s) using Android:

Step1: In your mobile web browser, enter http://your-router-ip and tap Go.

Step2: Enter the User-Name and Password in the blank field and tap Log-In

This will take you to the web-based interface of your router where from you, can configure it to a new password or a name.

So, this was all for how you can discover your router’s IP address following just a simple series of steps, using any device/ system. Hope you all find this article helpful in whatever you were looking for.


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