Messenger vs Hangouts : Which One is Better?

messenger vs. hangouts
By Tapas Pal Updated

There is hardly anyone who does not hold a Google+ or Facebook account. And if you have accounts on these two platforms then you probably know about the Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts apps. Hangouts was launched as a separate app in 2013 while Messenger got separated from Facebook and came on its own in 2015.

Now without exaggerating much, we would straight away go the point and ask you a simple question, which app do you think is better Messenger or Hangouts? The question might sound simple, but the answer is definitely tricky.

In this article, we would help you in finding the answer to the question, “Messenger vs. Hangouts, which one is better?” To answer this question, we need to compare these two apps on the basis of the following factors:

Mediums of Availability
  • The Facebook Messenger app is available for PC, Android, and iOS versions. Additionally, you can download this app on your Windows phone as well.
  • The Google Hangouts app too is accessible for PC, Android, and iOS versions. But if you’re having a Windows phone, then sadly, you won’t be able to access this app.

Hence in the battle of Messenger vs. Hangouts, Messenger wins this section.

Settings and Configurations
hangouts messenger

The next factor which would help us in finding a winner in the Messenger vs. Hangouts battle is Settings and Configurations. Now under settings and configurations, some subfactors come in question, and here we would talk about each one of them individually. Let’s find out.

  • The first factor which would help us in making a conclusion is For Facebook Messenger, the size varies with the change of platforms. In iOS store, the size of this app is 224.8 MB and in Windows store, the size is 108.77 MB. And finally, in Android, the size of Facebook Messenger is 55 MB. For Google Hangouts, on the other hand, the sizes for Android and iOS are 19 MB and 99.9 MB respectively. Now, the less place an app occupies the better it is for your phone, as you would have more room for other apps. So, that way, Hangouts scores higher.
  • Now in this Messenger vs. Hangouts war, we would discuss certain internal specifications. First, let us talk about the search option. Suppose you’re trying to find out a specific conversation, how would you do it? By going through every conversation on your chat box? That would be one hell of a hectic work! A search option makes things easier. And, Messenger has it but Hangouts does not.
  • If we discuss other customizations, like, snoozing notifications, an ad-free interface, photo capturing facilities, adding widgets etc. we would observe that both Messenger and Hangouts have them.

Hence this round was a tie between the two. No winner and no loser.


All these apps came into question in the first place because of chatting. So, the next deciding factor in the Messenger vs. Hangouts battle is Chat.

hangouts vs. messenger
  • What would you do if you don’t want a certain somebody in your contact list to find out that you’re online? You would probably go offline, right? Wrong! Because in Facebook Messenger, you have the option of going invisible to a certain person while still staying online. Sadly, Hangouts does not have this feature.
  • While chatting, both these apps show “Typing” in order to confirm that the other person is typing a reply to your message. But an extra benefit of Messenger is, it clarifies in a better way that your message has been delivered and seen by the person at the other end. Another plus for Messenger.
  • Next, we would move to medias i.e. which media files can we send via these apps. The good news is, both Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts let you send pictures, videos, locations, URLs etc. Both these apps have their own versatile sticker library where you would find tons of stickers and emojis which are fun and help you in expressing yourself properly. But on Hangouts, you can’t send audio clips which is a minus. Also, a GIF becomes a video clip when you send it to someone on Hangouts. Alternatively, in Messenger, you can send both audio clips and GIFs. Also, it would be a crime if we don’t admit that, Messenger has a more innovative bunch of stickers compared to Hangouts and they’re adding more to the list each day.

So, this section has a clear winner in the Messenger vs. Hangouts battle, and that is, Messenger.

Video Calling
hangout or messenger

Both Hangouts and Messenger support audio calling. Hence it all comes down to the video calling feature. Let’s find out who dominates whom in this concluding category of the Hangouts vs. Messenger battle.

  • If we’re being honest, we have to declare that, Facebook has never been good in the video calling front. Earlier Messenger would not even support group video chats, which was a huge minus. But now it does support group video chats along with one-to-one video calls. Adding this feature has protected Messenger’s back a bit. Additionally, there are various quirky and hilarious live filters, emojis etc. which you can put on in an ongoing video call.
  • Now let’s move our focus to Google Hangouts. Hangouts has been offering group video calls for a decade now. You might know that to organize a group video call you require a huge bandwidth. The challenge is to maintain all the callers simultaneously as they all gear up to talk. Google has its own way of handling this chaos. It focuses on the person who is talking at a time and shifts the video feed to that person. Also, on Hangouts, you get the screen sharing option, which makes business dealings and other emergency purposes simpler. Likewise, Hangouts might not own many live filters but it has certain tools like Draw, Soundation, Warlight etc. which let you customize the video chat enormously.

So, it is a miss for Messenger in this round of the Messenger vs. Hangouts battle.

Other Features
google hangouts vs. messenger

We’ve already mentioned the main deciding factors. But there are certain other factors which may help you in finding a champion in the Messenger vs. Hangouts war. Let’s check them at a glance.

  • If we go by the ratings, then on Google play store, both Messenger and Hangouts hold the same rating which is 4. But things change in the iOS store. Here, Hangouts fetches a cool 4.2 rating whereas Messenger manages only 3.7 rating. These ratings are given by users, and clearly, iPhone users are more in favor of Hangouts.
  • Honestly, Messenger has a messed-up user interface with so many unnecessary options pushed in. While Hangouts’ user interface is a neat one.
  • Though both Messenger and Hangouts are free apps, there is one unique feature of Messenger which keeps it a step ahead and that is the ability to transfer money. Yes! it works almost like a digital wallet and by adding your bank account details, you can transfer money to your Facebook friends. But this feature is only available to the users of US. Needless to say, Hangout does not have any such feature.
  • You probably know that Stories are a new trend on every social platform. The Instagram story, WhatsApp story, Snapchat story etc. are the new cool things in the block. While Hangouts has not yet opted for this trend, Messenger has already embraced it.

The result of this section is a tie again.

And the Winner is….

Among the five concluding factors, there are two ties. And from rest of the three sections of this Messenger vs. Hangouts battle, we have a clear winner and that is, Messenger. But having said that, you must also keep in mind that if video calling is your first preference, then you should go for Hangouts and if chatting is what you prefer, then go for Messenger.